Monday, June 24, 2024

A Girl and Her Treasure

You all know me - I like surprises, especially ones that I have forgotten about. One of many best parts about being a pastor's wife is the trinkets and goodies that I get handed to me. Last Sunday, a precious little one who has taken to me as much as I like her, told me that she likes collecting sticks. I asked her if she would do me a favor and bring me a stick, a wonderful, beautiful stick. Yesterday, I hear footsteps running in church. "Ms. Simone! Ms. Simone! I got your stick!" This little princess, all of 5 years old, remembered her promise to bring me a stick. The smile on her face was priceless. She made my day but I think I made hers more! She danced from foot to foot. As I prepared for church to start, all I could think about was that little one's precious treasure for me. If only I had the same giving spirit in giving things. Not only would there be a whole lot of sticks being handed to the people I meet but smiles and maybe a dance from foot to foot too. What is an unexpected gift you've been given? Please share!


Veronica Lee said...

Your story warmed my heart, Simone!
It's incredible how children can remind us of the pure joy in simple acts of giving.
I am so happy to hear from you.
I didn't know you were blogging again.
Thanks for sharing your lovely story, Simone.

Happy Tuesday!

Mari said...

Oh Simone - this made my day! I can just see her, and I know it melted your heart. She loves you. :)
My unexpected gift was a hug at church on Sunday. We have a young man in our church who is autistic. He always greets me, but this Sunday he came toward me with arms outstretched and gave me a hug. Best hug of the day!

Anne M Robinson said...

What a sweet encounter that was for both of you! I love hearing about happiness. Our youngest girl and her husband have a 6 month old boy. At church today he burped very loudly causing mom to take him to the nursery as he proceed to talk up a storm! Hannah said the church people love seeing him and as he made noise in the sanctuary they were encouraging him because he is so darn cute! I am so happy that I saw you stop by my blog. I need to get organized and blog more. I have two blogs and often blog about the kids and grands. Hannah and Jake and the baby will be here for my husband's birthday in July. So we've been getting ready. It is so good to see you here. Much love and I love your stories.
Asking for prayers for our grandson Brody who will have tonsil surgery on Tuesday the 2nd. Always a little nervous about medical procedures. Thank you


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