Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Be nice to bugs day

In honor of my son in law, Jonathan's birthday today, I've decided to set aside this day to 1) Hug a tree and 2) Be kind to bugs. That means no squishing or killing any kind of bug, including spiders.

You see, Jonathan is the nicest guy a know when it comes to the environment and living things. It's sorta funny because my daughter, his wife, is deathly afraid of bugs. It never fails that as her and I are chatting on the phone, I am interrupted by a blood curdling scream! "Honey, it's a bug! A BIG bug! You have to get it! Quick, hurry!"

Jonathan slowly goes over to where she's pointing and picks up the bug and calmly takes it outside. He's like the Steve Irwin of bugs. It may be a black widow but as he says, "If you don't hurt it, it won't hurt you!"

He is also cautious of how the enviroment's health is. That means, recycled this and that's. He even does his part by not using plastic bags at the grocery store!

Although I may tease him a bit, I have to admit that I'm proud of him for standing up for what he believes. So, today, and only today, all bugs are invited into my house where they will get a free escort service back out with a guarantee of no harm or injury.

Happy birthday Jonathan!


amelia bedelia said...

Ok, I won't kill any spiders either! And that's really hard for me cuz i hate spiders! Cute post!

Tismee2 said...

We never kill bugs here - but then in the UK we don't get the horrid nasty types you get over there.

Spiders are always escorted out atop a sheet of toilet paper and creepy crawlies (if they manage to out run the dogs) in little boxes!

I feel good recycling stuff now - and I was really surprised to discover just how much we use could be recycled.

ric said...

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