Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Says who???

As much as I adore my Boo, I have discovered this about him...he likes to make up rules. He never says where the rule came from but whatever rule it is always begins with, "You're not supposed to..." Since we've been together for almost two years, I've discovered the following rules according to Boo:

1) You're not supposed to go out of the house (like to the mailbox or to the washer and dryer) without your keys in your pocket.

2) Dogs aren't supposed to sleep in the room with humans, walk in the kitchen, be held, wear cute t-shirts, have potty accidents. 'Cause it's the rule.

3) You're not supposed to lay anything on top of a Bible.

4) You're not supposed to put knives in the dishwater.

5) You're supposed to use the dishwasher as a dish drainer and not for washing dishes.

6) You're not supposed to answer the phone when you're eating.

7) You're not supposed to discipline little girls when they act up. Only boys.

8) You're not supposed to tell anyone what you're having for dinner or what you're right in the middle of doing because it's none of their business and if you tell your business, you won't have any business.

You get my drift. Those rules are to be followed to the fullest extent. Well, as onery as I am, I decided that I'd make my own rules to relate to his.

1) You're not supposed to put unmatching towels on the towel rack in the bathroom.

2) You're not supposed to drive slower than the speed limit.

3) You're not supposed to cut your french fries with a knife and eat them with a fork. That goes for burritoes and pizza too.

4) You're not supposed to channel surf when one is getting really into the tv show that is on.

5) You're not supposed to climb out of bed and brush your hair. You're supposed to walk around with bed head for at least an hour.

6) You're not supposed to mix Pepsi with water.

7) You're not supposed to eat peanut butter on sardines or sushi.

How are those for rules? You can find those rules in ummm...the book of Helvetica, in the Old or maybe it's the New Testament.


Julie said...

You're not supposed to make crazy rules. LOL

jill jill bo bill said...

I totally agree about yours. He and Rick sound alike about the dogs, knives, and dishwasher. Add leave every cabinet open so that is one less step you have to do when you need something out of it. Sheesh. men.

georgie said...

Rules? well Rules were meant to be broken...unless of course it is a stoplight OR the seatbelt law...those ya dont break!

Anonymous said...

That was so funny! specially the dishwasher ones.

My rule would be
You're not supposed to turn your clothes inside out when taking them off.


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