Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I'm her favorite..she loves me the best!

Growing up, I always thought our oldest sister was the favorite. She was the perfect princess while my sister and I just didn't fit into the mold of perfect. We climbed trees, got grass stains on our knees, slurped our milk loudly with our straws and likes bugs.

When I had my daughters, 21 months apart, I hoped and prayed that they'd always feel loved equally by me. They grew up the best of friends, best buds.

Even though they were very unique, and still are, I still love them equally.

My oldest, now called MB (Married Boo) was the most mishievious, dramatic child. Because of that, she went into acting class and by age three had an agent and manager. She could pour on tears and pretend faint so convincingly. She had every Shirley Temple movie memorized and thought she was the next Annie (without realizing that Annie wasn't black.)

My youngest, now TB (Teen Boo) had the most tender, shy heart. In fact, I swear that I have leg problems today from her always clinging to my right leg as I walked. She was a bug rescuer and would get off of her trike, move a roly poly out of harm's way and keep on pedaling. She saw and still sees things beautiful on the inside before the outside. She proved this by the time she was three years old, she said, "I'm gonna maiwy Stevie Wonder." I told her that that I hope she was willing to look beyond his age because he would be pretty old by then.

When I look back now on the funny things they said or did, I smile at the uniqueness that they both possess. MB is married and now vegetarian. Her husband adores her innocence and compassion for things that live and breathe. She is a gifted writer and full of wisdom for her age.
She has a flare for fashion that spells vintage, classic, beautiful. She can make a pair of red shoes from a thrift store look like Jimmy Chiu's.

TB is the most innocently beautiful cherub. She has a toughness about her that has always existed, yet, still hates the dark and the sound of balloons popping. She can go into the kitchen and create a masterpiece with three ingredients and make it taste like a gourmet meal. She lets me get into tons of mischief without shaking her finger at me and telling me to behave.

The good thing is that I see myself in both of them and I LOVE it!!!


McEwens said...

They sound like GREAT fun girls! WOW an agent at 3!!! Did she do any movies? Still do any acting????


Tismee2 said...

What a lovely post. I'm sure they both know they are loved equally by you.

BTW what's a 'roly poly'? I'm sure it's a creature of some description.

Julie said...

LOVE the picture, and fabulous story!!!!

apricot tea. said...

Awwww. :] This was a really sweet post, Mommy. You have such a way with articulating how we were back then. I'm so glad you managed to hold on to those precious moments & remember them as if they happened yesterday. You're like my walking, talking, breathing scrapbook. & I love you very much.

& I want some baby pictures of me & Jarebear!!!

jill jill bo bill said...

That was so precious! It is so wonderful that you have two little yous close!

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

Why thank you! I'm the one that's honored to have them as my daughters.

Tismee, a roly poly is a potato bug that curls up in a little ball with no warning. They are harmless and pretty cute (I think).

Apricot, I will surely look for and scan more baby pictures for you and your sis. I figure if I don't, then by the time the old memory isn't as sharp, I won't be able to tell the two of you apart!

tangerine: said...

i loved this entry mommy, it was really cute. although john makes fun of my smile in this picture i still adore it anyway! after seeing the home movies of ev'yan and i, i realize that not much has really changed! we're just a mildly edited version of the little girls we were before. by the way, you can add my blog! i'm not sure if you've stopped by to read yet but i've got nothing to hide if you don't mind reading my confusing thoughts:

i love you mommy!

Tulsi said...

This photo is too cute!!


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