Thursday, October 23, 2008

Is there any 12 step blogging programs?

I'm so new at this whole blogging thing. I don't have all of the fancy bells and whistles that so many other bloggers have. In fact, I just now discovered how to make paragraphs (with the help of my Married Boo).

After being on for a bit, blogging has taken on a new life for that I've got to keep under control.

I didn't realize that there were so many neat people, with totally nice blogs until I went to one person's blog and the curiosity got the best of me and then went to someone else's blog who was following the other...then that person's blog was neat so I went to someone else's blog from her blog and before I knew it, I was mesmerized, intrigued, excited, over stimulated by all of the blogs.

If I had lots and lots of time during the day, I'd be a reading fool but the reality is, I don't have the time to blog and read blogs all day long.

So, to make sure that I'm not going to become bloggerwhelmed, I've decided to strategize. Somehow, I've got to limit myself to browsing blogs only on days that end in Y. Oh wait! That's all of them! Oh well...

"My name is Chocolatecovereddaydreams...and I'm a blogaholic".


Anonymous said...

See my post on ED - I think you may have it too!

Julie said...

I know!!! Isn't it awful?? I go through blog withdrawal if I'm not checking my list of favorites every hour to see who's updated!!!

Amy Amy Bo Bamey said...

Let me know if you find a 12 step program....I need help too!

My name is Amy Amy Bo Bamey and I am a Blogaholic!

jill jill bo bill said...

How funny is it that we call each other by our entire blog name? That cracks me up!! And I will still blog. I never want to be cured.

McEwens said...

LOL join the club! I try and not blog on the weekends.... that seems to help

Deb said...

Oh sweetie the day you started this wonderful, whacky thing we call lost that control. Kiss it goodbye and just roll with it. We love you!!



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