Sunday, October 12, 2008

There's still some fish left in the sea

My friend, Julie gave me a great idea to blog about my "internet" dating adventures. After being married for 21 years, I had forgotten what it felt like to be "available". I was petrified at the thought of dating and starting all over again. But, somehow, I wanted proof that it was my ex who lost out and that I was still very much desirable and attractive to other men. I talked myself out of it quite a few times until I made the first jump and joined

I was so excited the first time I got a "wink" and then a message from someone. The very first part of the process was to either IM or send an email or just a wink saying, "I think you're hot" or "I like your profile". In spite of me being blown up stories...just a sincere portrait of a 42 year old woman looking for Mr. Right.

The first guy was posing as a successful business man with a little girl and a wife that had died a horrifying death from cancer. Turns out, he was in Nigeria, trying to scam me all along.

The next guy still lived with his porno addicted grandmother. The guy was a cheapskate and handed me the receipt to add up the amount of the bill so I could see "my portion".

Another guy was a sexy police officer. Oooweee....he was sexy! But, he was totally afraid of commitment and wanted to talk once every two or three weeks and then, kiss like there was no tomorrow when we were together. Hot and steamy yet, not my McDreamy.

So, unfortunately, didn't find me the perfect match so on to the next dating service.....which will be continued tomorrow since I still have to get ready for work.


Tismee2 said...

That sounds like scary stuff to me. The guy slobbering all over you is a real turn off.

Have you tried grocery shopping at 10pm? Apparently THAT is the time to see the domesticated yet single men out and about? I think I read that somewhere.

georgie said...

If I was ever in the market for love again-i think I would swing the other way ;-) I just told Jules i'd date her if I didnt already have a mr gp LOL

McEwens said...

So scary! Cant wait for the next installment. What about church? (Dont know if you go, but at least maybe the minister would be able to say stay away from him, I heard his voice one too many times in the booth!)

Julie said...

Georgie is so hot for me. LOL

Grandma addicted to porn? Now that's more than a little scary!

My mom used to tell me to go to the laundromat, plenty of guys there, and I was like "Yeah, but do I really want a man who can't afford his own washer & dryer??"

Amy Amy Bo Bamey said...

I could not imagine being thrown back into the dating scene. It seems so scary to me. The grandma addicted to porn....LOL who would really tell you that on a date, sounded like a real Winner.

BTW I am in Huntington Beach and this wind is killing me!


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