Friday, October 31, 2008


Trickertreat…..that’s the way we said it when we were kids…one big, long word said really loud. The anticipation of putting on our costumes was too much to bear at times. I’d tell my twin, “Smack me if I get too excited.” Good ol Nay Nay would smack my hand and then we’d both laugh. (Goofy kids, I tell ya.)

Finally, it was just about dark and we’d put on our plastic “princess” masks. The sad thing is that the princess was white with blonde hair and my sister and I were black with black hair so there was no guessing who we really were.

The plastic masks had to cause some sort of hyperventilation or feeling faint because within minutes, we would sound snuffly and sweat would be pouring down our faces. Yet, we were dedicated to the mission of getting lots and lots of candy.

After our brown bags (couldn’t afford the plastic decorated kind) was a little heavy, it was time to go in and……..

do candy inspection. Not just any inspection but the kind where the candy was held up to the light, the wrappers were checked and any slight pin hole meant that it was tossed. Mom was always on the lookout for straight pins or razor blades hidden somewhere. God forbid that the wrapper was loose on a favorite candy bar, it was getting tossed, regardless of how many tears you cried.

Finally, the candy was rendered “Safe” and as our mouths watered, we were told, “Only two pieces”. Two pieces???? This is the night we had anticipated for months and two pieces????? But, we dare not complain or else the bag would be taken away from good.

My favorites were Kits, Wacky Wafers, Chico Sticks, Sugar Daddy, Black and Purple Cows, buttons, Bit O Honey, Jolly Joes and wax lips!

What was your favorite candy???


McEwens said...

Oh how I recall those candy inspection days! No pictures? Show some!

Julie said...

My phrase as an adult is "Trickerdrink". I'm just sayin.

I only like chocolate, so anything else got thrown out!

jill jill bo bill said...

I loved me some SugarDaddys. Still do. Both kind...

J'Ollie Primitives said...

I'd trade all of the crappy stuff for one little piece of chocolate.

Rick said...

Oh "gaurish!" Your kind comment on my blog is making me blush. Stop it! I don't look good in red.


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