Sunday, October 26, 2008

What's your passion?

What is passion? It is something that burns within you, deep inside...a desire that only someone or something can quench now I ask you, What is your passion?

I have many things that I enjoy but I don't think that they are considered passions. My passion is for....

1. God -- I fall short often and can't seem to get myself motivated to live the life that He truly wants to live, yet, I am passionate about my relationship with Him. There's no one that can define that relationship since it's between Him and I. He knows the crap that I've been through and how far I've come and with His help, I've made it.

2. My Boo and family -- Their happiness is my happiness. I work hard to know that they are content and secure. I have a passion to keep on going until I feel that I've succeeded in being the person I'm content to be. I'm not talking about the size that I wear or how often I break a sweat. It's all about the feeling I get when I think through the day before it comes to a close.

3. Writing -- There's such a sense of contentment when I'm writing. Thoughts flow and I feel at peace in what I'm expressing and how I'm expressing it. I laugh outloud and even dream of the characters and their adventures.

4. Music -- Something comes over me when I'm playing the piano. I can't explain it but I'm stuck. I can play for hours and I have no need to move on or do anything else. I'm just content sitting there, bringing out the beautiful sound that only come when I'm lost in it's focus.

5. Cooking -- I love everything about cooking. I love the challenge of new recipes or making an old recipe and getting complimented over the tastes. I enjoy sitting down to a home cooked meal and know that I created this with love and tender care.

Where is your passion???


McEwens said...

Like you, God, Family, those are my biggest passions

Tismee2 said...

I love to be doing something creative. I would love to have more time to paint, draw and get back into the swing of scrapbooking.

Apart from that the only other passion I have is for eating!

#1Deb said...

Look!! Words!!

What am I passionate about? Besides the obvious, I guess I would have to say reading. Which makes us a perfect pair. When you write, I read. How wonderful we are together (lol)?

Deb said...

Good question!

-Violin (not that I'm a great player)
-espresso drinks

It is always good to sit back and evaluate where our hearts are.

Julie said...

I have no idea what my passion is. I think it might be writing. LOL


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