Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I love, love, love cheese!!

No, I'm not kissing up because I want to win Carrie's Velveeta Cheesy giveaway but because I'm in a cheesy kind of mood today. Speaking of cheese, if you love cheese like I do, head on over to Carrie's blog and enter!

I heard one of the funniest things from one of the doctor's today. He was talking about an elderly patient that he was treating. The patient's wife was in the examining room with him. The patient says, "Doc, I really am having a difficult time in feeling, you know, in the mood. Do you think I should take something?"

Doctor says, "What are your thoughts?"

Patient: How about that drug that starts with a V?

Doctor: Viagra?

Patient: Yeah! That's it!

Patient's wife: Oh no, Doctor! I waited 50 years for it to die and don't you dare revive it!"

Cute, huh? I'm sure the doctor had a hard time (no pun intended) keeping a straight face.


georgie said...

LOL yes very cute...and who isnt about the CHEESE! I mean it's part of the food pyramid right?

McEwens said...

I AM DYING laughing here!!!That is the funniest thing I heard alllll day!!!

Julie said...

Hey, email me so I can send you the link to the pictures.


mrs.cupcake said...

ROLF, that was hilarious.
Thank you!


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