Sunday, November 2, 2008

Meet Thelma and Louise

My twin sister and I constantly threaten to do a "Thelma and Louise". It's the part where we both get into the car and start driving. We tell the kids and the hubby or Boo, "Ta Ta for now" and climb into the car with the windows rolled down, the stereo blaring and with no destination in mind.

We've been threatening this for as long as we've had kids and were and are married. Every woman needs the opportunity to let her inner mischief maker out. **Speaking of mischief maker, Miss MaryAnn never said our names...I wonder why??? Okay, back to the rambling...if we're going to do a Thelma and Louise, we've got to do it right though. No roach motels for us. Only the best junk food possible and money has got to be available at all times, 24/7. Even if it means, cashing in some cans, the daring duo have got to have a constant cash flow.

As funny as it is, my twin and I really do have fun when we get together. The last time we were at the casino, we were plotting ways to make nice nice with the Asian lady winning all the money from the tour bus. We figured she'd maybe spring for a free meal and toss in a couple of dollars of free money. But no!! She hit that cash out button and trucked.

We even figured that we'd jump up and down by the machine that had just hit the jackpot and dare the person that really won it to claim the prize. I'd tell him that he'd better just play along with us and nobody would get hurt.....cause I have a nail file and I will use it!!!

We have yet to do a Thelma and Louise but I swear, when our book gets finally published, Look out!!! The double daring duo is on the loose!!


jill jill bo bill said...

I am keeping an eye out for you when we to Vegas...I am mean if I think I was robbed of 10 dollars!! make sure no jumping is done by a fat redhead, K?

McEwens said...

WHEW girl that sounds like fun!! I have always thought about pulling a trip like this!!!

So, do you have a publisher??? Whats your book about?

Julie said...

Vegas? Did someone say Vegas?

I'm in!

Soxy Deb said...

I would love to have someone to T&L with. I would have been long gone by now.

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

JJBB - It wouldn't be robbing per se...just being sickenly sweet until someone felt enough pity to hand over a bit of money, ya know?

I was close to patting her on the back and asking, "Where we going for dinner?"

Pam - the book is a fiction, early middle grade, centered around my and my twin sister's childhood. It's a hilarious book. We had so much fun writing it and anticipate there being a few sequels. Publishing is hopefully on the horizon.

Julie - I'm not too far away from Vegas so just let me know when.

Deb - When you need a T&L hollah! We may have room in the car!

Deb said...

Can I come? Canicanicanicani?

Wouldn't I be fun on a car ride?


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