Saturday, November 8, 2008

The perfect ending to a Saturday

a tall glass of TGIFriday's Long Island Ice Tea!!! After getting a few things done, I promised that I'd go out to the casino and play penny slots for awhile. I'm a very new casino goer. I honestly have no idea what I'm doing most of the time beside pushing buttons and watching the credits get added or subtracted.

I sat in front of this game called Wheel of Fortune. You concentrate on winning until you get the opportunity to have a spin at the wheel. Somehow, I landed on 10,000 credits and at 2 times the bet, I won 200.00. I was so excited but aside from the canned applause coming from the game, I was the only one clapping for myself. I did the smartest thing I could've done and cashed out.

I actually enjoy being at the casino and if it wasn't money that I was winning or losing, I'd be just as content winning tickets to the movies or free Panda Express coupons. It's the novelty of the lights, the bells and whistles and sounds of coins dropping in the slots.

I don't understand how people can play 5.00 slots or even more, 10.00 slots. Penny and nickels are definitely my speed!!

Signing off a few dollars richer...


Tismee2 said...

We don't have casino's in ths country apart from the odd one or two which are really posh and where VIP's hob nob. The closest we have are amusement arcades where it seems people on benefits and supposedly on the bread line go to spend the money they don't have.
neither are places I would choose to spend my handful of pennies!

mrs.cupcake said...

Casino's are a hoot, especially the people watching.... glad to hear your weekend was great!
Just stopping by via SSS with Georgie!


McEwens said...

I cant even bare the thought of placing nickels in the slots....


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