Monday, November 17, 2008

Please pass the earplugs!

I don't know why I'm noise sensitive but I am and always have been. Loud things send me flying. Especially loud, unexpected noises.

When I was little my twin sister and I were scaredy cats. We were afraid of just about everything that creaked and squeaked....especially during the night. One time, these cats (siamese) decided to duke it out over some babe kitty and they sounded like dead people coming back alive. What did we do? We dove under the covers first. But that didn't work. We could still hear the sounds. So, we ran into the bathroom and locked the door. We stayed in the bathroom until it got light out enough to see the hallway to make it back to our bedroom.

Anyway, to this day, I hate the sound of balloons popping.

I also don't like the sound of the Pilsbury biscuits popping in the can so I sweet talk Boo into opening it for me.

I also dislike my doggie Sam licking his feet. He is obnoxious with it and can lick for hours. It's like a dripping faucet.

I get grouchy when my co-worker is crunching on fritoes or pretzels. For God sake, crunch with your mouth closed!!

As much as I love my Boo, the sound of him sniffing instead of blowing his nose is irritating.

There's also another co-worker who clears his throat every 5 minutes....annoying.

But probably the most annoying sound in the world is a kid in the store having a temper tantrum over a piece of candy that and the parents say those famous words..."One, twoooooo....threeeeee....." For the love of Pete, stop counting and whoop some butt!!!! I have yet to see a kid having a tantrum straighten up after the mom gets to the number 3.

So there you have it...I'm a noise grouch....tomorrow..I'll have to tell you all about the stuff I can't stand to'd be surprised!


Amy Amy Bo Bamey said...

hahahaha Funny Post.

My Hubby always listens to things extremely loud, it drives me batty.I hate getting in his car after him because the radio is blaring when I start the car and it always scares the bejesus outta me.

Louise, Carmine Superiore said...

Yes, funny. My husband sneezes like a car backfiring - puts the willies into all of us.

PS There are two of you? Uh-ho!

Julie said...

I don't like scary surprise noises. I always jump sky high!

McEwens said...

My favorite line is one, two, two and a half, two and three quarters....

RhondaLue said...

I found your blog through Mcewens. I love it!

I'm the same way about noises. I gasp all the time at loud or unexpected noises and my 13 and 14 yr old make fun of me. when they are trying to impersonate me they just gasp and everyone knows it's me they are acting like. hehe GASP!

Mother Goose said...

roflrofl, these are funny! I like learning these little quirks about ya!


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