Thursday, November 20, 2008


These are things I've been wondering for years....

Why do elderly men pull their pants all the way up to their waists?

Why do we close our eyes when we laugh or sneeze?

Why do people put stuffed animals on the dashboard or backseat of their cars?

Why do men’s and women’s shirts have buttons on the opposite sides?

Why are tampon commercials so dang cheerful?

Why didn’t anyone share some Trix cereal with the Silly Rabbit?

What was the Hokie Pokie really all about?

Are baby carrots cut from regular sized carrots and shaped or are they carrots that never grew up?

Why starve a fever and feed a cold?

Why am I not supposed to cry over spilled milk?


travel girl said...

And why do the Viagra commercials always have YOUNG guys???

I enjoyed your post:)

McEwens said...

ROF Love that last comment!!!

You should write a funny post on the answers to these questions!

Julie said...

And why is there braille on the drive up ATM's? That really scares me!

Mother Goose said...

LOL, love how your mind thinks!

The Muse said...

Great post LOL LOL
Keep them rolling! LOL

Rebecca Jo said...

These are funny!

And yeah - now, those tampon commercials even have a Mother nature out to make your day miserable by giving you "your gift" - HUH?


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