Thursday, December 4, 2008

Shop Homemade

I've decided to scout out some unique gifts and the more homemade the better.

The very first one I give 5 stars is Nikki Makes Scents. Nikki makes high quality, homemade candles, body oils (that smell and last a long time)incense, kids fragrances, lotions and aromatherapy. I have purchased the body oils and it never fails, I get tons of compliments on smelling good.

Another great site for handmade items is Etsy. They have unique items that are one of a kind...even baked goods, aprons, toys, vintage clothing...the list goes on and on. is another place to find unusual items but great quality.

My ultimate chocolate fix comes in the form of See's candy. Mary Sees sure knew how to whip up a bite of not just ordinary chocolate but eat piece after piece chocolate. Mail orders are a must!

Among some of my favorite goodies catalogs, I love shopping at LTD Commodities

That's it for now! Happy shopping online!!!


georgie said...

yanno I have never has 'SEES' candy and everyone I know raves about it

Julie said...

Lalalalalal....not reading about See's candy...lalalalalalala

McEwens said...

I LOVE LOVE SEES candy!!!!

Mother Goose said...

I grew up on Sees and never knew what was so great about it, I also grew up on Stewart's soda and people in the south FLIP over it. What's the big deal??? LOL

I guess it depends on where you grow up.

travel girl said...

This would so not work for me.
I can't even make bath salts.

And I had a recipe.

Rebecca Jo said...

I need to check out Etsy - I'm hearing alot about it...

But I LOVE LTD Commodities too... just like looking through the catalog!

And See's candy??? never even heard of it!


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