Saturday, January 10, 2009

Creative moving ideas...anybody???

Boo and I and Teen Boo (who is soon to be not a teen anymore) and Baby Boo are moving less than a mile away from where we live now. We were looking for much bigger place and we found a house that fits all of our expectations.

I hate moving!! There' s not other way to put it. I am not one of those nice, cheerful, packing and whistling at the same time gals. Nope. I'd rather just haul it all in the trunk of a car and even avoid boxing it....but that's not such a good idea considering I have breakables. So...I need ideas. Not your standard wrap and pack in a box but some slit open a mattress and shove it all in and then drag the mattress inside the house kind of idea.

If you have any great ideas, please pass them my way. The heavy things are going on a U Haul and I'll probably have to feed a few starving, hungry men to help with that but the dishes, clothes, utensils...stuff (junk)..I need suggestions.


Jill said...

My ideas would probably break all your goodies! I am no good at doing things slow and correctly. I haven't moved in a while and I don't envy you! UGGG! good luck! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh dear. I am having palpitations at the mere thought of you chucking everything inside a mattress. I'd have to wrap, pack and label everything so I knew exactly where it was as where to put it when it got there.

Maybe I should avoid reading any more comments at risk of having a stress headache at your expense?

Louise said...

Feed the starving men takeaways, then you can pack your cooking things. Get your teenager to pack at least one room besides his own. Label EVERYTHING with the room it's to go INTO...Any help?

Danica Lynn said...

OOOO no good ideas here other than hire someone to do it for you!HA

Good luck!

Tenakim said...

ugh- can't help- I think I just had an anxiety attack reading this- I hate moving too!

McEwens said...

Not a fan of it, we bought a different house almost 2 years ago, my advise.. be as organized as you can.

travel girl said...

I have moved so many times you would think I would have all kinds of great ideas.

I don't. I still pack all the stuff in boxes.


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