Monday, February 9, 2009

Let's make some noise

I've discovered that although I'm one that likes things pleasantly quiet where I can reflect and gather my thoughts, I also love a little noise. I find that when it's too quiet, it lives my mind with too much time on it's hands or brain. When Baby Boo is with us, pure quiet is out of the question. She raises enough ruckus for 5 even though there's just lil ol her. She's at the fun part of being a baby…the almost two part. She mimics, answers back, attempts to carry on an interesting conversation and most of all, has picked up some extremely bad retorts from her older siblings.

Just today, she called her dad, Boo, a faggot and then cut him a dirty look. Now, she's NEVER heard that at our house although I am almost positive she's heard it at her bio mom's house. I'm so not used to having a cute little girl hurling out stuff like that out of her mouth, just because she's heard it before. She has also told Teen Boo to shut up when she wasn't getting her way and was pitching a fit.

Last night, after she got into a billion and one things and as I prepared to lift her into the tub, she peed all over the floor. I swear she gave me this look that said, "So? I had to go!"

So, it begins, the journey of being a two year old. As I was saying about the quiet…after thinking about all of this…I think being quiet is good too.


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McEwens said...

OH boy... you are right, and so it begins! Can you ever post pictures of this little one?


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