Sunday, March 29, 2009

Are you using it?

Your talents and gifts, I mean. I don't know why I thought of this but in the middle of things getting crazy and hectic, the gifts that I have haven't been necessarily been put to use. Sure, I use my writing talents while blogging and working on my children's book series BUT, it's not to it's fullest extent and I know it. I used to write poetry and music. I wrote short fiction and even entered some in contests. I journaled (not by computer but with an actual hardcopy) that I was quite faithful with.

I loved learning something new and for that reason, when html was fairly new on the scene, I learned the codes the "old school" way and designed web pages. I also hosted a Bible study forum, a homeschool forum and a mom's forum which was featured in ivillage....many years ago.

I painted wall murals and was featured for some of the murals that I've done, in my local newspaper. I also taught art and English at an alternative education school because not only did I enjoy it but I wanted the kids to love it just as much.

I used to be a sponge. I'd soak up new things daily. I taught myself to draw portraits, ASL, dog grooming and breeding and sewing. I coached gymnastics for awhile and even considered becoming a judge for USA gymnastics. I've done public speaking before large audiences and boy, was that a rush! I loved it!

I took voice lessons, dance lessons, taught an aerobics class and tutored and designed my own tutoring curriculum for kids with learning disabilities. I taught childbirth classes to pregnant teens and parenting classes as well.

I learned how to grow potatoes and how to make jam, cheesecake, sourdough bread.

I had a dream come true when I got my baby grand as a gift and have taught myself how to play.

Why am I telling you all of this???? Because in writing all of this down, I now realize that I've shoved so much of those gifts and abilities under the rug. Somewhere down the road, the gifts have taken a backseat to busyness. Fear has crept in in some areas, weight in other areas, lack of confidence = insecurities have taken root in other areas. Lack of motivation has caused me to back away from the things that I resembled who I was/am.

I've got to get back on track and to do this, I need accountability...a swift kick in the pants. So, now that I've spilled it all here, I'm asking you to please hold me accountable to embracing those things that once meant so much to me. If anyone can do it, I know you all can.

I now pass the torch off to you.....Are you using your talents and abilities? If no, why not? If yes, what are they and what keeps you going in using them?


Veronica Lee said...

You asked if I were an artist. LOL, I wish I were but I did dabble with ceramic painting before the boys were born. You inspire me so. Maybe, I should show off some of my 'masterpieces'!!

Tami said...

Your so talented, I forget at times what my talents really are. I always put my children and husband before myself. In process I lost myself, and the things I so enjoy. I do enjoy taking care of them, however I forget about me. I need to make that time again.

Christine said...

because I listened to my biggest supporter…….
“It will never go anywhere”
“This is a waste of time, when you should be doing ……”
“It is taking too much time from me, and what I need you to do”

Danica Lynn said...

It's funny you mention this because I keep telling LW I want to start taking and posting pictures of people, places and things. I bought this super expensive camera and have always been told I have an eye for photography, but I keep putting it aside. I'm hopeful now to change thanks to you!

And honey you are so talented!!!!!! You amaze me!

Lakeland Jo said...

I think we have many limiting beliefs about what we can't do or shouldn't do, or can't try. I think I use the gifts I know I have pretty well and often, but have many limiting beliefs which I need to challenge.
Interesting post

♥georgie♥ said...

I am gonna hafta reach deep within because I am just so not talented not talented in the sense of art,music etc...sometimes I find myself saying what can I do?

Everyone comes first and I always take the backseat and sometimes I mean that literally...if I am not fast enough to get shotgun i am in the backseat....

Butler and Bagman said...

I've been asked this by people...why don't you write a book, open a photo studio, etc...but I think I'm having too much fun to worry about doing this stuff for money. I also have a little talent for managing treatment facilities...I really don't like it so much but feel its something I should do. And it pays the bills.

Deb said...

Going back to school has put a dent in some of my things I "do". But, I know it is temporary, and now I add "student" to my list of things I am good at.

skywind said...

What I use? I do not know. Since the things I would use too much. LOL
Health information
Humor & Fun World

Jill said...

You are very talented. Not me! Not at all! :( I don't have too much time to do the things I enjoy. Lately blogging is about it.

Julie said...

It seems that just about the only talent I have is blog writing!

Tismee2 said...

Wow what a lot of talents you have. I keep teling myself that I can do mine when the kids are grown. I love being creative and sometimes do scrapbooking. I need to give up work to fit all the things I enjoy into my days.


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