Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Childhood memories - Growing up Black

Don't forget to check out the blog, On Being where the guest poster is my daughter, Ev'Yan who is answering questions about being a fashion extraordinairre. She's filled with creative ideas for those days where you don't know what to do with your hair, your makeup or what to wear. Check it out!

Julie has a nostalgic glimpse of childhood that totally brought back memories for me. Check it out here. Because I can sometimes be an imitator (not a copycat), I thought I'd go down memory lane of my childhood too.

For shear honesty sake.. here goes...

I remember when going to church meant being in church for hours. It also meant that the usher would tap you on your shoulder and hold out her hand if you had gum in your mouth. It also meant that if you acted up in church, all it took was the "look" and I straightened up and fast. If that didn't work, a trip outside meant one thing…a spanking and then back to try all over again.

I remember eating rock salt when my parents made homemade lemon custard ice cream with the hand crank. The grown ups always fought over who got to lick the dash after it was all done.

I remember the smell of hair being straightened or "pressed" with a pressing comb. The feeling of that hot comb getting close to the scalp….ouch!

I remember Bub's Dad bubble gum, Now or Later's, Jolly Rancher Fire Stic and Chico Stix and what we called "polly seeds" (sunflower seeds).

I remember riding bikes and playing hide and go seek even when the street lights came on in the summer time. When the street lights came on in the fall, that was our signal to come inside.

I remember dressing in front of the wall heater when it was cold in the house.

I remember wanting to marry Foster Sylvers of the Sylvers family. He and his cute 'fro!

I remember black eyed peas and greens on New Years day.

I remember not being allowed to leave the table until my plate was clean! That also meant eating food that I didn't like, for instance, liver!

I remember hitting your sister was a federal offense…even saying, "Shut up!" was a offense punishable by spanking.

I remember the smell of my grandmother's oatmeal raisin cookies baking in the oven.

I remember the ice man coming around to deliver ice and he'd always chip us off a piece. We suck on our ice as it dripped down our arms.

I remember saying "last tag" and hitting the person as we said, goodbye.

I remember reading Judy Blume, Ramona Quimby, Snip, Snap and Snurr, Pippi Longstocking, and Fun with Dick and Jane.

I remember rainy days meant working puzzles, playing board games or working puzzles while listening to music.

I remember the first time I fried chicken all by myself. I was 9 years old.

I remember sleeping in my twin sister's bed because I was scared of the dark.

Okay…I could go on and on….but I'd love to hear some of your childhood memories too!! So please share!!


Christine said...

Oh my .... you filled my head up with so many of the same memories .... thank you!!!

Ex: that if you acted up in church, all it took was the "look" and I straightened up and fast.

riding bikes and playing hide and go seek

not being allowed to leave the table until my plate was clean!

And about 5 more .... what great times .... again, thank you!

Jill said...

So many memories.... My MIL told me that my kids are lucky these days when we go to church with her. Back in the day her kids knew if they got that look they were in BIG trouble!

travel girl said...

Read the comment I left Jules. I'm too lazy to type it again:)

Vegas Linda Lou said...

I remember when the worst thing you could do in school was chew gum, and when girls would be sent home for wearing culottes. Jeez, I'm old...

Tami said...

I remember that look!
Hide and Go seek, Mother may I?
Red Light Green Light, cops and robbers, Willy Wonka, and the chocolate RIVERS. (dumping 5 bottles of Hersey Choc syrup in the pool wondering why it turned a dirt color and NOT chocolate! (we got a good spanking that time).
My most cherished memory? My brother throwing an orange at me from the dinning room and hitting my grandmothers prized Grandfather clock. Watching it in slow motion, and knowing he was in deep poo when they got home from Vegas. Getting it fixed before 5:00 (my mom came home then) and holding that over him for years to come. He finally copped to it.

She didn't even care as long as it still chimed and gonged!It now sits in my brothers house, We sit there at Christmas, remembering the good days.

Pancake said...

I remember playing kick the can, and all the kids playing tag. Oh and sticking my tongue on the lightpole in the winter.. what was I thinking!


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