Thursday, March 5, 2009

More questions On Being....Black

Just a reminder that there's another blog to ask all questions pertaining to the guest blogger on a specific topic. This week, there's more questions on Being Black.

Check it out here


Malicious Intent said...

I read your post. I really HATE it when folks refer to other folks as that "white guy" or that "black chick" I really really really hate that. Now if you wanna tell me "You know, that idiot that keeps backing up into my car next door who is drunk day in and out" as a description, I am all good with that, so long as it is factual.

I also got tired of everyone spouting about Obama being the first African American. For starters he is half black, half I think that makes him an equal opportunity president good or bad. I did vote for him, but not because of his skin color, but because he gave me goosebumps when he spoke an he oozed of confidence and was/is able to rally folks. Color of his skin, rather irrelevant...but I also understood the historical part of it too. I cried on inauguration day, yup, all day, I cried, with my 10 year old son.

Butler and Bagman said...

I was raised by my grandfather who was an artist. I had been coloring in a coloring book and he looked at the brown tree, blue sky, green grass and took me outside. He showed me a tree and said, what color is it? Brown, I said. Then he took me very close to it and pointed out the green moss, deep ochres, reds, burnt sienna...when I look at someone, or in the mirror, and see white or black, I'm always reminded to look closer.

ric said...



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