Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Bete you have any?

B[^e]te" noire"\ [Fr., lit. black beast.] Something especially hated or dreaded; a bugbear.

Yeah, I have a few of those.

Some of have been around for years. For instance, I have an extreme adversion to writing the letter S. I don't know why I do since unfortunately, my name begins with an S. Oh! I remember, the teacher that taught me cursive writing was a ruler bearing witch who made sure that my S's were started at just the right point and ended at the right point. If not, I had to write pages and pages of "s's". To this day, I hate writing the letter S.

The smell and sound of someone eating corn nuts and Fritoes. It smells like a mixture between dirty feet and cow manure. (I do like the taste, somewhat, but the smell…peeyew!!) Also, just plain ol crunching with your mouth open. I have an office mate that has no idea that it sends me out for a walk until she's done eating. I so want to tell her to chew with her mouth closed!

People blowing their noses at the table…especially when it sounds all buggery like they need a suction to get it all out. That's a good way to get me to stop eating. Blow your nose and I'm done!

On the subject of noses, another bugbear (like my new word?) is when parents pick their toddler's nose buggies, yet, fail to wash their hands afterwards. Gross!

Also, I hate that my allergist looks up my nose. You've seen one runny allergy nose, you've seen them all!

Old people that fart in the same store aisle that you are shopping in. When someone else walks down the same aisle, I want to say, "It's not me, trust me, it's NOT me!!"

Speaking of stores…..I don't get why some parents will let their precious poopsie run around the store, knocking stuff over, running between clothing racks. I cringe when a kid has a tantrum at the checkout counter and the mom or dad appeases the kid by opening up cookies, chips, soda, gum, and candy only for the kid to continue screaming until he/she is outside the store. (I guess they wanted McDonald's instead?)

Why do people say, "You know what I'm saying?" when if I did know, then we wouldn't be having this conversation?

Do you have a bete noire?


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Christine said...

My biggest one in the whole wide world is one of yours..."People blowing their noses at the table".

OMG ... why in the world would you even think that is ok to do!! AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Another one is humming. Constent, no tone, never ending, never changing humming.

Julie said...

Someone popping gum.

Driving 55 in the fast lane. Get the F out of my way. LOL

The sound of cordoroy rubbing together makes me have to pee.

There are so many I could list!

Veronica Lee said...

I hate it when people spit in public places.

travel girl said...

I HATE spitting!


Tami said...

I have too many to list, I'm obsessive about others traits..
2.Picking their nose and looking at it.
3. constantly clearing their throats..
5. I'm customer service, I don't care about what you ate for dinner, I don't care that your wife left you, I DON'T CARE your having a bad day. LOL. I'm not a therapist! I'm a customer service operator!
tell me about the parts we need to ship to you..thats all I care about.
They laugh at me at work, my voice is sweet, yet my face shows I'm annoyed!

6. People who drive slow in the fast lane! what the heck!

7. Or a lane merges, and 2 cars think they can get in.. Oooh NO you won't. I make sure I don't let you in!

8. BMW's annoy me, Mercedes annoy me, Lexus's ANNOY ME. ( I usually get cut off by one of them FIRST! THEN, I make SURE I don't let them in.)Even going out my way to speed up and NOT let them in. I usually get a finger or 2 thrown up. heh heh.

9. Kids who DISRESPECT their parents. this bothers me. I usually say something to the kids. Like.. If your mother smacked your mouth MORE, I promise you'd think twice about talkin to her that way.

10. People who say whatever, or for snizzle., ROLLING OF THE EYES. When I'm talkin and someone rolls their eyes, I just want to poke them in the eyeball!

11. Gum poppers!

12. People who complain their fat when they have 5 pounds to lose.. SHUD'UP already. ( yes I'm vocal) and will tell the person, to knock it off, or I'll lift my shirt and SHOW YOU TIRE.. okaaay!

I have about 30 more. I won't list them.. he he.. but I'm a TAD moody today. so I vented a little.

I <3 your posts!

lagirl said...

Flip Flop wearing people who have horrendous looking feet, and toe nails that are screaming for a pedicure. YUK!

I also hate watching people eat Crawfish - they eat the tail then suck the heads! Besides looking beyond awful, the smell is almost enough to make one naseaus.

Vodka Mom said...

When someone throws a cigarette butt out the window????

Makes me furious!!!

Danica Lynn said...

I have a few but my top ones are:

1. People who chew with their mouth opened.

2. People who give great advice and don't know how to take their own.

3. Self absorbed people try me crazy.

4. People who fart in public while I'm around.

5. Constant coughing...makes me want to throw up, even though right now I"m the cougher because I'm sick.

6. People who have to be the center of attention. I'M the center of attention when you're around me. HA!!!

7. Blowing the nose while I'm eating.

8. Liars, cheaters....

9. Damn I could keep going!

Diva Ma said...

Okay, I'm one of those moms that will open a bag of goldfish in the store for a child that is constantly saying they are hungry. Or just to keep them quiet and me sane. I say it's better than walking around with a screaming child, right?

I can't stand when people hock and spit. That is so gross. Someone didn that yesterday a few feet from me and I almost gagged.

Okay, why was I at the grocery store last week and I walked on this aisle behind this older lady and quickly brought my hand wo my nose. I mean GAG GAG GROSS! I'm with you on that!

Vegas Linda Lou said...

I'm with you--I hate anything that has to do with noses! And how about people who wipe their nose in a restaurant and then put the napkin on the table! That's why I never let my silverware touch the bare table. And the poor waitress who has to clean that up--people are disgusting!

Vegas Linda Lou said...

P.S. I'm not done... I totally agree with Vodka Mom. To all those pigs who throw cigarette butts out the window: THE WORLD IS NOT YOUR ASHTRAY!

Nana said...

1-People who lie, & even worse, people who insist on lying when they are BAD at it.
2- People who can't be relied upon; one minute they are hot, the next they are cold.
3-Women who put a trillion colors in their hair: pink, mixed with purple etc... and insist on wearing super colorful clothing. The only person I've seen pull this off, is Kelis (the singer).
4- Bad blond weaves.
5- SUV moms.
6- People who smell bad, or don't use deodorant and have THE NERVE of getting on a crowded bus.
P.S- I'm on a diet & when I saw the chocolate on your blog, my heart skipped for a brief moment.

underOvr (aka The U) said...

Good afternoon,

Chrisitine (What Now) mentioned your blog so I decided to stop by for a visit.

I guess if you pinned me down to my Bete Noire, I would say any child seated behind me on a flight, train, or in a movie theater.

Invariably the back of my chair begins bouncing and that agitates me. It only takes a couple of these before I stand up, look at the adult, look at the child and say, "STOP KICKING MY CHAIR".

Usually I try to avoid this by sitting elsewhere.



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