Monday, April 27, 2009

It fried and then died and other stuff

My computer crashed and burned - literally. I was writing a hot, steamy blog and smelled something burning.
No, it wasn't me burning with desire, it was my computer. The motherboard to be exact. So, for the moment, I'm down and out in Palm Desert unless I can take my lunchbreak at work and blog.

In the meantime, life is hopping with Baby Boo in the house. I can't imagine life without her being a part of it now. Years ago, my then husband, now ex and I had tried and tried for another baby. Yet, it wasn't happening. We went to an infertility doctor and tried various procedures. It wasn't to be, although I had such a deep yearning to be a mommy again. That yearning was squashed when I found out that my husband was cheating. Together, we made the choice to work at our marriage in spite of it. It took hard work on both of our parts but mainly, he had to rebuild my trust in him and the relationship again. Years later and after many years of counseling, we made our marriage work. Worked so well, that we were voted the high desert sweethearts and a write-up was done in our local newspaper.

Then, 9 years later, the affair of all affairs and the lies stacked upon lies. It demolished what had been rebuilt. I knew that it was over. I would never trust him again. There also went my dream to have another baby.

Now, fast forward…when I met Boo, I had no idea that there was a Baby Boo. I fell in love with him and Baby Boo was an added blessing. When she is spending time with us, I am in heaven again. No matter how ornery she can be, I remember how often I prayed to have a little one in my life again. Yes, she has a mommy but when she's here with us, I am her Momo and together, we have a ball.

I'm reminded that joy comes in ways that are unexpected. In this case, she came from falling in love with my Boo. He brought love, laughter and smiles once again and as a special bonus, came Baby Boo.


Sandi said...

She is lucky to have her Momo! I love that name BTW.

lagirl said...

Awh, what a sweet story. I just love it when Happiness wins over sadness. You deserve all the happiness you are having and Baby Boo is a big part of that. Have a great day, Friend.

Mother Goose said...

very touching. I have a question. It is so hard to rebuild the trust after an affair. Once you rebuilt that was there no tell tale signs to see the second infedelity? I dont know but I want to keep my eyes wide open and not be blindsighted either.

I dont know. I am really sorry that you had to endure that pain but there is always sweet joy, if you can survive the fire! So glad little Boo and Boo were brought into your life.

Veronica Lee said...

This is so touching.
I'm giving you the blogger buddy and chicken zombie awards. Grab them form my blog.

jill jill bo bill said...

Hate that about your computer! I know exactly what you mean about the "baby in the house" feeling. There is nothing better. (Especially when your time is limited with them- it makes it more enjoyable!!)

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

No, there actually weren't any signs of infidelity because although it was a process, he knew and understood my insecurities and distrust. When he was coming home late, he'd call. He told me that he'd always tell me the truth about anything I asked about.

He was just a very good liar. So good that when it came down to it, his lies made sense to me until I saw that it had all been right in front of my face the whole time. There were pictures of her on my computer and I had no idea the whole time. He got a cellphone plan that included her number as a friends and family so that it wouldn't show up. She slipped up by calling the house. That was the first mistake.

I was willing to trust again and was hurt once more. I'm much more hesitant to love freely. I know that that's my hangup but I just am not ready to.

Vegas Linda Lou said...

This is a joy to read, and somewhat of a relief to hear. Forgive me if I've told you this before. My boyfriend and I are the same age, but whereas I started having kids very young, he started later in life. In fact, two of his kids are younger than my grandson. But you're right, you never know what kinds of unexpected gifts are in store for you. Great post!

Tami said...

Awwwwe Simone! You made me smile. I'm soooo happy for you! Baby Boo and Boo. You so deserve this!
Spoil her rotten! and give her a ton of kisses!
I'm sorry to hear about your computer =( Will you be getting a new one soon?
If you need anything let me know!
you have my # call me if you need to talk

Danica Lynn said...

OMG you just made me cry!!!

We must be sisters seperated at birth. I tried for years to have a baby. Then my second husband cheated on me and those dreams went out the door. And now there's LW with two of the most beautiful daughters ever. I'm blessed in more ways than I can count. Things happen for a reason my friend.

So happy for you!

Danica Lynn said...

I should add....I didn't divorce my second husband who cheated on me. I didn't know he cheated on me until after the divorce. We divorced because he was an alcoholic abuser. I can only fly down one flight of stairs in my life time and live to tell about it!

Tismee2 said...

Don't you just hate technology sometimes? I've had to share the laptop (which isn't even mine) while here in Florida and it's been hell!

Lovely story about Baby boo.

Jill said...

I am glad u have each other!

travel girl said...

Oh those little ones.
I was so opposed to a man with little kids but now I'm in love with the little dude!

Christine said...

I always laugh .... what ever happened to pen and paper!! When the computer goes, ahhhhh!

Loved the post .... trust is everything!

Enjoy your Baby Boo .... you were meant to find each other!


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