Friday, April 17, 2009

My Life in Music

Music plays such a huge part in my life. It's funny that I can correlate just about every age with one or two songs that remind me of something during that time. Here's a glimpse at my age in music:

From newborn to 3: The Itsy Bitsy Spider (Don't know why it was important to know that the spider went up the water spout and in fact, at age 3, I had no idea what a water spout was.)

From 4 - 8: Happy Birthday - It was a song that signaled that the day was a special one. It could be sung off key or with a few added verses like, "Happy birthday to you, you smell like a zoo.." or "How old are you?" Then of course, the song got even longer when the birthday celebratee had to answer back, "I'm 5 years old.." All of this while the candles melted all over the cake.

From 9 - 12 - Oh Happy Day - for my parents benefit. We weren't allowed to listen to anything that wasn't Gospel or Christian related. It was the "law according to Mom and Dad" so that song described my life well. But, also during that time, in the back of select cereal boxes, a free 45 record was given. We snuck and played the Archies, David Cassidy and Michael Jackson's ABC until they literally wore out. Oh! And the song, Mr. Big Stuff (who do you think you are?)…our neighbors would play that over and over. When we were at their house, we'd sing right along and even dance a bit (we weren't allowed to dance either). One day, my mom came to the screen door to tell us to come home for lunch and we didn't see or hear her because we were singing, "Mr. Big Stuff" at the top of our lungs. Talk about being in trouble!!

From 13 - 14 - Atomic Dog, Loving You (Minnie Ripperton), Kool and the Gang, Earth, Wind and Fire, the Commodores…we'd go over to my cousin's house to swim and they'd have the radio blasting. So, thankfully, we got music appreciation from hanging out over there. We just didn't make a habit of singing those songs within ear shot of our parents. Also, Led Zeppelin, the Bee Gees, Kiss…those groups were sung by the kids at school so of course, I knew every word to How Deep Is Your Love. I even pretended to like the Bay City Rollers just because a lot of the other girls did.

From 15 - 16 - Chicago - songs like, If You Leave Now, Saturdays in the Park, John Denver - Rocky Mountain High, Sunshine on my Shoulders, Sometimes When We Touch by Dan Hill, Elton John, Bennie and the Jets, Daniel, Rod Stewart - Do Ya Think I'm Sexy, Journey, Foreigner.

From 17 - 19 - I listened to just about everything. By then, my parents couldn't "control" my music tastes. I mainly listened to whatever was being played on the radio at the moment. Although, I still loved listening to Gospel and Contemporary Christian music too. I added Prince to my repotoire of music. Also, anything Motown.

From the 20's to now - Throughout the dating years, I listened to groups like Gap Band, Kool and the Gang and Teena Marie. Atlantic Starr, Toni Braxton, Janet Jackson, Toto, and Coldplay, Anita Baker. I began to really love Jazz music as well…Brian Culbertson, George Benson, Euge Groove, Waymon Tisdale. The memories become alive again for me when I go back to those musical eras of my life. When I listen to Earth, Wind and Fire, I'm taken back to long summer nights where my older cousins would have dance contests (while appearing on Soul Train). The song My Girl, reminds me of being in Missouri on vacation where my little cousin used to call me his girlfriend and sing that song to me. For Always, by Atlantic Starr reminds me of when me and my ex were first dating. I just knew it would last forever…not!! Now, Patti LaBelle's song, If Only You Knew reminds me of Boo and I - of the times when we first started dating.

I would love to hear about your life in music. What songs remind you of you?


Sandi said...

I could write a book about this.

Here is one I couldn't put on my blog, so I will put it on yours.

I got Pregnant with Hadley at a Toby Keith Concert.

We, my ex and I, snuck out of the concert to our car and had a quicky, Right before pull out time, we realized we had nothing to cum in. Nothing except me. We had brought friends with us, so we couldn't dribble on the back seat.

According to the ex, he pinched it off and only a tiny squirt got in there.

That tiny squirt is my Hadley. I'm so glad she is here, and when I hear Toby Keith, Blue Moon, I think of her. It became her lullaby, her song.

Of course Brandon doesn't like that story, but Hadley and I know why she has her very own lullaby.

I love music and it's a huge part of my life. I own 5 ipods and always have the music on. The kids love it.

apricot tea. said...

Mommy, you listened to Led Zeppelin?! Wow.

travel girl said...

I love music too.

I still remember junior high and dancing to "hearts of fire" with Steve Hernanadez. I even remember what I was wearing: dark blue dittos and a white blouse.

It was a nice dance:)

lagirl said...

Great post, Girl.
You're so right about music. It transports us back in time when certain songs play. Doncha just love it when you find a song you could listen to over & over & over again without getting tired of it??
I do!

♥georgie♥ said...

so many of the songs/groups you listed brought back happy memories for me...and of the skating rink lol

jill jill bo bill said...

OMG I LOVED every one of those!!! We so could have hung out. Crackin' up at your daughter's comment. It's awesome when an remix of a song we knew comes on the radio and our kids say, "How do you know this song?" If they only knew...

Veronica Lee said...

Wow, we have so much in common! Thanks for bring me back those memories.

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

@Sandi - those songs have their way, don't they? Glad that the little squirt didn't get pinched off.

@apricot-tea, yes my darling daughter, I listened to Led Zepplin only because the kids did around us. I knew nothing about the group Kiss but one of our classmates was obsessed so we couldn't help but not know everything about them.

@travel girl - did you have to go there with the dittos? I remember when I got my first pair. I thought I was styling for sure!!

@lagirl - I do the same thing, play the same song over and over again. Thank goodness for repeat on my cd player. I have a boss that is into the Greatful Dead. He is very business like, conservative but sometimes, he'll close his office door and turn on Greatful Dead and do his work.

@Georgie - oh yeah, the skating rink! I had my very first date at the roller skating rink. When the dj said couple skate, he held my hand and I was over the moon. I was 13 and ecstatic. (His dad and stepmom came with us though so it wasn't a first kiss.)

@jjbb - I like the originals better than the new versions. To me, the oldies bring back the sound of realness. Now, everything is synthesized or digital. Yeah, we would've had some fun for sure.

Megryansmom said...

But, also during that time, in the back of select cereal boxes, a free 45 record was given.

Oh how I remember this! If you didn't cut it just so you ruined the whole record. I wasn't a big cereal eater so I think the only one I had was by Bobby Sherman.

I love music, any kind of music! Name that band LOL

Jill my daughter did that to me all the time, "mom how do you know the words to this?". Instant coolness to her.

Loved this post. Ahh the memories...thanks!

Julie said...

From 13 to 16 we were musical twins. Hello mid 70's. LOL

Tami said...

I'm a big disco queen..(because the hubby loves disco) Old ones like 2 of hearts by Stacy Q, and all the goodies that go with her.

Me..okay, I admit, I'm a HUGE fan of Classic Rock, Janis Joplin, The Stones, The Who, The Doors. I grew up with parents who were hippies! LOL. Now I know why my daddy's cigarettes always smelled funny.
Janis Joplin is MY FAVORITE. I know everyone of her songs, I sing them even with the radio off.

I'll hum her Me & Bobby McGee..I miss those days when the music blared in the background, and my parents sat in the yard listening to music,

Awwwwe those days!

Jill said...

I just love music. There are songs from my childhood that I have introduced to my girls.

Helga Marie said...

I think the #1 type of music i listened to that my parents dispised was New Kids On The Block!

Danica Lynn said...

Oh gosh I could go on and on. But I always loved, Chicago, The Cars, New Kids on The Block, Aerosmith, ACDC, The Jets, Debbie Gibson...crap I could keep going.

Right now I'm in love with Flo Rida and John Legend.

Nana said...

Hey hun! Thank you SO much for the award! My taste in music has changed a lot over the years. When I was going through heartbreak, I turned more towards Indie rock or strong vocalists like Duffy and Sia. Lenny kravitz is my baby for life! I think you'd like 'Lykke Li', and 'Duffy's album is amazing from start to finish. I like Outkast, they always keep it creative and innovative. 'Francis and the lights' is my favorite group right now. They're very funky. It's happy music, they make me think of going clubbing, catching late night pizza in New York.

Mother Goose said...

oh my gosh, I had a playlist on my blog where every song meant something to me or flooded back memories. John Cougar Mellancamp, Olivia Newton John, Def Leppard, and Bruce Springstein when I was in elemenatary school and then it was Michael Jackson and Madonna when I was in middle school, HighSchool was all the hair bands! All of them! remember zz top and robert palmer. I so wanted to be a Palmer chic!


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