Sunday, April 19, 2009

Poop, PMS, Puppies and Pain in the Patootey

There's something about PMSing and having a crappy day. They both go well together.

My crappy day started when my ex called this morning. He wanted to warn me that his "wifey" was going to be calling me and to not pick up the phone. I guess they are having problems. Too bad, so sad! She gave him the ultimatum, get rid of the dog that belonged to him and I or she leaves. She tells me that they are having problems and the dog is a part of the problem. Was I sympathetic? No. Problems are what she caused when she slept with my then husband. Funny...she supposedly can't speak English but she spoke good English when she needed to make a point.

Then, I come home from running around in the hot enough to boil an egg heat here in the desert and Sam had pooped all over the floor in my bedroom. I guess the puppy door was left closed and he had to go. I was ticked and even more because sea grass carpet doesn't clean up like regular carpet.

To make matters way worse, the house that we're renting...we had a notice on the door stating that it's being sold in a trustee sale on May 7th. The owner has apparently been lying to us and told us the house wasn't in foreclosure, yada yada. Wrong. It looks like we'll be looking for a place to live like, real soon.

I think I'm going to turn on some Prince and have a panty dance party all by myself. That should cheer me up. But first, let me close the window blinds. I'd sure hate to give the neighbors a reason to "talk about the lunatic next door."


Tami said...

Simone, I'm sorry!

I'm praying/thinking of you. Also in the future, if your ever wondering about a property, go to the local reality office and run a property profile. You can then see if the property is in foreclosure. Also you can check property taxes on line, if they are going into foreclosure, they wouldn't have paid their property taxes! It's all public knowledge. Which is your right =)

Hope that helps you. How is Humble? I see Sam had a little problem.. Poor Sam. Cheer up friend. I'm prayin for you.

Mother Goose said...

yuck, I don't even want to think about what it would be like to deal with an ex. Actually, I would be a real B.
I hope she isn't mean to that dog that she holds resentment towards. It is probably because she feels your ex treats that dog better than her. LOL! wouldn't that be funny.

You are funny, having a panty dance and putting in PRINCE! Love it!!!!

jill jill bo bill said...

Who cares what the neighbors think? You are moving!! I say dance dance dance! Sorry your day sucked. Know if a dog can break up a relationship, there was nothing there to start with.

Sandi said...

Maybe we can meet for dinner tonight. You need a friend as bad as I do. Let me know.

Rebecca Jo said...

Oh my... sounds like a day!!! You dont think she'll be mean to your old dog - do you???

And good for you for putting on some music & getting your groove on!!!

travel girl said...

Sorry about all the negative in your life! hang in there.

BTW, your new blog layout is awesome!

Veronica Lee said...

I'm so sorry. I know things will get better soon. Just hang in there!

nikkicrumpet said...

YIKES...not a good day. I'm so sorry about the rug...the crazy "wifey" who is dumb enough to think you're going to be sympathetic to her problems, but mostly the need to find a new place to live. I hope you have great luck and find an ever better place. Let us know how the hunting goes.


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