Friday, April 24, 2009

Where are they now?

When I was in school, I wouldn't say that I was worried about popularity at all. In fact, in elementary school, pretty much everyone was on equal grounding. But, there were a few kids that were just plain different and didn't seem to mesh into the typical playground setting.
Where are they now?

1) Charles (won't list the last name for fear that he's some big time producer and comes to find me.) In first grade, he wore the thickest horn rimmed glasses. He cried and always wiped his eyes and had brown dirt smears on his face. His claim for fame...he would but a booger on a frito and eat it.

2) Louis B. - mama's boy for sure! When bow ties weren't in, he came to school on the first day wearing one. His mom camped out in her motorhome just to keep an eye on him. She would peek into the classroom to see how he was doing. Claim for fame - One day, his mom interrupted the class to "excuse" Louie for being late. It seems he was throwing up all morning. She gave him a coffee can and told the teacher that if he must toss his cookies, the can was available. And, yes, he used the can often.

3) Angela - she was known for humming....not every now and then but all the time. The teacher would be talking and she was humming. She could read and hum at the same time. I have no idea what she was humming but it was usually the same tune.

4) Alfonso - when I was 3 years old, he was one of the kids in the neighborhood that we weren't allowed to play with. Why? His mother was crazy, according to my mom. But, so was Alfonzo. His claim for fame - Pulling out his wee wee and peeing on his hamburger and eating it.

5) Craig - he was 12 years old and was in love with Broadway musicals. He would "perform" songs like "Singing in the Rain" during recess. Most of the boys called him a sissy. He hung with the girls and called me Francesca. (I have no idea why but he said that I looked like my name should be Francesca.)

6) Greg - During a birthday party, he got in the way of the baseball bat while cracking open the pinata. I wonder if he was ever the same after that?

7) Teresa - waif-like characteristics that spoke only when spoken to and then in fragile whispers. She was so pale that I really wonder to this day if she was actually a ghost.

Too bad there isn't a such thing as for preschool and elementary school. That would be something worth writing about!


Vegas Linda Lou said...

A few kids that were just plain different??? Geez, you are a MUCH nicer person than I am!

Mother Goose said...

WOAH!!! you were at a school with a bunch of wacks! LOL, actually. I just think the mom who sent her kid to school with a coffee can to throw up in was wack. LOL
what up with the kid who peed on his burger. I need to think about kids who's claim to fame I went to school with.

Veronica Lee said...

Ever noticed all the kids who were nerds and wackos are the ones who made it in life??

Tami said...

LOL, My kids are the ones the moms warn their kids about! LOL. Not really, but I always used to tell them that if they didn't behave in school.
I have to agree with Veronica,
All those nerds are making a cool million a year while we the popular kids are making..uh.. barely makin.LOL

Julie said...

Gosh, you aren't "malicious or mean spirited" like I am, eh? LOL

I'm here getting caught up on my blog reading!!! Have a great weekend!!!

Kimberley said...

This is one of the sole reasons that facebook is just sheer indulgence for me. I can see just what became of all those that I went to school with.

Its so true though - once you graduate, the world doesn't care who you were in school :) (even if you were "different!")

apricot tea. said...

What is it with all the boys taking a bodily-fluid, putting it on food & eating it?!?! Ewwww.

Mommy, these kids sounded like they were LUNATICS! Hahaha! I hope their nonsense didn't rub off on you in the slightest way... I'm a little concerned, actually. ;/

Tami said...

I have something for you..

Please stop by and pick it up..

rules are .. you MUST pass it on!

Dee said...

It's amazing that you can remember so much detail from elementary school.

twin2 said...

It would be funny if Charles or Louis ended up being somone famous. I'd like to think Chareles must be a relationship expert since he cried so much. He was obviously intuned to his emotions. Louis may be an RV salesman with his mama owning the business. Teresa, I don't know about her....famous actrss maybe? It's cool to look back and realize what a colorful bunch we've grown up with. :)

mommaof4wife2r said...

booger on a frito ***snort***

MamaClep said...

OMG, you made me laugh out loud. Thanks for that!

ric said...

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