Sunday, May 3, 2009

Things I've Learned

The last few days have been what I call "learning days" for me. I don't know why it is that some days, I'm taught more lessons than others. Here's what I've learned...........

1) Toothpaste hurts like hell when it gets in your eye. I put on my contact lens not knowing I had toothpaste still on my finger. I think I have a little idea of what acid in the eye now feels like.

2) That good friends, even blogging buddies, speak words of wisdom and I need to stop and pay attention.

3) One bloggy girlfriend, in particular (you know who you are) showed me this. I need to kick my ex's ass. Yes, I said it. Me, the "I don't curse" person that I am. It took her to show me how because of him, I'm afraid of falling deeply in love again. I have a sexy, wonderful man in my life, but in all honesty, one foot is in the door and the other foot is still out. Why? Because I'm afraid of being hurt to the core like I was by my ex. I tolerated crap that I haven't written about on the blog. Yet, he can continue to call like nothing has ever happened. My response to my "smack me into reality BFF blog bud" was kick the sh*t out of him. She's right...until I do, he will still have control of my emotions and I will never let go of the fear of falling in love with my Boo and living freely. She also showed me that I don't speak often of my Boo. It's because to talk about him means that he may disappear and our relationship won't last. Stupid thought, huh? But it's true. So I learned something very valuable from my BFF blog bud.

4) When Baby Boo says, "I pooped Momo" when she's supposed to be taking a nap, I need to really believe her.

5) The 5 know the one that had roast beef, the one that went to know THE piggies...well, the one that stayed home...he was the smartest one of all. He foresaw the swine flu in the future and chose to stay out of the limelight. Sometimes chilling out at home is the best place of all to be.

6) I easily run from my creative thoughts. My thoughts run a mile a minute. Even when I'm laying in bed, it's hard to shut them down. I have to quiet those thoughts just to get some sleep. So instead of running from them, I'm running to them. I've got pictures to paint, books to write and music to play.

7) I hate beets. Hated it as a kid and still hate it. I hate cous cous. Tried it and it reminded me of fish eggs seasoned. Ewww.

8) God knows what He's doing better than I do. All the worrying and searching for a house before this one foreclosed on the owner and yesterday, while at a yard sale down the street, we found our house that we'll be moving in to in June.

9) I HATE moving. We just moved in to this house in March and now, the packing begins again.

10) Accidentally putting lemon extract in pancake batter actually tastes pretty good.


Tami said...

Grrrrrrr I've tried the last 5 minutes to post my comment (its either blogger or my mozilla) I'm going to kick it in a minute! LOL.
The whole thing right in the shin, and poke it in the eye ball.

I love ya Simone! take the step girlie! You 2 deserve it! take it, and LOVE EVERY MINUTE OF IT. you live life ONCE... ONCE. Give it your all my friend!

Now, I gotta find your number (I cleaned my desk) and can't REMEMBER what I did with it!
You have mine too call me if you need to talk OK?

I'm here for you ALWAYS!

HuGZ & Blessings
Tami =)

Sandi said...

I have to tell you, your blog friend is a genius, I think she really knows what she is talking about. I wonder if she has been through similar things?

The little piggy lesson had me rolling!

The first lesson, the tooth paste in the eye.... I've tried that one too. IT HURTS!!!

I am still up for dinner in the next three days. Can you swing it?

Angel said...

Howdy, Don't know how you found me but it must have been the good Lord, I enjoyed reading your blog bunches. I have read it before, a couple of times and it has always inspired me, I was excited to see a comment from you and more excited you joined. Thanks! Your friend is right, I admire people who tell it like it is, that is the markof a true friend keep her around.
Yes, that computer totally annoys me, but its either that or bubbles and those are not good for the 'puter.
Thanks again..for the words and the follow.
I'm returning the favor, and I get the better end of the deal :)

Deb said...

I think I may have learned more from this post than I learned all semester in school.

Totally going to make lemon pancakes...

Veronica Lee said...

Love the one about the 5 piggies.

Danica said...

We always seem to learn from our mistakes! HA

Julie said...

Dammit, every time I come here I fall in love with your blog layout all over again.

I love our BBF's don't you? (Blogging Best Friends) Speaking of which, are you coming to Vegas??

Mother Goose said...

that is one smart bloggy friend. I love the pig lessons. So true so true.

lagirl said...

Oh how I hate the toothpaste on my finger when I'm placing my contacts in my eyes. It stings for a VERY long time. I've learned that lesson too!

amelia bedelia said...

I'm a beet hater too. takes like dirt. And you really made me laugh out loud when i read about little piggies!

vaishu said...

check out my blog...I've got something for you....

Nana said...

Honey, beets can be delicious, if you prepare them right. You should try beet soup with dumplings. It's a Polish recipe, my mom prepares it every holiday :-)

Vegas Linda Lou said...

Oh, Simone... I think so many of us can relate to your #3. We put up a wall to protect ourselves from the bad and in the meantime, we're also keeping out the good. It's very hard not to keep men at arm's length after you've been through the emotional wringer. Yep, we understand.


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