Wednesday, June 10, 2009


It all started when I was a baby. I was attached to my twin sister from the womb. We were inseparable. We held hands from crib until about kindergarten and that was only because we were put in separate kindergarten classes. In the meantime, I grew attached to putting my two middle fingers in my mouth and sucking on them. My twin, sucked her thumb. Shortly after losing my teeth, my fingers just didn't taste good anymore.

Then, I became attached to my teddy bear, Teddy Little Bear Franklin. I couldn't go to the bathrom, sleep or eat without him. The family went to Missouri, on vacation and as we drove out on the highway, headed for home, I realized I had left him in the bathroom. I cried hysterically. My dad said, "Forget it, we're too far out." My mom said, "She's not going to stop crying until she has that (dumb) bear." So, we drove back.

The attachments to things have changed and grown since I've gotten older. For one, they don't always last. At least some of them. I went through a phase where I had to have sweetened condensed milk on buttered toast. I think I read in a book that someone at their toast like that and I tried it and was hooked.

When I was in jr. high school, I was attached to Lip Smackers watermelon lip gloss. The taste was mmm….mmm…good.

The next attachment was a black windbreaker. It was autographed and signed by a recording artist (Christian) and for some reason, it just felt good wearing it. It was peed on, pooped on, puked on (all by puppies). I took it as a sign…that bad things happened when I wore the jacket so I quickly let go of the attachment.

Then, I got attached to bacon tomato sandwiches. Throughout both pregnancies with my daughters, that was all I ate. I ate it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Ironically, my youngest can eat a slab a bacon and still not get tired of it.

After a very serious close call where I ended up in the hospital for 4 days, I attached myself to a pillow to sleep with. To this day, I can't sleep unless I'm holding that pillow in my arms. I drag it everywhere when I'm going on overnighters.

As I went through my divorce, I grew attached to Norah Jones. Her music was melancholy, thoughtful and reflecting. Something that I needed at the time.

Then, I went through this spicy, defiant stage where all I had to eat was fried jalapeno slices. I ate that in cornmeal, fried, for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The girls would walk in the kitchen, sniff the air, start coughing and walk back out. They were glad when I stopped.

Now, my attachements are for body oils. I have always worn perfume. Then, Boo told me about body oils. He wore them when I first met him. Then, he got me a few bottles, and now I'm sold. The fragrance lingers for hours. I've had even guys say, "Can I smell you? Ummm. You smell good. What type of perfume are you wearing?" I jokingly tell them it's called, "Get back, I've gotta man!" Seriously though, it's good stuff.

Another attachment which is now a habit is exclamation points. I overly use exclamation points. At first, it was just fun to write or type and then it turned into an attachment of sorts. Now, well, it's a habit….one that needs to be broken. In writing, over used exclamations are a no no!!!!

Finally, my all time attachment right now is…you guessed right if you said, "blogging". I'm really attached to reading blogs, especially my favorite peeps and of course, posting in mine. There's something refreshing, freeing and exciting about letting my thoughts flow. It's like peeking in your windows and seeing what's going in your house and in your brains. My only wish was to be able to meet so many of you face to face.

Are you attached to something?


Sandi said...

Simone- You crack me up!!! I am the biggest over user of exclamation marks in the entire world!!! But, everything I say, is exciting and requires one!

Mommy Fabulous Email me: said...

I'm attached to blogging and even get mad when I miss a day.

I LOVE bacon and tomato sandwiches but I'm convinced they are NOT contributing to my weight loss.

I use to have a pillow that I'd had from the time I was four. Slept with it every night. Got married and still had it for another5 years, even though my husband always complained about my "nasty" pillow. (I'd sewn it a new cover. It wasn't nasty) Then suddenly I just threw it away. Let it go.

I know all about attachement.

Butler and Bagman said...

I am also constantly getting attached to things and people and ideas and activities. For awhile several years ago, I got interested in Buddhist meditation and was very attached to non-attachment. What a life.

Nana said...

Hey hun! Yup, I get attached to 'things' all the time. Clothes or accessories, or foods especially. For the past month it was : hot oatmeal in the morning & coffee, before it was pancakes... for months. Omigod. I would eat pancakes in the morning, at lunch, dinner...
I also have this with cheese & orange juice. I used to eat it like clockwork, 2 am, get up & get my little dose.
as for clothes: Right now, it's vneck tees; black, white & blue. I rotate them, I owe many in the same for the pillow you carry with you, my mom has the same thing! It's a small pillow, but she can't sleep without it.
I'm so attached to blogging too!

apricot tea. said...

I'm attached to my Mommy!!!

!!!!!!!! <-- extra exclamation marks for you! =]

Kimberley said...

Is there EVER really such a thing as too many exclamation marks? !!!

You may have noticed that I'm rather partial to them myself ;o)

I'm attached (addicted) to nail varnish. Unless my nails are painted I feel unfinished.
I'm very intrigued about these body oils - I hate when you put perfume on and the scent seems to have disappeared before you even wak out of the door.

Tami said...

You crack me up! and I'm addicted to exclamation marks tooooo!!!
BLT's..well those are a fav toooooooooo!!! LOL

it was so nice talking to you last night! And one day I may just drive up and we'll do lunch!
BLT's of course!

Momma Rae and the Deputy said...

aw. i love this post!
im attached to sitting in my bed at night watching hulu on my laptop....

Lin said...

I guess we all get attached to different things in our lives--it's good to know I am not alone.

I'm with you, this blogging thing is my current attachment. I love the support and friendship of some great blogger who inspire me to post each day.

Buckeroo said...

Too funny! :)

I try to use less exclamation points, but I can't shake them! And Josh has now picked up on that. He wants to add an exclamation point after his name!!!

Joanna Jenkins said...

You had me at "bacon tomato sandwich"! now I'm attached to my frying pan :-)

Terrific post. Thank you

Julie said...

Good morning, CCD. Trying to get caught up on my blog reading. I've been a bad bloggy friend lately!!!!!

Deidra said...

Right now I'm attached to "So You Think You Can Dance." Every season this happens to me. I sit on the couch and get caught up in the dancing, talking out loud to the performers and judges, and often being brought to tears by the emotion and drama of it all. Yep. I'm a fool for the show...

Veronica Lee said...

Blogging,right now 'Prison Break' and my camera!

Kwana said...

I'm attached to food, stress (must let those go) and blogging. Also twitter. Eek!

Anonymous said...

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