Thursday, June 11, 2009

Things I Learned Thursday

I have learned actually too much this week. Some things I'd rather not have learned.

1) In two weeks, I may or may not have a job. The CEO just issued a reduction in force and everyone will be on pins and needles until sometime in July. I could cry at the thought of not having a job and finding another one…well…with the unemployment rate here in California….might be a very difficult task.

2) When death comes knocking, it brings to loved ones a change of heart and attitude.

3) Old people get sports cars to drive slow in the fast lanes just to piss people off.

4) Instead of worrying about the ozone layer, we should be concentrating on bugs taking over the world. I swear there's a new species of bug called the splider. A fly and spider got busy and ta da…the splider. Spliders aren't easy to kill.

5) Pre-menopause is just nature's way of sticking his tongue out and saying, "Psych!"

6) There are still good, honest people here. My daughter and son in law left their expensive camera and bag in a taxi in Vegas. They were heartbroken but two days later, they received a call from the cab company telling them that their camera had been found. Unfortunately, it was minus the memory card but at least they have it back.

7) I need to get "with it" a bit more. Lady Gaga's Poker Face is a recording artist and the name of a song! Duh! (Thanks, Sandi for not calling me dense! LOL)

8) If you give a fun birthday gift to someone you're close to, it's like buying it for yourself. (Yay, shaved ice machine! Yay strawberry!)

9) Non-alcoholic wine soda is very good!!

10) Silly songs get stuck in my head easier than the important things I'm REALLY supposed to remember.

What have you learned?


travel girl said...

First, sorry about the stress of wondering if you will have a job! Where do you work again?

I have learned that I am capable of many things I thought I wasn't.

And that feels awesome!

Lin said...

Oh my--I hope you don't lose your job. But I will tell you that there ARE jobs out there and more and more of the people I know who lost their jobs are gainfully employed right now AND happy. There are happy endings in this, but the media isn't reporting that part.

LOVE that they got the camera back. Missing the memory card??? What's with that?? They are not that expensive. Oh well.

Uh, you must really be behind the times--even JOE knows the words to Poker Face. And before me!!! It's a sign of the Apocalypse if Joe knows what's going on in the hipster world.

Justine said...

Oh no, I hope you don't lose your job. Scary friggin' times.

Amazing that they got their camera back in a city like Vegas. they lost whatever pics they took, but at least they got the main part back!

Justine :o )

Joanna Jenkins said...

I'm sending good thoughts your way n the job. These are scary times. Fingers crossed!

I've learned that, the older I get, the more patience I need! And it ain't easy :-)

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

TG - I work in continuing education at a hospital in Rancho Mirage. One of the "famous" hospitals for the elite. I'm sure you know which one I'm talking about. All I can do is pray that I'm safe.

blueviolet said...

Looking forward to catching up with everyone! :)

Kimberley said...

I really hope that you don't lose your job.
I feel so guilty for moaning about work right now, when so many of my loved ones are without jobs or potentially without jobs.

I'll be keeping you in my prayers.

Angel said...

non acholic wine soda, I love it I'd like you to be one of the people I interview for my blog, R U Game?
please email if you are...

Angel said...

I forgot, thank you for visiting my blog as often as you do and posting, it is really a joy to see your posts.
I just lost my job, I know the deal that is why I started my company.
Good luck to you. I seem to be parelling you in some ways, we are now looking for a new house. To answer your post, I loved driving that truck, but it was during a time tht not only were women scarce in that industry African Americans were to,I had a double whammyt and it was a challenge. But I got through it.
and yes I watch all of Noggin, but I wasn't going to admit it!

Trooper Thorn said...

Most people don't learn that many important lessons in a whole year. Take the rest of the week off.

Vegas Linda Lou said...

I've learned that for some reason for the past four weeks I'm no longer showing up in my followers' reading lists. I'm here, though! And still posting!

I hope your job is spared, Simone. I'm sending positive vibes your way!


Tami said...

Oooh Simone, I'm praying for you! I'm sorry about whats going on, I know first hand about "walking on pins and needles" it's difficult. I'll be keeping YOU ALL in my prayers.

Think positive thoughts, stay positive, and we'll make it through this together! I'm here for ya!

I'm off to bed, I'm soooooooooooooooooooooooooo tired. I'll call you on the weekend!

P.O.S.I.T.V.E thoughts!!!

Danica said...

Sorry about the job stress. I feel your pain as I was just there a couple of months ago.

I love your blog. You are so insiteful. Splider!! HA

Buckeroomama said...

Sending positive thoughts your way.

It kinda restores your faith in humankind when expensive, sure-not-be-returned lost items are returned. :)

Long overdue, but I have a couple of awards for you at my blog; do come by and pick them up. :)

Kwana said...

Sorry about the job stress. I'm learning more and more each day. Mostly to stand up for myself. Love your blog! You're a wonderful writer.

Rona's Home Page said...

I've learned that my family is pretty terrific.
I have an amazing husband.
Even though our teenage son, thinks he's all grown up he still needs a hug.

Veronica Lee said...

I'm sending you positive thoughts, prayers and hugs!!


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