Thursday, July 16, 2009

Things I Learned Thursday

1) I'm an aunt again - I have 14 of the cutest nieces and nephews…yes, I said 14. If you want to see them all, click here. Momo loves you all - kisses!

2) I'm a Grammy again. TV Boo and Boyfriend Boo have welcomed an adorable "no name yet" kitty into the family. She's is freakin' adorable!!

3) If you want to see live fireworks in your kitchen, baste your ham with 120 proof rum. Stick it in the oven and stand clear.

4) I am so loving this Korean Gospel choir. They've got some soul going on, that's for sure!

5) Cockroaches know how to play dead really well. With all the big cockroaches here in the desert, I'm considering going into business and breeding purebred AKC cockroaches (with papers). Let me know if you're interested in one. I'll give you a deal! ;)

6) I feel like every time I come into work, I'm on the reality show, The Apprentice. I just hope the Donald doesn't tell me, "You're fired" tomorrow.

7) I love watching people squirm, especially the ones that don't want to ride in the same elevator with me because they are afraid that the Black cooties will rub off on them. I make sure I say things like, "What a gorgeous ring! Love your hair." Funny to see the expressions on their faces when I acknowledge them.

8) There is a such thing as "weed" perfume. Why would anyone want to smell like they've been puffing???

9) Friends are family that are born from our hearts.

10) When I am stressed, I love making a mess. Seriously. The messier the better.


Just A Mom (Call me JAM for short) said...

#3.... Thanks for the warning!

Danica said...

#7 made me laugh out loud!!! It's so true. People are IDIOTS! I love the looks I get when LW and I walk holding hands. Makes me wanna snuggle in closer to him.

#9 is very sweeet and very true.

You're such an inspiration!

Anonymous said...

on #8, did you know there's weed inscence, too? Which I always thought defeated the purpose, kinda like air freshner that smells like sweaty feet.

Ev`Yan said...

Wow, who says Korean's don't have soul!

Kwana said...

That is quite a list. You are too funny and people are so dumb sometimes.

mommaof4wife2r said...

you are cracking me up today...fireworks on the ham! hilarious. akc cockroaches. you are killing me.

Tooj said...

People really squirm in the elevators? I don't get that at ALL. It confuses me. I sometimes wonder, though, if some of the Black ladies I work with (who obviously don't know a lick about my personal life) think that about me just on G.P. Maybe I appear to be squirming because I'm holding in a toot and don't want to suffocate you? LOL

Weed perfume, seriously?

Ina in Alaska said...

SO FUNNY!! Laughing a lot!! I AM GOING TO READ YOUR LIST AGAIN!!! I am new to your blog and consider myself your new friend. Hope THE DONALD has some good news for you on Friday. Keeping fingers and toes crossed for you and we will send a good wish toast to YOU today at 4 PM (in Alaska)...

Too bad for those elevator folks. They are missing out!!

I thought of a name for your roach business: Cockroach Corral!!

Veronica Lee said...

I always love your 'Things I learned Thursday' posts. You are too funny, Simone!!

Chris said...

Messes rock!

Vegas Linda Lou said...

What??? There's such a thing as Black cooties? Now, how am I supposed to sleep tonight?

Um, you know I can answer #8. It keeps people wondering at work.

Lin said...

Really?? People freak because you are black?? In this age?? Geesh.

You know, I'm done with this label crap. Nobody is focusing on this fool that they are putting in the Supreme court--she can't answer a freaking question and she weighs every single word so carefully. Ugh. And why is she there?? Because she would be the first Latino Woman on the court. Christsake--can we get over labels??? I think they make things worse.

I'm sorry that happens to you--people suck.

blueviolet said...

People are so stupid. People still ask me if my kids are mine. Ignorance is rampant.

A new kitty? How cute!

GRAMEE said...

I always make a mess when i am stressed!!
i love it!

Petula said...

Those are very interesting! I'm glad you came by from Lin's place. "Nice to meet you!"

So, your children's book is published? That's great. What's it about? Maybe I need to poke around your blog a bit more to find out. :)

Joanna Jenkins said...

I'm glad with everything on your mind that you still have a great sense of humor!

I'll be cheering you on Friday and hoping for the best!

Tami said...

LOL, I love your list girlie!
YOU WILL HAVE A JOB TOMORROW! I'm praying on it!

and weed perfume? what the heck.. are you serious.. I better not let a certain yahoo know. sheeeesh!

lagirl said...

I know some folks I'd like to "gift" with some of your pure bred Cockroaches. Do you gift wrap?

Sure hope the job "thang" works out well for you. Praying.

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

loved this post and had some good laughs.....

Joyce said...

You made me giggle today with your list. Very cute!! Have a golden weekend. xoxo

Justine said...

What? You still experience bigotry like that? In this day? Maybe it's not your color. Maybe you just smell really bad. LOL

AKC registered cockroaches. Hmmm.


Justine :o )

Julie said...

Ham basted in rum? You have my attention.

Buckeroomama said...

#8 - LOL! :)

Sending positive vibes your way...

JennyMac said...

Great post. And #3 made me giggle. I will put that down as things to NEVER do in my kitchen. LOL.

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

The letter I wrote in 2 parts. (since you asked!) :)

The very first moment I walked into ICU and placed my hand on my dad's chest and felt your son's heart pumping strong, I knew it would be alright. And I felt almost an immediate sense that your son would help raise my Dad up and help him continue to live a happy and fulfilled life. Your son was only 19 when he lost his life so tragically which meant that my 59 year old Dad was to receive the heart of a young man. A heart that if not for that horrible car accident, would have beaten strong for your son for 60+ more years.

But instead, that healthy 19 year old heart became my Dad's new lease on life. It became the moment my Dad was reborn. It became and remains the most important part of his body.

By honoring my father today and celebrating his amazing 5 year post transplant accomplishment, we also honor and remember your son. This day is a day of celebration and remembrance for two families: a celebration of continued good life for my Dad and a remembrance of your son's short but amazing time on this planet.

Thank you donor family, for giving the biggest gift you will ever be asked to give...the gift of life. You will always be this families hero, as it took supreme strength of character to consider other's needs during your devastation. I honestly believe that your son will be remembered forever in our family as he is truly only a heart beat away.

God Bless you all. We remain humbled by your kindness and generosity.

I pray that I will be writing you another letter 5 years from now as I've clearly told my Dad that he has a lot more living to do...not just for him and not just for us....but for your son as well.

With profound gratitude and tears of happiness,

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Letter Part 1 (read first)

Dear Donor Family,

How do I start this letter? How do I put into words what I feel? How do I say everything I want to say, everything I NEED to say without causing you pain?

To thank you for my Dad's new heart is to remind you of the heart you no longer hold close. To thank you for giving my Dad life is to remind you of the life you lost. To thank you for giving me time with my father is to remind you of the time you will never have with your child.

It's been 5 years today, yet in some ways it seems like just yesterday. And ironically, this 5th year anniversary falls once again on Friday the 13th. Does that mean anything? Does that matter? Does your family still consider this the most unlucky day? Does it seem wrong that we now think of it as the luckiest?

I think about your family all the time and I wonder if you think about ours. Do you think about that day? Do you wonder about the people your son helped, the people that started life anew because of your generous gift? Do you especially think about the person that walks this earth with your beloved boys heart beating deep inside? And do you wonder if it beats strong in memory of your son?

Let me assure that your son did not die in vain. His organs helped many people, one of which was my Dad. Your son gave him life when there was no other hope. Your son ended my father's 98 day hospital stay whereby we watched him grow wearier each day. Your son allowed my 59 year old father to embark on the next chapter of his life without the fear of his own impending death. Your son gave my Dad a brand new birthday.

I remember sitting in the waiting room that night as your son's essence became one with my father. And I remember as I watched my 2 sons sleep in that waiting room, thinking that your gift would allow them to grow old with the world's greatest grandfather. But more than anything I remember feeling more conflicted than ever before. After all, MY Dad was being given a chance but YOUR son's chance was over.

I still remember riding down in the elevator with my father as your son's heart was being rushed to Boston. I held his hand until the very last minute, until they made me say goodbye. That goodbye was the single hardest thing I've ever had to say. No one knew if he'd make it through the surgery and no one knew if the heart would take. My goodbye could have been goodbye forever. In that moment it felt like my heart was breaking in two.

But that goodbye came with a little bit of hope. And a twinge of excitement. And a tremendous amount of positive energy. And yet, at that very moment, your goodbye came with none of that. Your goodbye was not filled with hope. Your goodbye was final.

Donor family, do you understand what you gave us? Can you grasp how much you changed my life for the better? Do you realize that in giving of your son you became part of my future?

Your son is in everything my Dad does. In every moment we spend as a family. In each new memory we create. Your son is there. And is loved. And is respected in a way that is indescribable.

Anonymous said...
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