Thursday, August 6, 2009

Things I Learned Thursday

It's Thursday already???

Don't forget the totally awesome giveaway on the second of the three blogs that I have: On Being.... The prize winner will be announced on Monday, August 10, 2009. Also, if you'd like to be interviewed, please drop me an email.

Things I've Learned....

1) When I wish quietly for a trip to the beach, one angel, in the form of my daughter, answers that whisper.

2) I'm blessed that my girls have never decided to trade me in for a new model....a new and improved mommy that doesn't get lost, sing at the top of her lungs and can be a klutz.

3) Bugs are very good at playing dead. To a point of faking rigor mortis even.

4) According to Boo, the hardware store, (Lowe's) can evoke even a hard on for most guys. It's their kind of store. In fact, he could probably spend hours looking at door knobs, ladders and water hoses.

5) If you say you got candy in your eye, you get tons and tons of kisses!

6) Cayenne pepper mixed in dirt will not stop a dog from digging, it will only make him sneeze over and over again.

7)I love being right in the middle of the action. If there's a high speed chase, you better believe I'm going to keep up with the police cars. If there's a chick fight, I'm there, ready to blog about it. Also, my ears are multi-functional. I can hear two conversations at the same time and keep up with the both of them.

8)There's a place called Scoops in Los Angeles, that even has mint nicotine ice cream. I so want to go (not to try the mint nicotine ice cream but the wasabi pistachio). Thanks, Dawn.

9) I've got an interview with a music legend and I just found out about it and it's tomorrow. Talk about not being prepared!!!

10) I'm so loving Coldplay right now!

What have you learned??? C'mon, spill it!


zunzun said...

First time I saw wasasbi I thought it was a piece of avocado...I love me some avocado so I picked it up and popped it whole into my mouth. I'm still trying to spit it out...ouch! I learned then that if your friends around the table pop their eyes wide open when you are about to do something stupid you should stop and say "what?" before you proceed with said stupid act.

More recently: I learned that the ants in our house actually like the poison we sprayed...they must...because they keep coming back and walk right over the spot like it was nothing.

zunzun said...

My mind is fractured today...meant to say "good luck" for the interview and that I really liked those beach pictures...jealous

♪♥♫Tracy♪♥♫ said...

I love reading your blog. It's so open and real and you don't pretend to be perfect (as we know nobody can be and if they were how boring would they be?). Hmm what have I learned.. well, the biggest thing I have been learning is that for some reason some people like to see other people fail and they get a lot of joy in creating drama in other people's relationships. Sad.

Heart2Heart said...

I love your list! It's so amazing that you can look back and have some reflection on still learning things. I never really saw it that way.

This week I have learned what a tailbone is, and where it is specifically located, and if I were an animal, I wouldn't have one any more.

I have also learned that trying to sit for a week is much like not breathing air in and out your lungs.

I have also learned that the blogging community still blogs quite a bit at 12am when most of us are still asleep.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

lagirl said...

Today I learned that having an appointment to have one's car serviced means totally NOTHING. You drive up and get in line with people who have no appointment. Grrr!

Elle Bee said...

Today I learned that I spend too much time on the computer! HA!
Good luck with your interview. That's very exciting!

Sharon said...

I've learned that little boys and toilet paper are a deadly combination.

Thanks for the visit!

Rona's Home Page said...

What have I learned this week. Mmm that my husband and son hear me but don't act.
I've got to get some real sleep.
If you're a Christian and depressed it's a bad combination.
We've got to eat at home more.
I enjoyed reading your list.
Good luck on your interview!

Mandy said...

Great list Simone. I love it! Your daughters sound really special. Beautiful pictures at the beach. Gross about the ice cream but I'd probably be willing to try it. I've been finding all kinds of dead bugs (or so I think) around my house recently too? I figure the summer heat is just too much for them. Ewww! I love Coldplay too. It's so mellow and comforting. As always, thanks for keeing it real and honest. That's why I come back to read more.

Deb said...

Just visiting your blog.

Love the post you did on the seven-year-old who drove his parents' car.

And you're right. He'll probably do that again.

Sweet dreams.

Tami said...

I learned that no matter what, kids will do what kids do.


Lin said...

Chocolate--I'm with Boo--hardware stores are my favorite place to hang! I used to go with my old pally to the hardare store on my lunch hour. Okay, we're losers. It's official.

natalee said...

LOL!! love this..natalee.

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

I absolutely love your list - and the pictures! :)

How'd the interview go? I'd say good luck, but it's now the end of now I'll be anxiously waiting for the results... ;)

Have a great weekend! :)

Joanna Jenkins said...

Good luck with the interview! I'm cheering you on.

Anonymous said...
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