Sunday, September 13, 2009

Manners 101

Okay, I'm not going to say much about Kanye's issue last night at the VMA. I didn't watch the award show and frankly, he's not worth me doing a blog post about him.

But, I did think about how obviously, he needed to learn some manners. In fact, there are too many kids walking around without the thought of having or using manners. It's like having manners is uncool.

When I was a kid, manners was like part of the basic food groups. You either had it or you suffered the consequences.

Here's an idea of how my parents taught us:

1) Always say excuse me when walking in front of a person (like in a movie theater, church or grocery store).

2) Eat what's on your plate before you ask for seconds.

3) If you don't like what is on your plate, tough, you eat it anyway and you don't get down from the table until it's gone.

4) Ask to be excused once you have finished eating.

5) Never get into an adult conversation. When grownups are talking, even repeating what they are talking about is not acceptable.

6) Sassy mouths get a sore behind. When asked to do something, the answer is, "Yes, ma'am or sir" and not "why?"

7) Open the door for others.

8) Never cough or sneeze without putting your hand over your mouth.

9) Always show gratitude and say thank you, even if it's for something that you don't like.

10) If you need to interrupt a conversation between adults, make sure it's for a good reason, like the toilet is overflowing. If so, then wait until you are acknowledged and say, "Excuse me".

11) Always thank the birthday girl or boy for inviting you to their party. If it's your party, say thank you for coming to celebrate.

12) No burping or belching or picking your nose or rubbing your nose or farting at the table. Excuse yourself to the bathroom or burp quietly.

13) Use inside voices. Talk only as loud as every ear can hear.

14) Help others.

15) Never laugh at anyone's misfortunes.

16) Don't push or cut in line.

Maybe that's totally old fashioned but that's honestly the way we were raised. The funny thing is that Boo was also raised that way and it's sweet that he always opens my car door for me or will ask, "Is there anything I can get you?" "Can I help you in the kitchen?"

Sometimes, I think that kids are given too much of a voice without allowing them to listen to others.

What do you think?


Ina in Alaska said...

very good post today! And speaking of manners, why did Serena need to have a meltdown!! She is surely above that behaviour at a major tournament!! I LOVE Serena but that was out of line.

Nezzy said...

Good girl, your mama did you right. I desperately wish parents would 'parent' again. Good manners are hard to find. I see our children watching their heroes throw these outrageous tantrums which truly makes me sad. There ya' go have a way of pullin' out the serious in me. Enjoy your day and best of luck in your job search!!!

Sheryl said...

I totally agree. The kids of the generation and unfortunately some of my generation are just plain rude.

Thanks for the reminder, surely I've never been one of those rude people and forgot my manners :)

Jeanette said...

I so agree. My children correct other children. Too funny really. Still, bad manners ...horrible.

Veronica Lee said...

You're absolutely right! I can't imagine talking back to my parents when we were kids.

blueviolet said...

I didn't talk back to my parents and my kids didn't back talk me either. That simply was unheard of and it astounds me to see how freely kids do that nowadays.

♥ Braja said...

Touche....I rarely see a single one of these in play with todays kids....shameful...

Hyla said...

These are all great! I would love to show this to my 8 year old and say "See we arent the only parents that do this!"

Heart2Heart said...

Oh what we need are a lot more moms that think the way you and I do. I was raised very much the same way but I do think what our kids learn in schools, public, and what they watch on TV affects how they also treat others. We have had to make some hard choices and omit those programs which produce no good fruit.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Buckeroomama said...

Manners are taught by modeling. maybe some of these kids don't have good role models...?

ethelmaepotter! said...

Oh, yes, that's the way I was raised, too, and I raised my own children the same way. I will also add:
If you can't say something nice about someone, don't say anything at all.
Put on another person's shoes and walk around in them before you judge that person.
I hope I haven't previously posted this on your blog: the two proudest moments I had for my son came not from his excellent grades, awards, or anything else tangible. No, moment #1 was when he, at a young age, volunteered to take the grocery cart of an elderly woman back to the store from her car in the parking lot; #2 was when, as one of the most popular kids in high school, he chose to sit at lunch with the kids in special ed, inciting ridicule among his popular pals, which he completely ignored, and became the special ed kids' hero and friend throughout his school years; I had tears in my eyes when I accidentally found out about this, and I told him I was sure they had learned a lot from him. He told me, "No, Mom, I've learned a lot from them."

roy/elisabeth dean said...

I think we might have had the same mother!
Not only that, but manners classes were taught in SCHOOL for those who didn't get the information at home. We "graduated" manners class by having a tea party and inviting our parents.
I have always been shocked at the parents that would say "please let your daughter spend the night here often...maybe some of her manners will rub off on our daughter!". Whatever......TEACH YOUR CHILDREN WELL!
Good post!

Elle Bee said...

Couldn't have said it better myself. Manners are way under-rated in this day and age.

Frau said...

Great post I totally agree with you, it's the way I was raised and raised my daughter but manners are non existant for some. Have a wonderful day!

zunzun said...

These same children become into the adults who will bump someone out of the way and look at you like it's your fault. Or my latest petpeeve...I'll say "thank you" and get "mmmmhummmm" or "unhuh" instead of "you're welcome" - seems like the lack of civility is becoming an univerally pervasive problem...there IS a reason for what allows all of us to not carry clubs and walk around belching and farting in we can all more or less get along.

zunzun said...

meant to say "turn into" not "become into" but my caffeine deprived brain can only go so far this afternoon!LOL


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