Thursday, September 10, 2009

Things I've Learned Thursday

There is a terrific interview up on my other blog, On Being...You with Hallie from Wonderful World of Weiners so please check it out when you have a chance.

Things I've Learned Thursday....

1) Losing is winning! I had a great interview with Carla Triplett from the Biggest Loser - Season 7. Not only is she a sweet lady but is still losing and looking great!

2) I thought I had gotten over my phobia of wet hair in the drain but after the shower backed up and hair was the cause, I was about ready to head for the Rolaids. (This has been a childhood phobia since our older sister chased us around the house with hair.)

3) My nose runs when I'm cold, excited or nervous. Next job interview I go on, I've got to remember to bring a box of Kleenex.

4) Although I don't condone slapping kids, why do kids act up in Walmart? That seems to be the top number one store where kids lay on the floor or scream or curse to get their way.

5) Writing "I love you" with soap on our bathroom mirror is the one of the fastest ways to put a smile on Boo's face.

6) Thank God for music. It's my number one way to stay motivated when cleaning the house. I think the dogs look forward to it too. They watch with sheer curiosity. Then again, maybe they are wondering if I've flipped out.

7) I'm reading the book, Everything I Needed to Know, I Learned From Judy Blume, and I had no idea of how much her books impacted my way of thinking. If it weren't for Are You there God, it's Me, Margaret, I wouldn't have had a clue about periods, bras and pimples.

8) I'm a book junkie. I donated over 100 books to the library and I'm now adding to my pile once again. Plus, I'm reading 4 books right now....not one but 4. I need a 12 step program for book addicts.

9) There is no such thing as coconut milk. After Boo cracked the coconut and I waited in anticipation to drink the "milk", I was disappointed to find out that coconuts can't be milked....they pee. I drank coconut pee and it's nasty!

10) Most guys like doing the bbqing because they love showing off their mad fire burning skills. The last time Boo lit the grill, flames shot up higher than the roof of the house. Maybe he didn't need to use lighter fluid when it's quick start charcoal.

What have you learned?


Nezzy said...

Great post, I love your what I learned Thursdays! I gave my kids a full days worth of activity when I gave them a coconut one summer day and told to open it. It was hilarious the may schemes they came up with. Enjoy your evening and good luck with the job search!

Suz said...

You learn more on Thursdays than most people learn all week! Enjoyed it very much. By the way, I play Vivaldi while I clean house. It's energizing.

Jill said...

I have never used soap on the mirror but I have used lipstick or eye liner. :0)

Veronica Lee said...

You're right about the coconut milk. The milk comes from squeezing the scraped flesh of an old coconut.
It doesn't taste nasty if you drink from a young coconut!

Julie said...

I've learned not to be drinking a beverage and reading your blog at the same time because it ends up all over my keyboard.

Coconut pee. OMG.

roy/elisabeth dean said...

I've learned that I've really been missing out by not reading your blog! I tend to get overwhelmed at life and put the laptop away for weeks at a time! I've enjoyed looking back through all I've missed.
Have a great week~

blueviolet said...

I think I read Are You there God? at least 5 times as a young girl. That is an incredible book, isn't it?

Music motivates me too! I can clean a lot longer if I'm listening to it.

yonca said...

I like to listen music.. especially while I am cooking :)

Anita said...

Today, my eleven year old joined a book club - not a school club, but a club that is a group of girls in the neighborhood. She came home at 8:30 p.m. after a "girls night out." I have learned that my kids are beginning to live their lives independent of their mom.

DebraLSchubert said...

What I learned today is I have so much to be grateful for. My health, my family, their health, my writing, my kitties, my music, the impending birth of my new niece or nephew. Life is basically one big miracle. That's what I learned on this Thursday.;-)

Frau said...

Great post...lots learned!

Joanna Jenkins said...

I am laughing OUT LOUD over the coconut pee. Yep, it's pretty nasty. Sorry no one warned you.


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