Thursday, October 15, 2009

Things I've Learned Thursday

My heart is pounding from watching this homemade aircraft flying around with possibly a child inside. I breathed a sigh when I saw a soft landing but then, back to worrying for the little guy who wasn't in the aircraft. My prayers are going out to the family that Falcon is found and is completely safe from harm.

1) I have two wonderful daughters who know how to make their mama proud. They both did a great job as my guest bloggers. I was beaming as I read their posts and all of your comments.

2) The most commonly used phrases while I was in North Carolina were: "Somebody shoot me now!" "This ain't no Disneyland ride" and "Toto, we're not in Kansas anymore." By the way, folks in North Carolina do not say, "totally cool" so when they hear it, it puts them in a state of shock.

3) Guys totally spark on women who fish in North Carolina. I had two guys sparking on my sister and I because as they said, "It shur is nice to see some ladies fishing!"

4) The world stands still (well, at least everyone and everything in my house) when I'm gone. The puppies refused to eat, Boo claims to have lost weight, they were all down in the dumps. The welcome home greetings I got at 2 am were unforgettable. I really believe the puppies were starting to look suspiciously at Boo as if to say, "Where is Mommy? What did you do with her? Bring her back or else we're going for your shoes."

5) In North Carolina, Black folks aren't the only ones that eat fried chicken, grits, greens, fried okra, fried tomatoes and cornbread. Everyone eats that way. Unfortunately, I would have to be rolled everywhere if I ate like that every day. The food is good but so heavy. I was put into southern food induced comas each night.

6) I didn't realize how much I missed working puzzles until I was at my parents house, sitting down putting one together again. My sister and I stayed up until 3 am, laughing and talking while putting it together.

7) I found out that I have been pronouncing my name totally wrong all these years. How could that have happened after 46 years?

8) October 25th is fast approaching and I'm being very difficult about my wedding attire. I'm driving my girls nuts as they attempt to pick out the "perfect" outfit. We haven't even gotten to the shoe part of things.

9) I'm seriously a daddy's girl. He was thoroughly entertained by my and my twin sister's sense of humor.

10) There is a such thing as a scuppernog but I still have no idea how it tastes and where it comes from.

What have you learned?


sherry ♥ lee said...

I've learned that if I don't eat properly during the day I'm exhausted by 5 p.m.!!

I love what you've learned...#5 made me laugh (the visual) and girl, how can you mispronounce your own name?!? What have you been saying and would should you have been saying???

Veronica Lee said...

So how do you pronounce your name? Is it 'Seemon' or 'Seemonee'?

Sheryl said...

After coming down with flu-if I never appreciated my health, I do now.

Lin said...

I learned that I missed you while you were gone.

Anita said...

Simone, in number 3 - that would be fishin'...not fishing. :)
Keep the stories coming.

On another note, I was so worried about the little boy too, but I've now heard that he is safe. That was really eerie to think of him in that contraption.

ethelmaepotter! said...

Where in the world do only black folks eat PROPERLY? I'm white as the driven snow, but, shoot honey, I was brought up on fried chicken, buttermilk cornbread, grits, collard greens with neckbones, biscuits, and, as for fried okra...YUM! My Grandmother took to calling it "more," because. as a small child, that's what I always said when I ate it!
One of my best friends is named Simone, and we pronounce it "Suh-moan."

Ina in Alaska said...

I declare, ... What is the vibe in North Carolina as to the latest misadventures of John Edwards?

I have learned ... gosh, can't think of a thing! Good luck on the search for the wedding outfit and shoes!! Looking forward to seeing pictures!!!

PS on the little boy, I too am glad he was found safe and sound hiding in a box in the ceiling. Very strange story... xoxo

Vegas Linda Lou said...

Oh, sounds like a nice trip! And now... so much more to look forward to. Let me know if I can help with anything! XOXO

Heart2Heart said...

I too heard about the boy and the flying thing he made or some one made. I kept thinking this is a really bad joke somewhere and they said it could fly as high as 10,000 feet. Could you imagine those poor parents? Strap me in and take me away with the men in the white coats please.

My hubby is a huge fan of down home southern cooking. Loves it all!

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Shop with Me Mama said...

Sounds like you had a great trip!

Buckeroomama said...

My German friend Simone pronounces hers "see-MOAN-uh." How do you pronounce yours?

Joanna Jenkins said...

NINE more days!!!! Woo-hoo. Happy wedding outfit shopping.

Nezzy said...

I am so glad you got to spend some good time with your family. I'll be taking that trip probably in Nov. to Brownsville,Tx. Mom fries everything, I fry nothing. I swear I can feel the grease pumpin' through the old veins when I leave.

I have learned I love to read your blog. Have a great weekend and again welcome home!!!

Luvn2lose said...

I learned that I truly am a Missourian when it comes to my attitude. It isn't called the show-me state fer nuthin'. I whole heartedly do NOT believe that the little boy was ever in the balloon and it was a hoax from the get go.


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