Thursday, November 19, 2009

Things I've Learned Thursday

I'm inspired by the things that you also learn so be sure to share with me after reading.

1) Never spend 80.00 on a doghouse that the dog refuses to sleep in. He'd rather freeze his tush off than be in it.

2) Previously mentioned dog is having breed identity crisis. I guess that's what happens when he's raised around 2 shih tzus. He doesn't know that he's a Pit, he thinks he's a shih tzu...lap dog. Having a 70 pound dog trying to climb on my lap isn't a very pretty sight!

3) There's a Chinese proverb that says something to the fact of learning from everyone is like plucking a feather from every goose that you pass. If I was to pluck a feather from all that I've learned from all of you, I'd be in the pillow manufacturing business!!

4)I tend to take fortune cookie fortunes seriously. Boo got one the other night that said, "You will inherit a large sum of money." For real? When?? From who?

5) Boo's tastebuds are challenged. I've never seen anyone eat peanut butter crackers with Chinese food AND spread peanut butter on the side of the food. Plus, he also eats peanut butter on sardines and California rolls.

6) TV Boo's news station has an opening for a weather person. I'm thinking that I just may be the one for the job. "Now, put on those scarves and boots, it's going to be a cold one out there. Don't be up there trying to look cute and make a fashion statement ladies, you WILL freeze your tushes off." (How's that for weather reporting?)

7) The chalk that I get from the Asian market is by far the best ant exterminator there is. I draw a line where the ants are coming in and within 10 minutes, they've headed back to their hills.

8) From now on, I've got to triple check my appearance before I walk out the door. Wearing my shirt inside out is NOT the new style statement.

9) The clothes hangers in my closet have been multiplying like rabbits. Either that, my socks are turning into hangers because there are sure more hangers than socks in my drawers.

10) I am continually blessed with peek a boo surprises from God. The other day, I got a check for $100.00 from a deposit that was required for turning on the water at the new place. Do you get peek a boo surprises too?

What have you learned?


Menopausal New Mom said...

What a cute list! I love that Boo eats peanut butter on sushi, I wonder if it's kinda like peanut sauce that we add to Thai food?

I can't think of any surprises right now, unless you count finding out I was pregnant at the age of 44!

Nezzy said...

I love those unexpected surprises, there just the best! We are goin' to have to get Boo to Peanut-butter Anonymous quick!!!

Have a blessed day filled with fun and unexpected surprises of the best kind!!!

zunzun said...

I had a large dog that thought she was small...she was hiding once by sticking her head underneath the bed and leaving the rest of her body out...I stuck my head under the bed and she kept looking at me w/ shifty eyes like saying "shush...the cats are hunting dogs and it's safe in here" except well...her body was OUT!

I haven't learned squat this week but I have hopes for next week...also..I think you'd be a hilarious weather person...I can totally see you doing a side panel where a picture of women wearing the wrong clothes in bad weather would pop up and you pointing and saying "tush freezing clothes...go back home and change!"

Danica said...

I too take fortune cookies seriously!!!

Sheryl said...

I can relate so much to #2. I have a 70# boarder collie/lab mix. He too thinks he's a lap dog. He probably learned it from the other 2 small dogs we have.

And jealous, boy can he be jealous. All I have to do is give hubs a hug and he's right there wanting a hug too.

So what I have learned, enjoy life as a brand new kitten does, explore and live in the moment.

Ina in Alaska said...

Today I had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch. But Boo's peanut butter tastes made me cringe just a tiny bit...

I have three small dogs, all of which must sit on top of me at the same time. They are so toasty that when we are all clumped up together watching TV in the evening I fall asleep because their little bodies are so warm, especially Toby, the black poodle... Toasty little sweetheart.

I learned today: how to automatically transfer money online from one bank account to another!! Very empowering and exciting!!

blueviolet said...

I'm chuckling at the idea of your big dog trying to cuddle in your lap!

I love the surprises, especially when they're money!

That chalk idea is so interesting!

Anita said...

I've re-learned that I can get dinner on the table before 6 p.m. and how nice it is to be out of the kitchen before 7!

Gotta try the chalk when the ants come back.

Lin said...

I like the peek-a-boo surprise when I reach into my winter coat pocket the first time I wear it in a season and find a dollar. :)

Buckeroomama said...

I really hope #4 comes true!! :)

I love it when I chance upon money in jean or jacket pockets. Sweet! Even though it's just a dollar...

Frau said...

Great lessons learned...Boo is taste bud crazy...peanut butter and fish of any kind...! Oh my! I think you would make a great weather lady!
Lesson's I've learned....ummmm kill them with kindness! Have a wonderful weekend.

My name is PJ. said...

You crack me up! This is what I've learned: You're so cute, we all want to put you in our pockets....well, maybe not all of us.

When I read #3, I read, "pluck a feather from every goose's ass". Then I cracked myself up.

Did you not know that at the end of every fortune cookie fortune, you are supposed to add the words, "in bed"? Try it. It always works and it makes them more fun....

Joanna Jenkins said...

Chalk that I get from the Asian market works on ants. I'm off to buy some!!!!!! I never heard of that before.

And I think you got Boo's fortune with the $100 check. What was the name of that restaurant, I'm going to go and see if I can get the same fortune too :-)

Have a great weekend.

Rona's Home Page said...

I was blessed with a free turkey yesterday.

Mari said...

I love this! I've been reading a book about those kinds of surprises. The author calls them "God winks". He says there is no coincidence - it's just God showing His love and winking at you.

Ace said...

Just happened across your blog and enjoyed it. Number 2 made me laugh. We have a 70lb beagle/basset mix that grew up with a 10lb toy poodle and thinks he is the same. of these days he's going to split my spleen getting in my lap.


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