Sunday, January 3, 2010

It's no mistake!

How often do you hear or say, "Oops, I made a mistake!"? I am queen of mistakes. Most of the time, I try to rectify them before they get too far gone but then again, sometimes, they are not to be corrected.

I look back on my marriage of 21 years. When I found out that it was over, I tried to figure out where the mistake was made. How come I couldn't figure out what lie I ahead over 21 years before so I wouldn't have even headed in the direction that I did in the first place? Then, I was reminded that without the 21 years, my beautiful daughters would have never been brought to my life. So, there is something beautiful that comes from what can often be viewed as a mistake.

I made another mistake the other day. Boo loves German Chocolate Cake. The REAL type of German Chocolate from scratch. Well, in a hurry to get it in the oven before Baby Boo discovered I was baking without her help, I forgot to put the whipped egg whites in the batter. I tried to figure out why I only needed two cake pans instead of three. Then, after the cakes began spilling over, and I saw the egg whites still sitting in the bowl, I recognized my mistake. The smoke alarm came on. We opened all the windows (in spite of it being pretty cold outside) and I apologized perfusely. But, then, something good came out of it. I took the lopsided, sunk in the middle mess out of the oven and continued to make the homemade frosting. Boo and I laughed at how it looked but he said, "It's not about the looks, it's what's on the inside." That's always been what he has told me since the day that he and I met. He doesn't look on the outside, only the inside.

I frosted the cake, laughed some more because trust me, it was an ugly cake. BUT, it tasted SO good! It had a brownie like texture on the outside with a moist, chewy chocolatey center. Boo was was what was how it tasted that mattered.

So, this year...I'm going to grab ahold of my mistakes (I'm sure there will be plenty) and make those into something beautiful. I mean, why not? The greatest pieces of art are those with flaws.


glitterbygrammie said...

I have 4 so called mistakes in my life I would not trade for anything. 2 boys and 2 girls.

blueviolet said...

Your mistake does sound delicious!

Mari said...

Good for you, for not dwelling on the mistake, but in continuing! You are so right about the good that comes, in spite of the mistake!

My name is PJ. said...

Out of 'mistakes' good things often a phoenix rising.

And, when you're thinking back about your failed marriage, remember that it wasn't one mistake that made it fail. It was a series of circumstances and people who chose different avenues in which to deal with them. Don't be hard on yourself. Think of it this way, the Lord wanted those specific children brought to the earth and He made sure it happened. REJOICE!

Mandy's Life After 30 said...

Simone, I LOVED this post. Your words are so true! From mistakes, we learn how to be better people. From mistakes, beautiful things (and tasty foods) can be discovered. I love, love your thoughts on this. And I LOVE the new look of your blog.... it's making me hungry! LOL! Happy 2010 to you and your family! May your mistakes and your joys go hand in hand.

Deidra said...

Good for you! Making lemons out of lemonade! The cake sounds delicious!

lagirl/sweet tea said...

Your husband is wise, cause it is "what's on the inside that really matters". The Bible even agrees with him on this one.

And your gooey "mistake" sounds yummy!

Menopausal New Mom said...

I love this post today. Taking what is whether it's perceived as a mistake or not and turning it into something wonderful. You are such a inspiration!

Danica said...

I would have done the same thing!

Mistakes are made for a reason. :-)

Janie B said...

Sounds like a yummy mistake.

Deborah Ann said...

LOVE the new chocolate background! Your kitchen mishap reminded me of one of my own. I accidentally used powdered sugar instead of flour in my banana bread. Big mess in the oven. I'm right there with you.

I love that God is going to use all of our mistakes, and turn them into works of art. Go God!!!

Kwana said...

What a beautiful and tasty mistake. Wonderful post for the New Year.

Nezzy said...

Sometimes the best things come out of a mistake!

God bless and may all your mistakes be tasty!!!

Denise Burks said...

Wow! I've always believed that, if done properly, eating can be a profoundly meaningful experience. You have proven me right!!

Deliciously profound! Thanks for sharing!

Denise Burks

~SHANNON~ said...

Awww, what a truly LOVELY sentiment! I agree, sometimes mistakes end up being just the right thing! What a wonderful outlook for the coming year, to embrace mistakes! I'm with you- that is inspiring!

Love your blog! I'm your newest follower!

~SHANNON~ said...

PS. Thanks for visiting my blog!!!


UberGrumpy said...

Germans make chocolate?

Well, I've learned something today.

Veronica Lee said...

I had a kitchen mishap that turned out yummy too. I cut the yam into pieces that were too small and when I stewed them, they 'dissolved' into the gravy and tasted even better than the original recipe.

That was truly inspirational, Simone!!

Life with Kaishon said...

Now that is an absolutely brilliant post. I love the lesson. And I love the fact that I am totally craving a piece of chocolate cake right now at almost midnight... : )

Helene said...

Sometimes those are the best kinds of mistakes!! I had to laugh about where you mentioned that Baby boo would be upset that you baked without her help. My kids are like that too and sometimes I find myself stressing about getting the cooking done before they come in and notice!!

Tee aka The Diva's Thoughts said...

This is a great post. We all make mistakes but it's what we do with them that matter.

Nana said...

THaT's the spirit; take your mistakes and sorrows and turn them into something beautiful.

Joanna Jenkins said...

Hi CCD-- Time is flying by and I'm so behind in reading. But if I knew you had cake :-))))

I love your attitude and outlook for the new year. I know you always do the best you can so there's no reason to beat yourself up over a mistake-- Especially when they can lead you to great things sometimes.


Debbie said...

You are so right! We hold ourselves to too high a standard usually.

Nishant said...

Your mistake does sound delicious!

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