Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Simple Things

Christina and her family are graciously giving a dollar for every list of simple things in life shared. The money will go towards Doctors without Borders. It's a wonderful contribution to not only the people in Haiti but others who have medical needs but can't afford to seek the necessary care. Please go over to Christina's blog and enter your blog name and do this!! You won't regret it.

Simple Things in Life

Smelling freshly washed clothes

Listening to the wind howl outside and knowing that I'm warm and indoors.

Bananas and peanut butter

Being lost in Boo's gorgeous green eyes

Holding hands to pray before we eat our meals

Being completely healthy without any asthma attacks since I am without medical insurance.

A glass of wine and one of my favorite chick flicks

Doodling on paper

Watching the orange glow of the sun going down

Making my dad laugh when I say something funny

Baby Boo's hand in my hand

Watching Grey's Anatomy and calling my twin sister on every tv commercial to commentate on the episode.

Warm, soft footsies.

Hearing the words, "I love you"

Birds singing and the burst of colors in the spring time

Clouds, fluffy, white clouds.

Finding a bargain at the thrift store.

I'm blessed in so many ways by the simple things in my life. No matter how tough January has been for me, I am always reminded of the great things that I have to look forward to each day.


Sherry said...

A beautiful list from beautiful you...I'm so glad you joined in Simone! I love that you call your sister and talk about Grey's on the commercials. That's the kind of thing I would have done with my sister...that just makes my heart sing!! ♥

Deidra said...

It's a beautiful list...for a beautiful cause.

Mari said...

What a great list! And what a great cause - I think I'll work on a list!

Nezzy said...

I enjoyed your list and the cause it supports. Ya know that banana and peanut butter too!

Have a blessed evening filled with sweet restful dreams.

Char said...

freshly washed clothes are always a wonderful thing...and being able to call a sister. beautiful list

Christina said...

this is my first time here and i adore it!
your list is beautiful!

Buckeroomama said...

I love your list, Simone. :)

Freshly washed clothes... especially if they have been dried on a clothesline in the sun! I can't remember when I last smelled that.

Jill said...

How are you?? I have missed you and reading all your posts.
I am trying to be back to this full time but I have to get my heart in the right place. The last few lines of this post said it all.
I am too blessed. I have to hold onto what is great in my life and push everything else to the side.
Glad to be back. Hope to hear from you soon!

My name is PJ. said...

You did a great job, as always and you gave us all pause for thought. You're very good at that, Simone!

Laptop & Accesories said...

list that makes me feel touched :)

e-alkes blog said...

I love your great list :)

ethelmaepotter! said...

Such a simple list, but full of the most beautiful things in life. Heading over to Christina's now. Thanks, Simone.

Anonymous said...

I'm loving your blog. I just stumbled across it.

I'm definitely going to subscribe to follow!

You seem like the type of girl that would enjoy my blog. Check it out, I think you'd love it.

Luxury watches collections said...

My comment is....No comment :) he he joke !

Danica said...

Great post!

Anonymous said...

A lovely list.

Frau said...

Simple things are so precious.

Kat said...

i LOVE finding bargains at the thrift store. :) great list.

SE'LAH... said...

i never tire of hearing the words "i love you". love makes the world go round.

stopping by from Soul Aperture to show you some love.

one love.

Relyn said...

I, too, love that brief pause, the silence after we've held hands but before we begin to pray. Isn't this idea of Christina's such fun? I love how many of us are roaming the blogroads stopping to say hello here and there. So, hello to you. Happy almost-Friday.

Anonymous said...

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