Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Things I've Learned Thursday

1) When Married Boo says that the chili she made and then gave me is HOT, it really IS hot. She thought that cayenne pepper was a good replacement for the chili powder the recipe called for. I swear my nasal passages are clear for the next 20 years.

2) If a kid puts his finger in his nose and Baby Boo copies him and puts her finger in her nose, I don't think that qualifies as imitation is flattery.

3) It is very hard for me to accept that my kids want to help me. I am stubborn and feel that it's my responsibility to take care of them and help them and not the other way around. I'm blessed that my kids and son in law included, have generous, giving spirits.

4) I am thoroughly irritated when I go to the grocery store and see people plucking grapes out of the package, opening up chips and cookies and leaving the wrappers behind. That is just SO WRONG!!!

5) There is a good time to go to the store and a bad time. I always choose the bad times, when there are 15 family members from one family, standing in the middle of the aisle and they refuse to move or it's way past naptime for the kids and they are having meltdowns in the middle of the aisle.

6) Justin Timberlake rocked this song on the Hope for Haiti telethon.

7) I'm so loving my Idea Book. I have a regular composition notebook that I'm using to doodle, write, draw or whatever comes to mind. I find that when I'm creating or writing freely, good things come out when least expected.

8) I was thinking that if we cut some of millions of dollars that athletes make and use some of the excess, there may be less poverty in the world.

9) There is a kid's show on Kids Discovery Channel called Hip Hop Harry that Baby Boo now loves to watch. The emphasis is on morals and telling the truth, being polite, and sharing. I would much rather she watch that then the yellow sponge wearing underpants.

10) The sun is shining and I'm feeling good! Yee haw!!

What have you learned?


Sherry said...

Okay, I'm sorry but #1 made me laugh..the honest mistakes of the novice cooks!! Did you call the fire department?!? And #8...well ABSOLUTELY!!!! Them and the people who make movies, tv, etc. No one needs to be paid what they are paid!!!!

I learned today that not all sizes are equal when trying on clothes...that going swimming with a friend even when I'm resisting the idea is still good for me and fun and must more enjoyable than dusting and vacuuming!! :)

Nezzy said...

Whoa mama, I can't imagine how hot the chili must have been with cayenne.

I have learned that the smell of the roast flowing from the kitchen is makin' me hungry. Heeehehe!

I enjoy your lists Simone. You have a splendid day!!!

lagirl/Sweet Tea said...

I've learned that Suave Shampoo is as good as the expensive kind...and that I seem to get "Cabin Fever" this time of the year REGARDLESS of how many lights I turn on!

Buckeroomama said...

I once made the same mistake that your daughter made... and I fed the dish to J!!

Ina in Alaska said...

I learned today that I could be even more shocked by an incident than when I first learned of the incident. I am talking about the most recent scandal surrounding John Edwards! Now there is a sex tape with the baby mama!! Oh my! I feel so awful for Elizabeth Edwards and even worse for his children. What a mess! That poor woman has so much drama on her plate at the end of her days...

Helene said...

I could see myself making the same mistake with chili!! Well, one thing's for sure, I bet she won't make that same assumption again!

My kids love Hip Hop Harry too! Sometimes at the end they'll do the dancing at the end and we'll sing "Go, Go, Go" with the kids on tv.

This week I learned how to write some HTML code on my blog! With me being computer illiterate, that was pretty much a miracle!

Veronica Lee said...

#10 You'd be so happy living in Malaysia. The sun is forever shining. I would love to have you as my neighbour!!

Suz said...

I loved your list - especially the finger in the nose! Made me laugh!

I did a similar thing when I was learning to cook. Instead of 1/4 tsp of garlic powder in my lasagna, I put in a whole tsp. Boy, was that garlicky. I felt like you could smell my breath across the room! I can laugh about it now.


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