Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Things I've Learned Thursday

If you're a new follower to my blog, you'll discover that every Thursday, I share some of the things that I've learned throughout the week. Sometimes, it's musings from a long time ago or just random thoughts that seep out of my brain. So that I'm not alone in my sharing, I also ask this question, "What have you learned?" Please share!!

1) I over-analyze movies. After it is over, I have to give my opinion of why it was or wasn't good and what I would've changed had I been the one writing it. It's the creative thinker in me, I just can't help it.

2) Lap dogs are cute, cuddly and keep you warm. BUT, someone needs to tell my puppy Humble that he DOES NOT qualify as a lap dog.

3) One of my greatest fantasies revolves around chocolate. (No, nothing to do with romance). I want to spend one day working at a chocolate candy factory.

4) When I was a kid, my mom took a cake decorating class and had "homework" before each class. After awhile, she got really good at decorating. On Valentine's day, she had lots of requests for red heart shaped cakes. When she made the frosting that was one time we passed up the beaters. Red dye is bitter and nasty!!!!!

5) I love this quote, "I'm not old, I'm still growing into my wrinkles."

6) Watching Christmas movies when it's no longer Christmas -it's even funnier than if it really was Christmas. I laughed watching National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. It was hysterical.

7) Do not try to remove an ink stain with toothpaste, it will bleach the color out.

8) I'm really loving Gweneth Paltrow's version of Just My Imagination. It is the song that is stuck in my head at the moment.

9) I overindulge my dogs on treats because they have made me into a sucker. The moment they run to the treat jar, I melt and give in. There definitely needs to be a "Just Say No" program for hopeless dog owners.

10) Weeping endures for a night but joy comes in the morning. C'mon joy

What have you learned?


Mari said...

You've learned such great things! I love the shot of you with Humble. and - that shot of Baby Boo is priceless!

Sherry said...

Humble obviously believes that lap dogs come in all sizes!! And I love that shot of Lucy & Ethel in the chocolate factory. I think that is my all time favourite episode (and I love them all!).

I've learned today that I don't have to "be" anything special other than myself. And that being friendly towards people makes them feel very, very good!! :) ♥

Here is to joy in the morning my friend!! xoxoxo

Anita said...

I've learned that I can maintain my sanity with all the snow - with school schedules changing, with my schedule changing, etc. :)

Beautiful big dog!

Arizona Mamma said...

I've learned that fish food doesn't taste good...not even a little.

lagirl/Sweeet Tea said...

Love your "lap dog"! LOL
I also love your Thurs post each week!! Good stuff!

Buckeroomama said...

Joy does come in the morning. :)

I love shar peis!

Maria said...

Happy Friday!Wow you've learned a lot this week. Just a few of mine:

Mice look the same, so when you think you have one that has snuck its way into your house, chances are you have more (as I horrifyingly discovered when we trapped SIX).

Flinstone vitamins don't taste as good when you're an adult as they did when you were a kid. Yes, I tried one. Blech.

Deborah Ann said...

Got sumpin' for you at my blog!

Ina in Alaska said...

Had a sweet chuckle over the pic of you and tiny, itty bitty little Humble!!! :) xoxo

Nezzy said...

Gotta love that lap dog! Heeeheehe! Yep, I'm with ya all the way at the chocolate factory. Would that not be a blast!!! Take ink stains out with hairspray. Just spray, work it in, let sit a little and wash...wah~la!!! I taught school for thirty years.

Ya'll have a great day and a sweet Valentine's day!!!

Farila said...

I agree on the number 1) and will have to keep number 7 in mind...

I love that pic of your lapdog... LOL

I have learned today that I have accumulated too many fools in my life.

SMJ said...

Aw, I love Humbles face! And yes, he IS a lapdog...if you are the Brawny paper towel guy. :) said chocolate and my eyes glazed over - now I have to go back & finish reading!!!

My name is PJ. said...

I learned today that my lungs are clear and the reason I have a lingering cough and hoarseness is air way constriction and inflammation. But my cold is essentially gone. That is what I learned. I'm not happy. I have to go back to daily inhalers. Oy.

I'm in love with your lap dog.

Xmas Dolly said...

I came to thank you for stopping at my blog. I hope you enjoyed yourself, but when I saw that pic of you, and that beautiful lap dog (and I love his name Humble/priceless), I had to read further. As they say you learn something new every day. What did I learn this week. I learned I do not have carpal tunnel, but I do have a hairline fracture & have to wear a brace for a while. Therefore, I learned that NaNee's DO NOT BOUNCE! LOL

Joanna Jenkins said...

One of my greatest fantasies revolved around ice cream-- I could eat it all day long.... Then I worked in an ice cream shop and that was the end of that :-)


Mariah said...

What kind of dog is humble?? Looks like mine grow upto looklike that


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