Thursday, March 4, 2010

Things I've Learned Thursday

I promise to tell the story of the Attempted Suicide in the Chatroom....tomorrow....but today is Thursday and you know what that means....

Things I've Learned Thursday

1) Man colds are worse than me catching a cold. I counted 10,238,492 groans of how Boo hates being sick. I counted 6,243 times that Boo asked if he should take more cold medicine. Boo used 2,345,800 Kleenex. Boo coughed 20,567,873,999 bazillion times (still coughing). Now, trust me, I'm a very sympathetic woman when it comes to her man not feeling well but what is it about man colds that makes a man turn into a little boy all over again?

2) Long fingernails and piano playing does not mix. I sadly had to cut my fingernails. It was a sacrifice but a good one, I think.

3) I spend entirely too much time at the Walmart Superstore. That was evidenced when the checker greeted me with, "You're here again? Weren't you here the day before yesterday?"

4) I totally enjoyed having lunch with a blogging friend, Joanna of The Fifty Factor. This is the second time we've hung out together and she is just as beautiful and sweet in person as she is on her blog.

5) If you eat a tablespoon of localized honey each day, your allergies will not be as severe during the high pollen season. (Reason being is that by eating the honey, a small amount of pollen is slowly being released into your system, making you more immune to the local pollen.)

6) My twin sister and I get into entirely too much trouble when we are together. We attended a jazz concert and Twin 2's husband came along. The opening act of the concert was a diva from a long time ago, wearing what appeared to be a Victoria's Secret nightie in purple. She proceeded to gyrate and play with her hair and lift her boobs up and stick the microphone between her legs and gyrate some more. Finally, I couldn't contain myself and when she asked, "What do you all want?" I yelled out, "For you to get off the stage." It may not have been nice but we didn't come to see a sex show, we came to hear some good jazz music. Twin 2's husband has known me since freshman year in high school so I'm sure he's no longer surprised by our antics.

7) I live in a beautiful community. When I'm out driving around town, I find that I'm breathing in the beauty of it.

8) If you feed ducks cereal, you've made a friend for life. On a side note, I've learned that feeding ducks bread can cause ducks to suffer from wing deformities. It's best to feed ducks Cheerios or a cereal that has wholesome oats.

9)There's nothing like the birds singing and the flowers blooming to give me hope. I call this bush, my hope bush.

10) Dog smiles are totally irresistible! No matter big he is, he is still my baby and knows that he's spoiled rotten.

What have you learned?


Sherry said...

I always love coming here to discover what you've learned!

Yes to #1!!!!!! and #3 could be me!!!

I love you shouting out what you really felt at the jazz concert!!!

And if this is where you live, it looks like peaceful bliss!! xo

Today I learned that making a decision isn't really that hard..just follow your heart! xo

Ev`Yan | apricot tea. said...

Aww, Humble is really smiling!!! How precious. :]

Heart2Heart said...

I never knew that feeding ducks bread did that to their wings. Oh all those ducks I have maimed over my life time. Thanks for the update, next time, we'll pick up a big old box of cheerios! They float too!

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Deidra said...

We used to feed the ducks at Byrd Park in Richmond, VA when I was little. We'd always go to the pantry and get a loaf of Wonder bread to feed them. Now I'm wondering if I messed up an entire generation of ducks? Oh my.

That dog's smile is priceless! And I think I know the singer you're talking about. ; )

Nezzy said...

Ya just can't beat a good doggie smile! I feel for ya girl, there not much worse than a sick alpha male! I learned that I am lovin' the Ozarks sunshine today even thought the morning temp was 19.

Ya'll have a greatly blessed day!!!

blueviolet said...

Oh my goodness, your community is spectacularly beautiful. I wish I had some warmth around here. At least NC will be better. :)

zunzun said...

Oops...I'm sure there a few deformed ducks in the world cursing my name!LOL

I learned that no matter how many loads of laundry I do in one day there will be another one waiting for me at the end of the magic!

I (re)learned that I need to focus on the positive because if all I see is the negative I miss out on a lot of things.

Love your "things I've learned Thursday" by the way...may not always participate but I always come back to read them.

Frau said...

I love Joanna so lucky to meet fellow bloggers in person. Hope your Boo feels better soon. Men are such babies could you imagine if they had to give birth!

Ace said...

Well, thanks to you I've learned that I need to find myself some local honey!

ethelmaepotter! said...

Man colds...OH YES! Also, man cuts, man sore throats, man flu, etc.

Local honey...YES! I was sceptical about this, but tried it last year and it actually works! Much better than any allergy pill I tried, and believe me, I tried them all!

And I hate to think of all those poor ducks I've doomed to a life time of maimed wings...I didn't know!

Angela Cooper said...

#6 I would have so applauded you had I been there. Like somebody wants to see all that. Honey for allergies???? Interesting, only I must be the only person in the world who doesn't like honey.

Maria said...

Wow, I have allergies and I had heard that tip about honey before. It makes perfect sense and I can't wait to try it this spring! Thanks!

Danica said...

I've learned that I want to live where you live!!! BEautiful!!!!

LOL at shouting at the jazz concert! I would have yelled the same thing.

Rona's Home Page said...

I've learned that I can still love and need a nap.

I love email and chat. I spent some time today chatting with a friend from San Diego.

Arizona Mamma said...

Thanks for such a thoughtful on my blog today!

I never have heard the tip with the honey. That is great!! Your Thursday posts are always so fun.

Veronica Lee said...

I love your "Things I've Learned Thursday" - I stole that from you!!

I didn't know about the ducks - thanks!

Your community is certainly beautiful.

Menopausal New Mom said...

You made me laugh out loud when describing Boo with a cold. yes, men are such babies when they are the slightest bit sick.

I guess what I've learned today is how much I miss Summer. We are having yet another snowstorm, I mean seriously, enough already!

Andrea said...

Yep...sisters together can equal trouble.
Blessings, andrea

Julie said...

Your blog makes me hungry with that chocolate.

Getting caught up on my blog reading. Happy Friday!!!!

Ina in Alaska said...

You taught me something, cheerios for ducks, no more bread!! Never knew bread was not good for them. Thank you! xoxo

steelxmagnolia said...

Ducks also like Ritz Bits with Peanut Butter, but I have no idea what it does to their wing shapes. Has royally messed up mine!

Chocolate covered anything are what dreams are made of!

Glad I ventured in to your musings.


Kwana said...

I've learned the same as you that man colds are the worse and something I also know that I'm sure your mom knew having twins is HARD!

Helene said...

It totally looks like your dog is smiling in that pic...he's adorable!!!

I didn't know that about ducks...we usually feed goldfish crackers to the ones here at the lake in our neighborhood. Guess I better pack cheerios next time!!

And men are such babies when they're sick...mine's the same way. His mother once called me and chastized me for not making him chicken soup. I was like, "He didn't ask me to make him any"...but apparently that was just something I should've known instinctly I guess.

Mary said...

What a wonderful post! Your dog is beautiful, and your town looks heavenly! I know what you mean about visiting WalMart...I had a KMart manager yell "see you tomorrow" in the parking lot as I was leaving!

Joanna Jenkins said...

Hey CCD--

It was GREAT having lunch with you too. tanks for the shout out.

Sorry to hear Boo is still under the weather. I'm with you, I'd rather be sick then have my man sick :-)

I'm going to try the honey idea. It makes a lot of sense. I never had allergies in Ohio but I sure have them in California. I'll look for local honey at the next Farmer's Market I attend.

Hope your weekend is relaxing. I wish we sere still in Palm Springs.... It already feels like vacation was such a long time ago.


Mocha Dad said...

The man cold is the worst affliction ever. I speak from experience.


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