Thursday, March 25, 2010

Things I've Learned Thursday

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1) I get irritated when Boo picks out all of the pecans out of the can of mixed nuts but I admit that I also pick out all of the Brazil nuts.

2) I have not been the same since the time has changed. I feel like I'm walking in slow motion. I'm not hungry when I'm supposed to be and hungry when I'm not supposed to be. I am considering moving to Arizona just so I can feel like "me" again.

3) I think my Wii Fit Plus is malfunctioning. One day I got the cheers and sprinkling of the stars for having "lost" five pounds and meeting my goal. The next day, sad music playing and saying I gained 2 pounds. I think my Wii Fit has split personalities.

4) The worst thing to experience early in the morning is Humble coming back inside after supposedly going potty, with my bra in his mouth.

5) What would you do if an armored car carrying a bag of money $100,000 to be exact fell out of a back door and on to the street? Read here. Would you help yourself to it before the police arrived? No matter how tempting it would be, I wouldn't take any of the money. Maybe help gather and return it but not take any.

6) What is it about March Madness that causes some men to go into trance like states where they are oblivious to even wild camels coming through the front door?

7) School districts are getting rid of musical and technology (such as laying off computer techs and not offering musical instruction) in the schools here in California. How will the kids be able to focus when all that they have to look forward to is being taken away?

8) Sometimes a bowl of cereal for dinner is just what my body needs.

9) Married Boo collects Nancy Drew books so my greatest thrill is finding one that she doesn't have yet.

10) When you hear, "The tour busses have arrived", walk, don't run to the nearest exit. The store will soon be filled to over capacity.

What have you learned this Thursday?


Danica said...

That armoured truck was not too far from me!!! I can't believe you heard about it all the way out there! HAAA

LOL to March Madness....since LW officiates, he's like that with any game. There's always a game on in our house. If the networks showes pee wee basketball he'd be watching!

Ace said...

Well, it didn't happen early in the morning, but that's all that was good about Chubby Monster digging in the garbage and choosing to chew on a plastic tampon front of company.

Nezzy said...

Oh Honey, your on a roll today! :o) Long ago when we had no tampons we had company visitin' and our dog Tiny pulled one of my Moms newspaper wrapped Kotex napkins and proceeded to chew through it right in the middle of the living room. I do believe that is the most embarrassed I'd ever seen my mother! TMI...I'm sure.

Have a fun day filled with Heavenly blessings!!!

Terra said...

No. 4 is pretty darn funny, and thanks for sharing these here.

Mandy's Life After 30 said...

OH MY GOSH -- that is so funny about Humble carrying your bra! Hahahah!

I've learned that you should not ignore your body when there are signs that something is wrong.... a good friend of mine just had surgery and is having a hard time b/c she ignored signs of a problem for almost two years!!!

I've learned that when things get hectic and I can't write or read blogs, I miss it!! I've missed you this past week and hope to catch up on your posts more this weekend.

blueviolet said...

I could not take even 1 penny out of an armored car bag. I would never get over the guilt!

I love cereal for dinner and yes, it really can hit the spot sometimes!

Lin said...

I'm with you on the school cuts. Why can't the holy teacher's unions let go of some things to help the children instead? Bloody teacher's unions--they are killing education. Tell me what other job lets you work a 6 hour day and those that really suck cannot get fired because they have tenure?? Don't get me started.

Deidra said...

You have wild camels coming in your front door?????

Buckeroomama said...

I tend to pick and choose the nuts, too! Heh.

Veronica Lee said...

Sometimes I have cereal for dinner too especially when the weather gets too hot and all I want is just something to fill my tummy.

Maria said...

March Madness for me is a bit different. There's usually a lot of screaming from the other room. And somehow it comes as a surprise to me every year. I'll jump when I first hear him and run to aid thinking that something heavy must have fallen on him, but no. He's fine. He's watching basketball.

Julie said...

That money fell out of a truck a mile from my house. Dammit! Why wasn't I there to catch some????

Catching up on my blog reading. Happy Friday!

My name is PJ. said...

My best friend New Foundland (dog) opened her bedroom drawers and ate all her underwire bras. Only the underwire ones. Just thought I'd share.

I would not take any money at all, under any circumstances. Let's just talk about the bad Karma for the ones who would. Oy.

I love your Thursdays.

Mari said...

Guess what? I got a wonderful package in the mail today! The book arrived, in good condition and I'm looking forward to reading it. Thank you so much!

Farila said...

My lesson this week has been I can really work more than I thought so far...

Sheryl said...

I hear you girlfriend, my husband and I also talked about moving to AZ. Did you know Indianapolis, IN doesn't change times either. However I think I would like AZ better, it's warmer.

Redbonegirl97 said...

My kids dad uses his vacation days for March Madness. He is an idiot.



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