Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Things I've Learned Thursday

I'm on a whirlwind of stuff going on...but trust's good stuff. I'll be sharing it with you in another blog post soon.

In the meantime....

1) The house is infested with these flying creatures that sorta resemble mosquitoes but have long legs and fly. Although I'm not sure what they are, they are really good at playing dead. I'm considering trademarking them and selling them as pet buggies.

2) Baby Boo is 3. I wish I could turn back the hands of time when her and I first laid eyes on one another. She was 3 1/2 months old. I love that I have been a part of her life for as long as I have. She is a constant joy. I'm looking forward to the adventures of a three year old. Two was kind of filled with pee on the floor, the sofa, the chair....three has got to be more adventurous!

3) I have the pleasure of interviewing an author of 18 books which three of those are being made into movies. I'm both thrilled and nervous at the same time! (The interview is today.) But what I've learned is that it does get easier each interview.

4) Even after all these years, I hate when people say, "Are you the mean twin or the nice twin?" And while I'm on the subject of twin questions...I also hate when people still ask, "Do you look in the mirror and wonder which one you are?" Are you SERIOUS?

5) Wet dog smells like a mixture between a boy's locker room, athlete's foot and Fritoes.

6) I get way too emotionally involved to watch reality tv. I was turning the channel and the show, Intervention caught my eye. Of course, I ended up watching it...feeling bad for the family. I wanted to scream at the girl for sniffing the can of paint. Then, when I saw that she had agreed to go into the recovery program, my eyes filled with tears. Darn those tv shows!

7) Speaking of addiction...I know salt is bad for me...I've always known it's bad for me but I can't let go. I bought low sodium low sugar peanut butter and I actually salted my banana before I ate it with peanut butter. Anyone know of a 12 step salt program?

8) People can take your blog posts and claim that they are theirs. I learned the from Arizonamamma...this not only happened to her but also Erin of the Mother Load...Copyright your pictures and posts. There are thieves out there!

9) As much as I'm loving the spring, the flowers and pollen is making everyone miserable. I say there's got to be a happy compromise somehow.

10) I hate waking up from a dream where I'm angry at someone in my dream and find that I'm still angry with them even though I realize that it was just a dream.

What have you learned?


Buckeroomama said...

Why would anybody use somebody else's blog post and claim it as their own?! How pathetic is that?

On a more positive note... Happy birthday, Baby Boo!! :)

Ina in Alaska said...

Happy Birthday Baby Boo!! Make your wish come true! Ironically as I type this comment, the song 16 Candles shuffled into play on my iPod!!

Have fun doing your interviews, and Happy April!!! xoxo

Mari said...

I can't believe people would copy blog posts.
Happy Birthday to Baby Boo!
I know the interview will go well - have fun!

Danica said...

Boo to people copying blog posts!!!

Happy Birthday to Baby Boo!!! She's so precious.

I've learned that I am a mother to Kassidy not her friend. A tough pill to swallow.

Nezzy said...

What you describe is probably fruit flies. Harmless but a nuisance.

It's a shame that people steal posts but it happens more than most of us are aware of. I think of our blogs as our voice, shame they don't have their own.

Did we miss Baby Boos birthday or did I just sleep through it?

Have a blast with the interview, you'll do great! I tend to know these things.

Ya'll have the best day, sweetie!!!

mrstdj said...

I get way too wrapped up in reality tv too. Intervention and Hoarders make me cry for the pain that those people are in. I watched the episode the other night with the former med student swallowing/huffing "canned air". It was almost too much.

Hope your interview goes well!

Mandy's Life After 30 said...

I'm a salt-aholic too Simone! I'm even worse b/c I add Cajun seasoning to everything which is like triple the sodium!

I've learned this week that I should listen to my husband, especially when it comes to my health and I'm lying on the floor vomitting and unable to stand up. LOL! I've learned that good friends can be there for you when you're in need, like a visit to the ER room. I've learned that your mom still wishes she can take care of you as my mom does and told me so crying over the phone today. And I've learned that your loved ones and your health really are everything in this world! And I'm so grateful to have both today!

Mandy's Life After 30 said...

Oh and good luck on the interview! I hope you can tell us more about it later! How exciting!

Heart2Heart said...


If you find such 12 step program for eliminating or cutting down salt please let me know, can you please pass the salt shaker?

I love your last point as well, my hubby hates when this happens because it's usually him I wake up mad at and it takes me the day to get over it. More salt please!

Hope you stop by as I am hosting weekly giveaways now on my blog.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Deidra said...

I didn't get too far after reading number two and laughing out loud for awhile. Happy birthday, Baby Boo!

Erin said...

thanks for passing the word along about our little copyright drama from yesterday....


I hate the smell of wet dog, too!

and i've learned that the hardest time of day for me with my kids is from about 4-6 p.m. every day. Ugh.

Alyssa said...

I wish I could turn back the time for my daughter too...she is now four! It is flying i wish it would slow down at least.

Farila said...

I am looking forward to the good news from you
No wonder those silly questions are bothering you ... after sometime you must be getting tired of those repeated questions about being a twin..
Give baby boo a birthday hug from me.
Lastly I think it is scary to have blog thieves. I would not be happy if someone steals my feelings and claim it as their own. Yet I have no clue how to stop them either because my knowledge of copyright is very limited.
Good Luck for the interview Simone.

My name is PJ. said...

Those long legged mosquitos are probably May Flies. Totally harmless. We always catch them and put them outside.

Happy Birthday BB!!

Sadly,I can believe people copy blog posts. They copy everything else. Like mother said, "There's always someone who has to ruin the party for everyone else."

This week I have learned how comparatively quickly hair can grow. ;)

Happy Easter, Simone! Have a glorious weekend!!

Arizona Mamma said...

I love salt too. I even salt my oatmeal.

Rockin Momma said...

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