Saturday, April 17, 2010

I'm Back!!!

Still running on steam but I'm here. It's been a whirlwind of a week but a good one.

The first of the week, I had a blast at the photo shoot for the summer issue with Candace Cameron Bure'. She is sweet, gorgeous and so down to earth. I truly felt like she would be very easy to just kick back and hang out with.

Then, Baby Boo, the tornado came in. She is officially three years old! With being three comes some big girl changes. For one, she wants to comb her own hair. She wants to blow her own nose (even if it means a whole roll of toilet paper). She wants to argue points of how she is right and I am wrong. (I see the teen years as being very challenging.) She now eats even stranger stuff like, carrots dipped in mustard and ketchup. (Yuck)

I participated in the UBP10 celebration as much as I could but honestly, time ran away from me and I just couldn't visit as many blogs as I had intended to. I just adore the blogs that I do follow and read and I am quite content with not adding so many that I feel like I'm stretched too thin.

Last but not least, I'm enjoying the spring time. It is gorgeous outside and it pulls me to be outdoors instead of cooped up inside. When I'm outside, I smell the flowers, touch the leaves and look at the beauty in colors of flowers in full bloom. I could't ask for a better canvas than that which has been created by God.


Frau said...

Love the new look. I have been MIA too with out of town guest etc..
Hope you have a wonderful Sunday!

Veronica Lee said...

Welcome back!! You've been missed!!!

Happy Sunday!!

Farila said...

Welcome back Simone.. missed you here.
BTW Baby Boo is getting very interesting. Hope you post more about BB

Mari said...

Welcome back - I missed you! I'm just loving Spring too, although it's cold here this morning; only 30 degrees!

Buckeroomama said...

Glad you're back, Simone. :) I've been 'away' a bit, too, this week. Parents were in town, Z's birthday, etc.

My name is PJ. said...

Simone - I'm missing something. The summer photo shoot - what does this mean? I know who Candace is.

Welcome back!!

Multiple personalities.. said...

I'm really liking the new background, although I'll admit that the chocolates on your old background made me wanna go scrounge around for the nearest box of truffles, he he! I know what you mean about time getting away from you, the same thing happened to me this past week...and the week before that..Sounds like Baby Boo is quite the little independent lady. So cute!

Mandy's Life After 30 said...

I have been wondering about you but I also figured you were starting your new position and adjusting to the new schedule. So glad things are going well! If three is the tornado, I'm in trouble as well. My 2.5 year old already wants to exhibit her indepedence and argue with me too. Sigh! Oh well, she's cute and funny, I guess I'll forgive her!

P.s. - I know what you mean about being happy with the current followers and blogs you follow. I know there are other great writers out there that I'm missing out on but I enjoy keeping up with the ones I have now - Like YOU! :)

Kwana said...

Nice to see you back and I love hearing about Baby Boo the big girl now!

Joanna Jenkins said...

Hey CCD, welcome back. I missed you.

Glad Spring has sprung and you have time to enjoy it!

Happy Sunday,

Deidra said...

Welcome back. You've certainly had your hands full. I'm glad you've had some time to stop and smell the flowers.

Danica said...

Welcome back! Missed you!

Sweet Tea said...

You're Hoo-ooomme!
What an exciting week you've had. Hope you're planning to tell us more about Candace!!

You rock, Simone!

Ace said...

I had to laugh about Baby Boo's new habits. I thought I had the only kid who dipped their carrots in ketchup!

roy/elisabeth dean said...

I've also been MIA for most of the year! I do appreciate you stopping by to offer your sweet words of encouragement when I do get around to posting.
Take care of yourself. I think I might be in love with Baby Boo!

Redbonegirl97 said...

And the cancas is a gorgeous one at that.

Peace, Love and Chocolate

Nezzy said...

Great to hear from ya....welcome back!

God bless ya'll!!!

Anonymous said...

thanks amigo! great post!.


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