Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I Love Being Black

LifeWithKaishon asked, "What do you enjoy most about being a black woman?"

This may sound totally ridiculous but I love the color of my skin. I love that in the summertime, I turn a darker shade of brown. I love that as a Black woman, beauty comes in all hues. I admit that there are times when I stand out in a crowd, if I'm the only black person around but I don't view it as a negative but a positive. I hope that what I emulate is a confident, friendly, well rounded lady who doesn't mind joining in. I'm proud of my heritage. I have Native American Indian on both sides of my family, German, Irish, and Jamaican, to name a few. I don't mind at all being a part of this huge melting pot.

"What preconcieved ideas do you think many people have about black women?"

I'm not really sure what preconceived ideas there are but I know what I am not:

I'm not an angry Black woman.

I don't have a problem with White women dating Black men (or vice versa).

I am not a loud woman that seeks out drama.

I wasn't brought up in a dysfunctional home.

I don't use slang (unless I'm just kidding around with those that I'm closest too.)

I don't wear a weave nor do I hate my hair.

I've never slept around. In fact, my ex husband was my first. Both of my kids have the same baby daddy AND we were married when we had the both of them.

I've never been on welfare. No matter how tough times can be, God always comes through for me.

I hate movies that stereotype Black as being dysfunctional, drug addicts, abusive and crooks.

What I do know is that Black women are educated, resourceful, fun loving and like any other mom and/or wife, want the best for their families. They can find a sister friend in their own family or one that they've adopted on their own and it doesn't matter what color their skin is. They take care of their own and if there's a family member in need, you will find them there. Black women won't sugar coat it..if it needs to be said, it will be said.

Oh, and I forgot one more thing. Grits. Black women won't hesitate to boil a pot of grits when their man needs reminding that he should be respectful. (Just kidding...but it is something good to know.)

Thanks for asking questions that made me really stop and think.


Nezzy said...

There is just nothing more beautiful than a woman who is confident and loves who she is. I loved your answers girl!!!

The stereotype thing...I hate it too!

God bless you and have an extraordinary day!!!

Joanna Jenkins said...

Hey Simone, You are so right-- Stereotypes can be crazy. I like your list and was not surprised by it one bit! I KNOW you are a smart and confident woman.

Hope all's well and you are settling into life in Portland.

xo jj

Sweet Tea said...

I had just posted my post when I saw this post of yours. Seems like we are thinking along the same lines today. Interesting.
BTW, I LOVED this post and your honesty!!

Terra said...

Simone, you sound very confident and well rounded and if I met you, I would treasure you as a friend.
I enjoy following your blog and getting to know you here.

Suz said...

I love it! Tell it like it is!

blueviolet said...

You broke apart so many stereotypes right there. I hate that they exist. You are a class act!

Connie said...

Why do we worry about the color of our skin. It's what is in the heart that counts. God loves us - not our color - but our love for HIM. God bless you as you live what the life that God chose for you. And I will do the same. I'm white.

Menopausal New Mom said...

What a beautiful post today that all women can relate to.

Thank you for sharing Sweetie.

Linda Myers said...

Cool post!

I hadn't noticed your color - ust know I love reading your blog.

Could probably dash a few stereotypes about what retired women are and are not. Maybe I'll do that!

Brian Miller said...

rock on...we are all just people...each beautiful in our own way...and i dont mind the grits...smiles.

Mari said...

I love your list and wasn't surprised by anything in it. It's a shame that stereotypes exist and that they are so often kept going on tv and movies.

Veronica Lee said...

I hate the stereotyping thing too.

Cool post. Love the answers.

Reyna said...

What a beautiful expression of who you really are!

It was also nice to have some of those stereotypes that society has set, put in their right light.

Thank you for your heartfelt candor!

Debby said...

I have always been in awe of a black womans skin. I think it is beautiful. You should be proud of who you are. I also know that I was raised to love all no matter what the color of their skin and I am proud of my parents for doing that.

Buckeroomama said...

Good on you for celebrating who you are. :) I've always loved and admired your strong sense of self.

Kwana said...

Fun post. Thanks for making me smile.

♥Georgie♥ said...

Nezzy took the words right out of my mouth!!! excellent post I am so happy to call you my friend!

Anonymous said...

I also love my blackness! Beautiful post sis!

Jenny said...

I was reading this and it made me wonder. I've never thought most of those things...do you think people really do?

I always feel those same preconceptions about overweight people...which, sadly I am.

But now I figure, I'm going to do what I want and what makes me happy and if someone wants to stereotype me I'm just gonna squash 'em.

Vegas Linda Lou said...

Kudos to you, Simone! You know from reading my blog that I love to hear perspectives like this. Anything that can bring us closer to standing in other people's shoes is good for creating unity!

natalee said...

I love this post!!!!!!!!!

Niecy said...

Hee-Hee-Hee Amen to That!!! Your Blog always makes me SMILE;)
God Bless Ya Always,

Charlotte | Life's a Charm! said...

this is a great post!

Anonymous said...

Stereotypes exist because they are LOUD by nature. Those who follow the rules, whether black or white, tend to blend into the background, allowing those who "stereotype" an entire race to have center stage.

I wish that each person would take responsibility FOR those who are allowed to BE the stereotypes, and just say "SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP. YOU'RE EMBARRASSING ME."


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