Tuesday, August 3, 2010

This Message is Brought to You By the Letter "L"

There are words that appear in a cloud over my head like a comic strip. Here are those words...




Let Go


I have loved much of my life here in California. There have been some tough times that even blogging wouldn't do justice. Aside from being unemployed, I've had to Let GO of things that I hold close to me because the lack of money and because it was time. One of those things that I Let Go was my piano. Have you ever had something that you know is an object yet, it heals and restores and quiets you? That was the piano. The good thing is that I know deep inside my heart, that I will one day have another and I will once again make beautiful music. For now, it's bringing joy to another family's hearts and that makes me happy.

I am Learning that all relationships aren't forever. I'm having to let go of a love that has been a part of my life for three years. I know in my heart that it's for the best. But, with Letting Go of that love also comes the gut wrenching releasing of Baby Boo. She will always know that she has been loved beyond measure by Momo. I plan to stay in her life as much as I can, from afar. But, the Letting Go causes such a sharp pain in my heart...I can only know it as heartbreak.

I'm Leaving with my held high. I'm Leaving to start my life new in a place that I know feels right and I pray, is right. I'm heading to Portland, Oregon where I know that I will Love again. I will find my wings and fly once more. More than anything, I'm seeking creativity and peace and contentment, and I believe that that's the direction I'm headed in.

I'm not Leaving alone. I'll have Single Boo as my daughter in crime coming along with me. Together we will find our way again; I know we will. Then of course, there's the two furry four legged kids that will also be accompanying us on our new adventures. (Nothing like having more things to blog about, right?)

One more thing, the moment I shut the door to my home for the last time, I'm going to look past the tears and smile. I'm not running away; I'm Leaping. In Leaping, there comes deep faith in that where I land, He will catch me.

I will be offline after Wednesday but I will be back after I settle in. If you live in or close to Portland, please ship an email off to me. I could use a few friends!

Thanks for hanging out with me in spite of my sporadic blogging. I so heart all of you!


Brian Miller said...

letting go is never easy an a lesson we have to leave all too often...sounds like life is in a little swirl right now...hope you land...and i know He will catch you...thoughts and prayers...

Lion-ess said...

I believe that this new adventure will bring new things to you and Jarani! This is such a positive message inspite of the sadness in letting go and saying goodbyes... especially in regards to Baby Boo. Portland seems to be a place that your dreams will come after.. especially aftering looking through Jarani's Project365! Keep smiling, praying, loving and living!

Just Breathe said...

This actually brought tears to my eyes. I have lived those "L's" and I feel your pain. Wishing you happiness on your new venture. I am here if you need me. Our God is an awesome God.

Mari said...

Oh Simone, I'm sorry you are going through this, but I'm proud of you for having such courage and a great attitude about it.
Praying the move goes well and upir heart heals quickly.

Nezzy said...

What a brave woman you are to take this leap of faith. My heart goes out to you and the pain you have endured in this decision. I see new doors opening for you and I anticipate great things to come.

My prayers are with you...have a safe move and I look forward to hearing about your new digs.

God bless you sweetie in this life adventure!!!

zunzun said...

I believe in new adventures and new beginnings so most of the time I see change as a positive thing (despite the heartache) so I'm wishing you the very best!

Buckeroomama said...

Simone, you are beautiful person in every way. I am sorry that you are going through what you are going through, but I know that you will somehow come through the other side with a big sweet grin on your face. Prayers and hugs!

Lin said...

Oh, wow, Simone. Lots of changes, eh? Lots of hard changes too. But with that comes a new beginning and fresh starts. I'm sending prayers and lots of love and hugs to help you through the transition.

No need to look far for friends--we are all here at any time!

Peace, my friend.

Anita said...

This brings tears to my eyes. I know you'll be alright though. The transition may be challenging, but it will level out soon.
Please get that computer up and running as soon as you can...but don't stress over it. All of your bloggy friends will be waiting patiently.

Elle Bee said...

Oh my dear, some changes have been going on behind the scenes. I love that you are looking on this with peace and a sense of adventure. That is what I have come to expect from you. :o) You are strong and faithful--I can't wait to see all the wonderful things that are in store for you in Portland.

Ash said...

your post is heartbreakingly awesome - i'd tears when you had to let go of your piano :(((

i'm sure you'll make oregon a lovelier place so good luck!

~ash's mum

Yvonne said...

ALL things work together for good to those who love God and walk according to his ways. Romans 8:28
Not... some things... rather, all things! He knows. This verse helped me during a very difficult time in my life and I hope it reminds you that if, He who feeds the birds of the air, how much more will he care for his own?
Praying for you as you go...

Dandy said...

B and I have never been to Portland but we've always talked about living there.

I am so incredibly proud of you. You have no idea.

I'm proud to know you and eager to hear about your adventures.

Joanna Jenkins said...

Oh Simone, I knew the piano going was a "sign" but I had no idea it was this big. Big sigh.

Know that I'm cheering you on and hoping for only great things to come your way. I'm keeping you on my sidebar so take your time to get settled in and post if/when you're up for it. And you have my email address too.

In the meantime, Portland is a fabulous place. Godson's Mom is from there. And, it used to be part of my sales territory so I know it fairly well. It's a wonderful, friendly city with so much to do. Maybe our real life paths will cross again some day. Portland is where I'd like us to retire to.

Onward Simone, one step at a time. Sending love and hugs. xo jj

Ina in Alaska said...

Simone.... such an honest post, one that I am sure was a tough one to write. You are going through so much but please know you are in my heart and prayers for a soft landing with Single Boo and the critters in your corner.

I too am leaving you in my sidebar and await your update. Portland is indeed a wonderful place, very pretty and hopefully full of new opportunities AND you are getting closer to Alaska!!! Big Giant Hug to You, Single Boo and the two sweet critters. xoxoxoxoxo

Mandy's Life After 30 said...

L - Loved this post!

L - Leaping is scary but can lead to exciting new things.

L- Lovely is a word that describes your attitude, beauty and strength. You will prevail like always!

L - Lively is what you will be in your new hometown as you make new friends and explore your surroundings.

L - Longlasting is the impression that you've left on me and that you leave on anyone you meet or touch paths with.

Best wishes on this new journey!
Lots of love from me to you!

Suz said...

Simone -

I have been out of touch for so long with my new job and other busyness in my life that your post came as a bit of a shock.

Now let me say, that it felt right. I hope you have a peace about it. We have to let go to move forward. We have to let go to grow. if a child never let go of the sofa or coffee table, he or she would never learn to walk.

I am praying for you. God has big things in store for you.

I look forward to your next post.

Rona's Home Page said...

I so love this post. You are right that this is a new start.
Let me know how you like Portland. We've thought about moving there from time to time.

MissKris said...

Simone, Anita sent me your way. I live in Portland...I've been in this area since 1966. I think you'll LOVE it here! I wish you the best of luck. I've come across several bloggy people going thru the same kind of life changes, moving to different areas to find work, marriages/relationships ending, etc. These are such scary, uncertain times. I hope you and your daughter are able to settle in and find a wonderful life here.

Helene said...

Wow, I sure have missed out on some major things going on in your life and for that I'm truly sorry.

If there's one thing I've learned about you, it is that you handle the trials and hardships in your life with more maturity, grace and optimism than most people. You are a beautiful and very special person.

I pray for nothing but pure joy and happiness for you!

Relyn said...

I Love your musings on L. You Leave me with much to think about.

Deidra said...

Hey! I got your message while on vacation with silly and sporadic phone service. I'm looking forward to hearing more when we talk voice-to-voice. You've been in my thoughts and I've been praying for you. I think it is SO COOL that you get to share this adventure with your daughter.

Talk at you soon! Peace.

Deidra said...

Oh...and you know I was hoping for Lincoln, but Portland sounds pretty awesome!

Multiple personalities.. said...

Wow, this was one of the most emotional posts I've read in a very long time. All your 'L' words are so important and inspiring in it's own way. I bid you safe travels, and I can't wait for you to come back.

Danica said...

Sending you love. You're the strongest woman I know. You'll knock Portland off their feet. Best wishes my friend.

Andrea said...

GOD bless you as you seek HIM and follow HIS lead.
Blessings and prayers,

Anonymous said...

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Deborah Ann said...

Wow, Portland! You rock! You're so brave. May God richly bless you in your new home, and shower you with His grace and love...

Mom et al said...

I know what it is like to start new. It takes a special kind of strength to take that leap. Kudos to you. May you find peace and happiness in Portland to lessen the sadness of what you are leaving behind.

Vegas Linda Lou said...

Ooooh, I should have read this first. Big, giant hugs to you and best wishes for your new life. Time to rebuild your empire!!! I know it will be fabulous! XOXO

Just A Mom (Call me JAM for short) said...

My daughter has tattooed on her wrists "Let" "Go". It's harder for some than others to do that!

Anonymous said...

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