Monday, September 20, 2010

She Bit the Apple For Me

I've heard it said, "It's all Eve's fault!" so many times. In fact, I've more than likely uttered those exact same words. But, randomly thinking (which I do often), I think I understand Eve. In fact, I could've been Eve.

I'm curious. Not just curious but a closet nosy person. I also strive to want to know as much about someone or something as I possibly can. It's not so that I can use the information in a bad way but to get to know that person better than in passing.

I'm also often referred to as stubborn and hard headed. (I think that describes Eve to a T.) Eve was told "Not to touch the fruit from THAT tree. How many times, I wonder did she get ready to walk away, only to go right back to it? Yep, she was hard headed. I know that if something looks like it would taste good, smells good, makes my mouth water, I'm going to take a nibble..just a little.

I'm not proud of having an Eve like nature but there's something freeing about admitting that I would've taken a bite AND SHARED some of that fruit. I know I would've. I mean, that's what friends are for, right?

Speaking of biting apples and friends. This reminds me of a little girl, 4 years old who was watching an apple dangle back and forth from a string. The game was to bite th apple without using her hands, just her mouth. The problem was, the little girl was missing her 4 front teeth. All of the other kids had found success in biting their apple while she became frustrated to tears. Her twin sister saved the day. She bravely walked up to that apple and bit it for her and said, "There, Neecy!" (By the way, that little girl was me and "Eve" was my sister.)

I'm not justifying the fact that when one person does something wrong, that we are to say, "Yeah, me too, whew! Glad it was her and not me!" BUT, I ready to face the facts. I am who I am and because of His grace, I have been given many do-overs.

How about you? Would you have tasted that fruit?


Debby@Just Breathe said...

Aww....what a sweet story about you and your sister.

Mari said...

I love the story about you and your sister.
I also love the title to this post. Yes - I probably would have bit it too!

Brian Miller said...

smiles. sounds like a nice sister there...i probably would have as curiousity gettin ghte better of me...thank goodness for grace...and not having to wear leaves...

Deidra said...

You know I like to think that I would not have eaten that apple, but all indications are that I definitely would have. Most definitely.

I'm with Brian: Thank God for grace and no leaves. ; )

Nezzy said...

Oh baby, we all probably could of been Eve, it's just human nature. The thing that gets me is that Eve has carried this weight through the centuries, we carry and bare the children, have the monthly woes. Nowhere have I ever read that Eve held a gun to Adam's head...what's with that??? :o)

I'm so very thankful that God loves us just the way we are and He covers our sins with the blood of Jesus.

Ya'll have a blessed day!!!

Lin said...

I'm forever getting into trouble, so I guess I can connect with Eve. Love the apple story, pally. I like how you and your sister look out for each other. You make me wish I had a sister.

Veronica Lee said...

What a sweet story, Simone!

Most certainly!

Yvonne said...

Probably would have! All of us women have 'Eve' within us. And all men, Like Adam... blame her for eating! Haha.

Farila said...

I love your childhood stories.. it reminds me of my sister.

I may have tasted the apple I think

Anita said...

Good question. :)
I don't know the answer. I'm thinking I would have thought about it and tried some strategy to get a taste but to not get in trouble.
yeah...boring lol

Suz said...

I think I am with you, Simone. I'm not sure the serpent said anything that Eve wasn't already thinking. He just said it out loud.

I have been offered and bitten so many apples in my life, I've lost count.

I am so glad God is a forgiving and loving God or I would have been toast a long time ago!

Ace said...

I'm pretty sure I would have had to try that apple, too.

Hey, am I too early for the pity party?

Danica said...

I probably would have tried the apple too.

BTW we played that game at Kassidy's Halloween party last year. And we're doing it again this year. It's so funny to watch!

Buckeroomama said...

I LOVE stories about you and your twin. :)

Knowing me, I probably wouldn't be able to resist taking a bite, too!

Sandra said...

Yes, I would have definitely tasted the fruit. No doubt about it. Tell me 'no,' I'm even more tempted.

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