Monday, October 18, 2010

Imagination Gone Wild

I thought that as I got older, my imagination would be still, quiet and less, um, wild. It's gotten worse! True, I no longer worry about sleeping with my foot out of the blankets for fear that the devil is going to reach from hell and snatch me in.

But, case in point...the neighbors across the street. I seriously think they are up to something and I think that that "something" is illegal. The house is covered in curtains that are always drawn and one of the windows is boarded up. No one literally lives at the house but when they (two men) do go to the house, they will bring a horse trailer and park it clear up to the front door. Moments later, the guys start loading big, unmarked boxes into the truck. They drive off.

A few nights later, I look out my window to see that there's been a "drop off" of huge retail ice maker. (The kind that you see at large grocery stores.) It's now in the front yard, by the door. (I think there's more than likely a body in there.)

The next night, a car drives up again and it parks so close to the door, that I'm surprised that the door can even open. Once more, boxes are loaded and they drive off.

There's no yard cleaning or dogs or kids running around. The guys tend to talk on their cellphones in the front yard, all the while, they are only at the house long enough to make a pick up and then leave.

So, would you:

A) Call the FBI and see whether or not they are on the Wanted list? (That could mean a huge reward.)

B) Make some cookies and go over and introduce yourself just to be nosy?

C) Knock on the door when no one is home and look in the windows and the backyard?

D) Continue to let my imagination run away with me?

I just know that until I found out what's the real deal, I'm going to be on pins and needles. But, then again, the neighbors next to them are suspicious too. They drive a beat up food truck which leaves late at night and comes in early in the morning. I seriously doubt they are serving deli sandwiches and coffee at 2 am, do you?


Mari said...

It sounds really suspicious to me too. If there are more neighbors that are wondering, could you all report this crazy stuff to the police?
Don't get yourself hurt checking things out!
Now you have to let us know what happens - I'm really curious!

Nezzy said...

Oh honey, I think you due a 'block' party to get to know you neighbors...ya know there's safety in numbers...Heeehehehe!

When I grew so did my imagination...
who knew it's not just for children.

Ya'll have a most marvelously blessed day!!! :o)

Ace said...

Give the police a call. If there's something suspicious going on they may already be watching. When the hubby and I first got married we rarely watched TV in the evenings. We lived across from a house where a mother and teenage daughter lived. It was quiet thru the day with just a couple of people coming and going...though those visitors were sometimes members of the Pagans motorcycle gang. They were always nice and said hello. When the sun went down it was a different story with bikes and trucks coming and going, loud parties, etc. About a year after we moved my mom sent a clipping from the local paper....the police broke up a huge drug ring operating out of the house.

Lin said...

It sounds like a drug house. I would make a visit to your local police department to talk to someone. Do NOT go over there and don't attempt to be friendly. Best not to let them see you watching them and definitely don't make eye contact. Seriously. Mind your own business, but contact the authorities.

Let us know what I'm curious too!! ;)

Brian Miller said...

take them a plate of cookies and then tell them you need to use their restroom...while they are busy eating sneak into the basement....nah not a good idea...

Buckeroomama said...

Hmmm... moving elsewhere an option?

Farila said...

I would find a friendly policeman and ask him what should be done... being in that profession they know what to be suspicious about.
And if you are taking the cookies then well drug them and be the superspy.

MissKris said...

I'd call "Crime Stoppers" and report them anonymously. We had some very strange activity going on at a small complex across the street a few years back. One of our neighbors reported it. I'm not sure if it ended up being a meth lab or just a meth dealer but the next thing we knew, it was emptied out, the door covered with police tape, and it wasn't touched for MONTHS! Finally, the landlord was able to reclaim it and it was stripped down to the bare minimum...carpets torn up, drapes taken down. Better to be safe than the whole neighborhood going "BOOOM!!!!" in the nite!

Anonymous said...

I'm definitely calling 5-0. Quick fast and in a hurry. There is definitely something shady going on over there.

Deborah Ann said...

Ooooh, my mind would be on a rollercoaster right about now. I'd even be too afraid to bring cookies or peek in the windows! Maybe the other's sugggestions to call the police is the best thing to do. Keep us posted!

Anonymous said...

After doing intense online research concerning meth labs for my book (if my computer is ever confiscated by the cops...I hope I'm allowed visitors in the pen) I'd say it's a meth lab EXCEPT for the freezer in the front yard. Meth labs don't like to advertise themselves.

After working on the fire department, here's a few tips:

Call the local police, they will do a drive-by and if they suspect anything, they will call the State Police, who will contact the local building commissioner to see WHO is living there and get more information concerning how they represented themselves when they leased: builders? restauranteers? Hee hee.

Turn off your television, buy some binoculars, and be sure and put the video on your blog.

(so far,the fridge in the front yard doesn't make sense, but it's considered an "attractive nuisance". (honest) Cops don't like that since kids might get curious, and get accidentally trapped inside.)

ethelmaepotter! said...

Oh, I'm sorry, I know this is a serious situation...but I can't get out of my head the image of Gladys Kravitz spying out her window at the neighbors'! "AB-NER! There's something screwy going on over at the Stephens' house!" And when you mentioned taking them a plate of cookies...I just cracked up! Didn't Gladys do that...several times? Maybe you could borrow a cup of sugar...

Okay, I've composed myself now. Yes, I agree that something strange is definitely going on. NONE of it makes any sense. Legal sense, that is.

By the way, we used to have neighbors who had one of those food truck businesses - where they load up and go around to different businesses selling sandwiches, pastries, drinks, etc. They kept roughly the same hours I did at the time - leaving the house around 4am and coming back around 2:30. I've never heard of one that delivers food at night - but it's a great idea!


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