Thursday, February 24, 2011

I'm Better Than This

I have had a tough you know from my "struggling" post. It all started when I discovered that ex-Boo had stolen money from my bank account. I not only felt foolish but angry and sad. It made me reflect on what it was that I saw in him in the first place.

I got lost in the "what could be" instead of the "what was". I failed to see that that "what was" wasn't pretty at all. Sure, he was handsome but the outer shell doesn't always reflect the inner heart. I kicked myself for being naive and making bad choices. But, I came up with the answer....I'm human but I'm better than this.

I will get past the shock of being used and stolen from. (Yes, the bank has been alerted about the fraud and then there's a police report as well.......)

It's just the heart that is wounded. How can someone hurt another without flinching or feeling the conviction of wrong doing?

On top of it, I cross paths daily with someone who is downright rude and hateful. My outer smile doesn't reflect the biting of the tongue that she brings out in me. I have cried tears from the stress of dealing with her day to day. Yet, somehow, I know that I am better than this.

No one has permission to steal my joy.

I have found that in spite of things that go wrong in my life, there are things that go right...many things.

Thanks to Miss Kris, she is blessing me and my daughter with much needed things that we left behind in California. No longer going to the laundromat will be the greatest thing ever. Also, having a couch to sit on and relax with...another blessing. It's blessings like those that remind me that I am better than this. I will not allow anyone to steal my joy.


Mari said...

Your post is perfect for me today. I have had a bad week, although nothing to compare to yours. Still, this post reminds me not to let it steal my joy either.
I am sorry that you had to go through this.

Brian Miller said...

smiles. yeah dont let anyone steal taht joy...hard to do in the trial at times but...

Buckeroomama said...

I am sorry for what you are going through, but you are so right: You should not allow anyone to steal your joy.

I love your strength of spirit. =)

Lin said...

Well, it sounds like you almost have it figured out, Simone. Don't you see how miserable these people are who are trying to bring you down? They are miserable, so they work to make others miserable too. It is in your power to control how YOU react to them--giving you full control over them.

The money stealing is unbelievable and I would be angry as well. Isn't it funny how you think you know someone?

I have one of those dames in my office. She is beastly and tries to deflate my happy attitude endlessly. Now I just say a uberly sweet (and very fake) "Good morning, Annnngeeelllaaaa" which drives her MAD! It is hilarious.

Oh, Simone, I'd love to just give ya a big hug and tell you that everything is going to be fine. It will--it's just gonna take some time. You are an incredible woman! Don't let anyone take you down!!

Andrea said...

"no one has permission to steal my joy!" I LOVE THIS!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

No one can take your happiness!!
((HUGS)) Have a nice weekend.

Megryansmom said...

Hugs to you Simone! I hope that today is the start of something better.

Learn, Laugh, Cook said...

Oh Simone, I'm so very sorry to hear about this selfish behavior and joy-stealing that these two people have caused you! BIG HUGS to you!

You're so right though - you're in charge of your spirit and your happiness. Maybe the reason these two people are trying to "hurt" you or break your spirit is because they are envious of your happiness and how you make the most of life. Don't let them break you. You keep smiling, keep singing and keep on being Simone!

Lots of Love,
Mandy and Vivian

Stacy Lynn said...

I've had a bad habit in the past of letting people steal my joy...and yes, I think we have to let them...but I'm getting better thanks to that devotional I told you about the other day, "Jesus Calling." I'm learning to keep my focus on Him and not let the crap bog me down.

I hope things work out in the situation with your ex and remember he will one day get what's coming to him.

Yvonne said...

Simone... love your statement.
"no one has permission to steal my joy!"

Retromus-ik said...

Your ex stealing from you is a testimony of his character, and not yours. You are not foolish, nor naive. You are human, and from what I can tell, one with a big heart! You are better than this;)

Kathy said...

You have had your eyes opened in so many different ways. I too, love that you now know "No one can steal your joy." That's a good thing for all of us to remember.

My first marriage was to my H.S. sweetheart. We were together 9 years, married 4 of those. I know I was blind to the truth of verbal and physical abuse,lies, theft, and pain, because I was in love with the idea of the what could be and not what was. I finally got it.

There is a big sisterhood of us tenderhearted, can't believe you would treat me this way, women out there that had to learn to " rub some dirt in it"or "cowboy up" (as my daughter would say) and say I'm done. I think you've reached that point. Congratulations.

Jill said...

So sorry you had to experience this. As far as the person you see everyday...pray for her...sounds like she needs it. I will pray for you too and for joy to return to your heart. This is just a stepping stone, not a stumbling block and it's going to get better!
Remember "no one can make you feel inferior without your permission" Eleanor Roosevelt.


Nezzy said...

I love it Simone!!! You hand on to that joy no matter what!!!

My prayers are with you and just darn stinkin' sorry your goin' through this.

They (and they are always right) say that goin' through the trials makes us'm feelin' some muscle here.

God bless and have an amazin' weekend sweetie!!!

Julie said...

Simone, nobody can steal your spirit or your heart. He will get his, karma will take care of him. YOU take care of yourself....

Faith Imagined said...

I love this, "No one has permission to steal my joy." I need to daily remind myself of this!

I said a little prayer for you. Your positive outlook is awesome!

Anonymous said...

Hurray for the kindness that exists in spite of the evil! ((Hugs to you!))

Mining for Diamonds said...

Amen! Great perspective. Be good to yourself, and guard that joy at all costs!

lioneagle said...

Hi -

You are a butterfly and an eagle, as well.

Our Lord gives power to the faint and strength to the weary.

He also wipes away tears from our eyes, and gives us joy and peace in storms.

Wait on the Lord, precious lady, and know that He sends His word and heals us.

Fret not thyself because of evil doers. Our God assures us that vengeance is His - He will repay evil with His justice.

We are to love and forgive people, but know for certain that GOD shall avenge us - FOR SURE!

Cast all your cares upon GOD. He shall perform His awesome Word...

Scriptures from the King James Bible:
Isaiah 40
Psalm 27
Psalm 107:20
Romans 12:19
I Peter 5:7

Ina in Alaska said...

You have been hit hard on so many fronts. But rather than dwelling upon your situation you are in charge of it! Your inner strength is taking command. I am in your corner as are many others (and you have an angel in your corner as well I see).

You will recover from ex-Boo's shenanigans and he will receive bad Karma for his misdeeds. Meanwhile, keep your chin up and continue to smile and water your own garden with regard to the nasty spirit you encounter daily. Sending lovely positive energy, healing thoughts and much love to you. xoxo

Angel said...

I am so sorry. What a rotten deal!
Praying for you hon..Phil 1 12-24

Deidra said...

Sometimes a hurt heart trumps everything...

Life with Kaishon said...

I feel so sad that you are struggling. My heart hurts for you. I know all about joy stealers. We shouldn't let them steal our joy, but we do any way. It is just so hard to ignore them.

Joanna Jenkins said...

"No one has permission to steal my joy."

I'm printing this out and posting it where I will see it on a regular basis. It speaks volumes.

I am so sorry about the struggles you are having-- There really are no words to make up for but know I'm cheering you on and praying for only the best to come your way.

xo jj

These Three Kings said...

So sorry about your week. I just prayed for you. you are right to not let anyone steal your joy..the world didn't give it and they definitely cant take it away.

Romans 8:28-29

Danica said...

I'm sorry Simone. Sending hugs, prayers and good wishes. I didn't know this happened to you (the stealing part). I'm so sorry. I can't even imagine how you feel. :-(

Shanae Branham said...

I am so glad that I stopped by today! I love your post. I have a blog devoted to sharing how we see the good in our disappointments or failures. This post would be a great entry for my contest. You should check it out! By the way, I have a contest giveaway on my blog you might find fun. Take a look.

Deborah Ann said...

I like how you put the big picture in place..."I am better than this." I don't even know how that will help, but it will! Maybe it's a reminder that you're bigger than your circumstances, because God is bigger than everything.

Veronica Lee said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your tough week. Here's a big hug for you.

You're strong and an incredibly awesome lady. Don't let anyone break you!!

((hugs and prayers))

Anonymous said...

Dear sweet Simone, I am visiting from:
Shanae Branham..has a blog contest devoted on how we see the good in our disappointments or failures,

You are one tuff lady, Bless your heart, don't it just seem that the bad "always comes out smelling like a rose", WELL! not this time cause you are "BETTER THAN THAT", this too shall pass, and will be nothing more than a faint memory,God has someone for you, someone who will lift you up and be a help mate and not a stumbling block, GOD bless and keep you.

I am new follower,please visit LazyonLoblolly

Ocean Breezes and Country Sneezes said...

Hi, I'm your newest Follower. I came over from Triumph and Tears after Shane featured your post.

I'm sorry for all the troubles that you've been going through, but you seem to have a wonderful attitude!!

Eleanor Roosevelt said, "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent." You are off to a good start with your wonderful attitude!


Anita said...

You Go Girl!

That may not sound like the right words for encouragement, but that's what it is!

You're a strong woman. You will not be defeated.

Debbie said...

Stopping by from Triumph and Tears to say hello. I totally understand what it's like to be put in the path of a toxic person who bites.

I have a few right now who nibble.

You're right about no one having the right to steal your joy.

ethelmaepotter! said...

When I first discovered your blog, you were all about your upcoming wedding - you were over the top in love, and fretting about your gown, which had not yet arrived days before the wedding. But you were upbeat, on top of it. You would make the best of things even if you didn't have a dress.

And them ex-Boo called it off. You were heartbroken, but you were not defeated.

Times got rougher, and you lost your job. Eventually you had to move away from your loved ones - human and material - but you made your own joy in your new home.

And now this. Ex-Boo was sooooo not worthy of you. I should be shocked that he would do something like this to a woman he loved, to YOU, of all people, sweet, happy, loving Simone.

But, sadly, I am not shocked, for this kind of atrocity happens every day, in every country, in every city, in every family. Maybe not stealing from a bank account, maybe something worse, but breaking hearts without caring.

Yes, you are so much better than this. And no one CAN still your joy.

Anonymous said...
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