Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Things I've Learned Thursday

1) I've been in Oregon for 6 months now and I still get lost going home.

2) Using Oovoo is better than skype. We made my parents day as they got to chat with not only myself and my daughter but my sister and her kids, via Oovoo. All three of us in different states, yet, we were carrying on a conversation together like we were all in the same room. The only thing we couldn't do is hug one another.

3) I know it's going to be a good day when I hop out of bed and my hair looks just the way I want it without having to run a comb through it.

4) I need to have a meeting with the ant/tour director that booked my kitchen countertop as their get away resort. They are enjoying their saunas by the stove, getting their swim on in the sink and drying off by the dishwasher.

5) I'm still trying to figure out how Elizabeth Taylor was married 8 times. That's 8 times trying to adjust to married life. That's 8 I do's. Wow! Amazing!

6) Pink is the new white, thanks to the red sweater I washed with my light colored clothes. Well, at least I'm ready for the spring.

7) A fire truck parked in front of the house makes my heart skip a beat. But, the thought of having a fire station on my street with hot firemen makes my skip even faster. (Yes, they are building a neighborhood station on my street and I hope that from my room window, I have an eye view.)

8) I don't suffer from buyer's remorse - I suffer from, "I should've bought it when I had the chance" remorse.

9) When applying for a job, one should not bring their two kids and a relative; proceed to all individually ask to use the bathroom and then raid the candy bowl.

10) Dog treats are disgustingly nasty. (Don't ask.)

What have you learned?


Mari said...

Oh Simone - I love your things I've learned posts.
First I need to check out Oovoo. I've never heard of it, but we've been using Skype with Andy in Afghanistan and it's not been so great.
I think you better tell the ant tour director that you need a cut of her pay if you are going to be the host!
Elizabeth Taylor - yes, I'm tired and overwhelmed just thinking about it.
I'm thinking that job seeker doesn't get the job!

Rae said...

That is quite a list of discoveries. I liked reading them. Number 7 will definitely be a nice vista outside your window. #9 - Unbelievable that someone would bring their family to an interview, but I'm old and not much surprises me anymore. Cute post.

Brian Miller said...

you know i so want to ask about dog stuff this week...enjoy starting fires...smiles.

Helene said...

I'm gonna have to check out Oovoo...sounds like so much fun!!!

And the firemen down the street...ooh, la, la!!!!!

Sweet Tea said...

"Pink is the new white".
You are a hoot!!
You already knew that didn't you?

Annesphamily said...

Firemen and red sweaters, that is a great combination! I love your post. You are one funny gal! Have a terrific weekend!

Vegas Linda Lou said...

What??? You can hop out of bed and your hair doesn't resemble Albert Einstein? You're a freak!

Thanks for the Oovoo tip. I've never heard of it, but will check it out.


Veronica Lee said...

LOL on #10!!! Tell us about it! Love your TILT list as always.

Have a fantastic weekend, Simone!

Shanae Branham said...

What fun things you learned. I especially loved the one about your bad hair day. Thanks for stopping by and supporting Ann. My daughter's finger is feeling much better now.

Reyna said...

I look forward to your words.

#6 Rit sells a color remover. I have used it more than I care to admit. Pink baseball pants don't look very manly.

#7 One of our single fathers is a firefighter. It's hard to remember who the focus is supposed to be on....

Thank you as always for the smile!

Ⓙ @ $ € € ₦$ ₣®0₥... said...

I can't believe you've been in Oregon for six months already!

I love when you share your observations and lessons on

Nezzy said...

You are a hoot and a half girl!!! I turned all Farm Boys whitey tidies pink shortly after I accidentally left a red sweatshirt in the washer. He was not amused, thank heavens for Clorox...he thought I was a magician!

If ya can fine where the ant tour begins...they won't cross black pepper. :o)

Years and many moons ago they made a dog treat that looked like a Hershey Kiss. My friend and I wrapped some in foil and stuck in the little Hershey's kiss papers. We were in the seventh grade...shhhhh, don't tell! Heehehehe!!! My bad!

I so enjoy your take on events!!!

God bless ya and have a fantastic Friday!!!

Ina in Alaska said...

I cannot figure out Skype! I signed up for it on my computer

Those ants have got to find another spa!!

The job interviewee....what a disaster. I "assume" you were not referriing to yourself.....That person would not be a great employee!

I love the Things I've Learned Thursday!!!

Danica said...

HA! I love this post.

A fire station by your home? So jealous!!!! I would enjoy that view every single day!

Who brings their family to an interview? Strange!

Joanna Jenkins said...

Oophs, sorry about pink being the new white. I've done that before.

I haven't used Oovoo but I do Skype and love seeing my family when I talk to them. It's one of the few times I don't curse "modern technology".

Hope your weekend is good and the ants "leave the building".

xo jj

Jill said...

I just had to laugh on the ants one! It's not warm enough here yet, but boy when it gets warm they swarm in outta nowhere! LOL

I cannot imagine being married 8 times or even wanting too! :-)

Hope you have a lovely weekend!


Petula said...

You are too funny... Love the firemen one. Oh, and the ants?! Can you also have a meeting with the wasp patrol? LOL ... Uh, I can't resist asking about the dog treats; on second thought - never mind! :-)

Lin said...

I laughed at your ant comment. :)

Liz explained herself saying that she didn't have "affairs", she married when she was in love. I have to say, if half of these "stars" today did that, we wouldn't think twice of Liz's marriages.

theUngourmet said...

Number four cracked me up. Darn ants! :)

Debbie said...

Oovoo is new to me too. I'll check it out.
And I will agree with the hair thing. Although that's only happened to me about twice in my life, both were good days:)

Tee aka The Diva's Thoughts said...

You certainly learned alot! lol

These Three Kings said...

hhahah! I love 6 and 7! too funny!
I am learning more and more what it means to be patient.... God changes ones character in amazing ways as they patiently learn to wait

Thanks for sharing!

Life with Kaishon said...

You have had a big week : )
I laughed out loud about the dog treats!

dana said...

I once bought our late Bichon some doggie cookies that looked like OREOS. I couldn't help it. I tried one. Hey...I don't know what dog treats YOU'VE been trying, but those were exceptional!

Reyna said...

I know it's too late to ask now, but I hope it was O.K. to use your idea for Thursdays.

Thank You!

Anonymous said...
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