Thursday, April 14, 2011

Things I've Learned Thursday

1) Eating yogurt with a fork is like eating jello with a spoon. Note to self, always carry a spare spoon around.

2) Just because guys have wee wees doesn't give them the reason to pull over and pee outside their car (as witnessed by moi) just because they can.

3) Dr. Seuss said, "You'll miss the best things if you keep your eyes shut." So true. Do you know how many people and things were meant to be but they were passed by without a thought? I'm keeping my eyes wide open.

4) My favorite tree here in Oregon is the Saucer Magnolia. Gorgeous!!

5) Geese mate for life. Saturday, I saw a long goose walking around by his little lonesome and I actually felt tears well up in my eyes at the thought of him being alone. I decided that I'm looking for a mate for him...a la Goose Bachelor.

6) There's something about my music tastes that must be telling off on me. I know all the words to Taylor Swift's You Belong With Me.

7) I get so grossed out when guys spit. Do they just have an extra enormous amount of spit that they have to get rid of at the very moment. Why can't they just swallow it?

8) I just love having Married Boo and Son In Boo close by because when she cooks, she overcooks just enough to share so that I don't have to cook.

9) When you ask, God answers.

10) I should double check my date stamp to make sure it's correct. I discovered at the end of the day that I was stamping every document 4/41/11.

What have you learned?


Nezzy said...

Love 'em all but number then cracked me up. The forty~first day...hehehehe!!!

I just love your Thursdays :o)

God bless and have a most excellent day!!!

Mari said...

I always love your Thursday posts! I think my favorite for today is the second one. Incredible!
I'm so with you on #7 - what is with that? I'll never understand.
#10 - too funny!

Brian Miller said...

yes god does...and men pee outside and spit...we are such nasty creatures...just saying...smiles.

dana said...

I like to walk in the sand and run in the rain. I promise to be faithful and I'm looking for someone interested in a long time relationship. Send photo of your bill and large webbed feet.

signed: goosed and alone

Yes. I feel that too when I see a single goose walking around.

Sweet Tea said...

Yogurt with a fork? LOL
I've learned when you plant Azaleas you better water them every day (at first) or they will die. Bummer!

Donna B said...

These were wonderful. I keep coming on Thursdays to see what I have missed learning...

MizFit said...

LOL at the spit and I so agree.
are they born being able to spit like that?
I could not if I tried (whispers) which I have . once. just to see.

Rae said...

Terrific list and I agree about that spitting stuff. It's too gross. I love the way you think. You always make me smile when I find out what you have learned.

Formerly known as Frau said...

Love them too...all great lessons! I hate the spitting thing too! Have a wonderful Friday!

Jill said...

Love your Thursday posts, lol. As for the yogurt I can just envision my husband...he usually squeezes it right out of the container into his mouth, no forks or spoons needed. lol Have a great weekend!


Kathy said...

Very good list. But,really, there is so much about men that I wonder about. Love the one I have, but I still wonder.

I don't know how you keep coming up with your Thursday lists, but I enjoy them. Keep'em coming.

zunzun said...

I had to drastically reduce my list of blogs (by like 80 % I almost wept but my life demanded it) but there is something about your honesty and humor and the way you look at things and make me think that keeps me coming back...just wanted you to know that I really enjoy makes me just Stop and think about what have I really learned this week and it's very meditative for me.

I don't alway list them or even comment (sometimes what I've learned is personal or painful to share but "touching" those thoughts and feelings and processing them has often been cathartic)

This week I've learned that although my mind feels like that of my fit 17 yr old self my 41 yr old body is not and that I should really listen to my body when it's trying to tell me something 'cause it's got the power to pull the brakes.

Relyn said...

I always enjoy these posts of yours. You never fail to make me laugh and make me think.

Lin said...

Thanks for the reminder---On the way to the vet with Grace today, I asked God to please make it not "serious". Sure enough. :) I think he heard me today.

Linda Myers said...

Before we went to Italy last fall, I asked my husband to do me three favors while we were traveling: (1) don't spit (2) don't use your thumb to clean up your plate (3) don't use bad grammar on purpose.

He did what I asked until the day we got home.

So I know it's possible.

Ⓙ @ $ € € ₦$ ₣®0₥... said...

Any magnolia is a favorite of mine. Sooooooooooo perty!

You need a port-a-spork (combo spoon/fork)...then you'll always be prepared.

Anita said...

I've learned that my blood pressure really does go up when I'm stressed out; that it's not just a "saying," and that I need to do something about it.

Danica said...

A lonely little goose wandered out into HIGH traffic on Friday and I about cried when I missed hitting it. It seemed to make it across. Maybe it was looking for your missing goose? :-)

Have a super week!


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