Friday, April 22, 2011

Things I've Learned Thursday...for Friday

1) Bringing home a date for the first time to meet my kids doesn't break a sweat as much as him meeting my puppies for the first time. I had to warn him to wear thick socks just in case.

2) The most annoying sound in the world is someone popping their gum. The sad thing is that they don't hear themselves.

3) I cried inside when I heard about a three year old walking around in 3 inch tiger heels and callling her mom the B word. What is our world coming to?

4) Spring rain is an oxymoron, right????

5) I have fat behind my neck that I didn't know that I had. Maybe that's why my head doesn't turn completely around.

6) Slugs are homeless snails.. Does anyone know where they lay their heads?

7) Denny's is celebrating bacon and has a maple bacon ice cream sundae...sounds interesting to me.

8) Kittens love bubbles, and dog food and opening up closets and hiding and putting their tails in your face when you're trying to sleep. Oh, and kittens also like to pretend that they have no comprehension of what you're saying. Behind those squinty eyes is a kitty that's laughing hysterically.

9) I love to answer a question with a question to irritate some people. (Sorry to Married Boo and Son In Boo, I just can't help it???)

10) Eating bugs is highly nutritious. But why??

What have you learned?


Mari said...

So - this is good, be it Thursday or Friday!
#3 - very sad. Did you hear about the new padded bra's for girls who don't even need a bra yet?
#5 - Hahahaha!
#7 - I like bacon, but this may be carrying things a bit far!
#8 - kittens are so cute they can get away with it!

Nezzy said...

I'm not sure about bacon on my ice cream but I'd like to try the chocolate candy bars with bacon someday.

I learned that black snakes are hard to kill. I ran over one repeatedly while mowin' the yard and he refused to give up the ghost!

God bless ya and have a splendid Easter weekend!!! :o)

Brian Miller said...

#3 broke my hear...
#1 too funny
#6 smiles
#10 and some pop with a juicy center, nice huh?

Terra said...

Ha ha, number six is so sad, I will remember that: homeless snails.

zunzun said...

Lately I've noticed very little Kids wearing heels and not the play type ...real heels but kid sized...why set their body out of alignment so early in life? Boggles the mind

Lin said...

Kids only do what they are allowed to do. It's frightening how many parents allow more than this to go on.

There was a story here last week where a 3 year old was on a roller coaster ALONE in an indoor amusement park. The kid tried climbing out while the ride was moving and he died. Now the parents are suing. Really???! A 3 year old on a roller coaster ALONE???? Insane.

Veronica Lee said...

#3 I'm with Lin. The boundaries are set by parents.

#5 LOL!

#6 :)

Once again, another great TILT list, Simone!

Happy Easter!

Jeanette Levellie said...

I love the one about the kitties and spring rain. You are so funny and clever. I like how your brain works!!!

But the bacon thing is disgusting. I think that's what probably caused the fat behind all our necks!!!

Buckeroomama said...

You are funny, Simone --fat behind your neck and not being able to turn completely around!! =)

#3... I watched one episode of Toddlers & Tiaras and I just couldn't believe what I was seeing. The looks they sport and the attitude (esp. of the older ones)... incredible.

Hope you had a happy Easter.

Ⓙ @ $ € € ₦$ ₣®0₥... said...

#5 is hilarious!

Potato chips are great on ice cream...and on macaroni and cheese.

I couldn't wear heels until I was in junior high, then only on special occasions and only once I could prove I could walk correctly in them.

Rona's Home Page said...

I chuckled when I read about your date meeting your puppies. You're so adorable.

Six Feet Under Blog said...

Love the kitty reference!

Jill said...

I too can't stand it when someone pops their Yes it is very sad that a 3 year old behaves that way. :-( Hope you had a nice Easter!


Sweet Tea said...

It drives me CRAZY when my husband qnswers a question with a question - there ought to be a law against it! LOL!! I've learned that after 8 hrs in a car my butt really hurts. Than,after 10 hrs it simply goes numb! I know, TMI.

Just A Mom (Call me JAM for short) said...

Popping gum drives me bonkers!

Anonymous said...

Snapping gum....does anyone chew gum anymore?

Danica said...

Number 3 breaks my heart. What IS the world coming to.

Hope you're doing well and had a wonderful Easter!

I loved the post about your sister and her husband. Very inspiring and good to know that there is true love out there. :-)


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