Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Things I've Learned Thursday

I have been missing all of you. Life has been way busier than I'd like but hoping to see it slow down within the next two months. A big surprise is on the horizon....but in the meantime, here are the things I've learned...

1) When Mama said there'd be days like this, she wasn't kidding.

2) Sugar is a hallucinogenic to ants. When I open up the sugar canister, the ants are all sprawled out, with dream clouds circling over their heads. The moment I shake it, they wake up and look as if they are saying, "Hey! Who turned on the lights?"

3) Even perfectly good flowers have to be thrown away at an unmentioned store because they are considered less than perfect. (I'm willing to dumpster dive just to take home a few bouquets.)

4) Sweetened condensed milk on a peanut butter sandwich is messy but delicious.

5) I will never learn to spell the word, h'or deurvs. (See!?!?!)

6) There's no such thing as making time. It's all about making time.

7) Flunking the written Oregon DMV test is more humiliating than forgetting my wallet with a cart full of groceries at the check out.

8) One more month until something wonderful happens. I'll give you a twin sister is coming out!

9) I've done really good not complaining about the rain in Oregon but I'm really anticipating the sunshine and warm summer days.

10) I'm home!

What have you learned?


Mari said...

It's good to hear from you again! I'm so happy that Syrone is coming for a visit - you will have a great time together!
I've been enjoying time with my son, but he leaves Saturday morning, so now I'm counting down and dreading the day.

Buckeroomama said...

When you move to a different state, you have to re-take driving tests?!

One more month until we visit with my in-laws again... can't wait! (Can't wait for your news either!) =)

Brian Miller said...

welcome home...and i would totally dumpster dive for flowers that are less than perfect...

Anonymous said...

Hey lady! Happy that you had a minute to post. We miss you too! Looking forward to your big surprise. Sweetened condensed milk is good with lots of things. I used to indulge myself and eat it over Raisin Bran or Cookie Crisp cereal. A little taste of heaven! I've learned that servicing your AC before the temps hit 100 is kinda smart.

Linda Myers said...

When I first moved to Oregon, I'd been a licensed driver for 15 years. I flunked the test, too!

Anonymous said...

Wedding?!!!!! I'm getting married in 1 month, so sorry that's all I can come up with :)

Deidra said...

I used to always call them Horse Divorce. : )

Anonymous said...

Three days of sunshine, 6/3, 6/4,& 6/5 should make you feel great, I know I am in sunshine heaven, almost 300 days of wet, cloudy and no sun, would make anyone nuts, it almost did to your blog, enjoy spending time with your twin and the sunshine, blue skies and lovely days, suppose to be cloudy next week, again, but heh this a'int heaven on earth, almos the other way around...enjoy sunshine, blue skies and your family..ciao!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!mjs from the 'couv, vancouver, washington!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ina in Alaska said...

Nice to see a post from you. Hope all is well. Looking forward to the surprise announcement. Sweetened condensed milk on peanut butter? Not sure about that but I have had (and enjoyed)a peanut butter and bacon sandwich!


ethelmaepotter! said...

Sweetened condensed milk with peanut butter? Maybe if I liked condensed milk. And peanut butter.

I would have flunked my Tennessee driver's test if I'd had to parallel park, but they didn't make me do it!

I learned that hives can last more than 24 hours and Benadryl keeps you in a fog for longer than that.

That a stressful night at work means for a stressful following day, in anticipation of another stressful night at work.

That husbands can be highly sympathetic if they think you're dying, but totally uncaring when they discover it's only an allergy.

That some dogs need Frontline more than once a month, and some need it only every three months.

That cat litter won't clean itself when I'm sick.

That 600 thread count sheets get softer after every wash.

That blog comments make me feel much better!

Lin said...

Wow. You certainly have a lot going on, Simone! Some good, some bad. Always interesting though, eh? :) Glad your sister is coming out--that is gonna be a blast!

Veronica Lee said...

I'm totally with you on #4!! Yum yum!
Happy Monday, Simone!

Ⓙ @ $ € € ₦$ ₣®0₥... said...

I laughed from the get-go with number 1!!!

I promise you, not only would most of fail or come close to failing written driving tests, MOST of us would out right fail our road tests. For real!!

Sweet Tea said...

I've missed you! Glad to find you back in Blogland. . .I'm wondering about your big news. I'm anticipating something HAPPY. Am I right?

Andrea said...

Enjoy your time with your sister. My sister lives a few states away and I would love to see her soon. Instead, we will likely just chat over the phone.

There are so many things going on here with all our grown kids. Mostly good, but challenging!

Blessings, andrea

blueviolet said...

That's a good tip about the flowers. You're very clever.

Every time I move to a new state, I worry that I'll flunk my test too!

Annesphamily said...

What a fun filled life you lead! It is full and even the rain does not dampen your enthusiastic personality! ENjoy time with your sis! Anne

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